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This Unique Idea May Lead You to Your Perfect First Dance Song

When it comes to wedding music, DJ Jason Esquire knows just how to ease the most shy guest out on the dance floor, what type of music will make a wedding even more memorable — and even how to help a couple find their perfect first dance song! So if you’re one of those couples that doesn’t have  “a song” — keep scrolling for his advice on how to find a song that works perfectly. (Hint: It involves seizing the moment.) 

This Unique Idea May Lead You to Your Perfect First Dance Song

Photo // Bradford Martens Photography

What are your go-to songs for a first dance?

There are so many love songs out there, it’s not easy to pick just one! Searching for the perfect first dance can be rough, so I always suggest that the couple listen to Muzak when they go out, especially on dates. Sometimes the perfect song is playing while holding hands walking through Target.

What are the key times during a wedding to incorporate music?

Music works at any point during a wedding, from when the guests enter to when they leave. DJs build an energy with the guests and the volume and styles evolve through the evening. Music plays a pretty important role in the night, and having dead air or nothing in the background can be awkward or make people feel uncomfortable.

Should a DJ be used for all of those times?

You can have a band, musician or maybe the venue provides a system you can plug an iPod into for maybe the cocktail hour. Just have some tunes!

What types/styles of music are best to play at a wedding?

Music that appeals to a wide range of people and most of your guests is ideal. If the couple is into something that might not be well known, that’s ok! It can be played during cocktails or even dinner depending on what it is. The key is to play something everyone enjoys and can relate to. It’s the DJs job to play what the couple is into while also playing what might work best for the group as a whole.

What are your go-to songs for a ceremony entrance?

Anything upbeat that fits the couple’s personality!  I spend a good amount of time getting to know the couples I work with so I can feel confident about a song choice for them on their wedding day.

Tips for getting a shy family out on the dance floor?

When you make people feel comfortable with their surroundings and get them singing along and tapping their toes through dinner they’re usually ready to dance once the formalities are done. For me, it’s all about easing them into it rather than walking around on the mic and grabbing them out of their chairs. I will typically start with a slow song to get them up and once they’re all out there it’s easier to get them going. It’s really all about reading that particular crowd. Everyone is different, and so are their music tastes. The music played is based 100% on the reaction from the people in front of me.

A big thank you to DJ Jason Esquire for sharing his insights and super helpful tips with us! If you want to learn more about how he can help you make your wedding music memorable, visit his Brides of North Texas vendor page.

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