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How to Create a Timeless Wedding Style You’ll Always Love

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a wedding style that you loved as much on your golden anniversary as you did on your actual wedding day? We think so too — and we have an expert on hand to help you achieve this goal. Linda Lyons of Lyons Events has spent years helping brides do just this, and you’re going to love her insights on how to create a timeless wedding style. The good news is that it’s easier than you think!


Photo // Allen Tsai Photography

How can a bride ensure she’s designed a timeless wedding without being boring?

The best way to ensure a timeless approach is to plan details that are personal to the couple. When looking back at your wedding, you and your guests can remember how these details reflected the couples’ style rather than associate it with the trend of the times!

What wedding trends are you seeing for 2020?

I’m seeing a common thread of customization coming through on all my couples for 2020. Whether this be in their attire through designing a complete custom gown (and pantsuits!), personalized neon signage, monogrammed dance floors/stage facades and even through signature ice cubes and sculptures. My clients are focusing on small details that make a huge impact, and something that makes their wedding truly unique and one of a kind.

What advice do you have for adding trends to the wedding without being overly trendy?

Do not incorporate trends you’ve seen online just for the sake of being trendy. Instead, focus on the ideas that mirror your  style. If it’s an extension of your aesthetic, guests recognize and appreciate these details when they happen upon them during your reception.

Do you prefer more minimalist style or more dramatic flair?

I love working with both styles, but my personal aesthetic is more in line with the minimalist approach. This is not to say that you cannot make a bold and dramatic statement with a minimalist style! Sometimes toning down the extras help make the existing decor really pop!

If there were one detail or vignette every couple needs to highlight, what would it be?

I’m a huge advocate for custom stationery! Invitations are often the first glimpse into what the couple’s wedding will look like and feel like. Having your stationery cohesive across the rest of your design and color palette really elevates the occasion. Nothing makes my heart sing quite like seeing all of the design elements come together in the invitations, programs, menu cards and signage.

What part of the actual wedding styling is the planner a part of?

For my design clients, my styling is inclusive of the entire wedding day or weekend. We establish a color palette that is composed of not just colors but textures and elements that we like to see throughout — from the attire of your wedding party to your wedding dress to the floral to the stationery and linens and all of the things that guests will stumble across on the actual day.

A special thank you to Linda Lyons of Lyons Events for sharing her tips and insights on how to make your wedding a truly special day. If you would like help bringing your dream wedding day to life, you can contact her directly through her Brides of North Texas vendor profile.

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