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Event Lighting 101 with Beyond



TracyAutem EdmonsonWeddings
Transform your space with beautiful event lighting! From a soft candlelit glow to a rich color scheme, lighting will elevate the look and ambiance of your event. The lighting experts at Beyond have shared their valuable insight in a two part lesson on lighting your event! Stay tuned next week as we share part two!

Dance Floors: Black glossy and black and white dance floors will not take gobo projections.  Translation: your monogram or brand logo will not be seen!
Drape:  Black and navy are classic colors, but black and navy drape do not light well.  If you decide to go ahead and uplight one of these drape colors, we advise that you double the number of lights to get it to light properly.  The same goes for projecting patterns or gobos on these color drapes.  White light will not show properly on dark drapes, nor will it work well on white drapes.  It becomes too stark.  A neutral color, like gray, is a much better choice.
Floor Plans:  When designing your floor plan, including décor pieces in the room and lighting elements that need power, you need a place to run the cords.  Cords can either be taped down to the floor or if the room has rigging, the power can be run up the wall and across the ceiling.  Some wireless options are available, but they don’t always work.
Rig Points:  If you’d like to incorporate chandeliers or similar hanging elements, your venue must have rig points in the ceiling in order to hang them.  Double check with your venue since some don’t have rig points!  A custom structure can be built, but it is very costly.  Figure out where your venue’s rig points are before you design your floor plan.  The rig points might not always match up with your floor plan and you’ll discover (too late!) you can’t suspend that amazing chandelier because there’s no hang point.


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