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Five Unique Honeymoon Experiences from Change Your Latitude Travel

Finding the most exclusive, luxury getaways tailored to meet your every heart’s desire is a breeze with the help of expert travel agent Erin Peters of Change Your Latitude Travel. Hiring an experienced travel agent will ensure your honeymoon exceeds every expectation. And if you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary, Erin gave us the scoop on five unique honeymoon experiences that will make your trip unforgettable!


1. Who needs air-conditioning when you have the Caribbean breeze to cool you off? Built on the side of a mountain with breathtaking views of the of the ocean and mountains, these suites are the ultimate in natural luxury. Three walls leave one side open to nature and incredible views from every corner of your room. This open concept suite also includes a plunge pool suspended over the side of the mountain making you feel like you’re on the edge of the world.


2. Maybe you have always pictured your honeymoon on the white beaches and clear blue of the Caribbean. You’ve been to Mexico or other islands and want to see more. The conventional choice to see more than one island is a cruise, but who wants the hustle and bustle of a large cruise ship on your honeymoon? A boutique ship or yacht may be the right choice for you. A small ship can take you places a big one cannot docking at smaller ports large ships don’t have access to and offer excursions unlike any others. Small ships range from a 75 cabin sailing yacht complete with five sails to your own private yacht staffed with a captain and chef.


3. Everyone has a friend that has been to Bora Bora on their honeymoon. Want to one up them? The new standard in luxury overwater villas is the Maldives, a chain of over 1,000 islands located in the Indian Ocean. Arrive at your island resort and take off your shoes. Enjoy your overwater bungalow with a cantilevered plunge pool over the ocean or your clear bathtub where you can watch the fish swim while you bathe. Enjoy dinner in an underwater restaurant surrounded by fish, indulge in spa treatment, scuba dive with sharks, learn about the culture or just relax.


4. Looking for something secluded for your honeymoon? What’s more secluded than a private island? Options range from resorts located on private islands to renting your own. An island located near a bigger island is a great option if you want to venture off for more activities and shopping. Your resort may include such perks as golf carts or bicycles to get to the best beaches, a villa with a private pool, a private beach, your own butler on call 24 hours and access to world renowned spas. If you need a little more privacy, why not live like a celeb? Many celebrities own islands that are available to reserve!


5. Costa Rica offers the perfect blend of adventure and romance. Fly into San Jose and spend your first day experiencing the culture. The next morning, head to the Pacuare River where you board a raft that will take you to your resort. Once checked in, you are shown your treehouse suite located across a suspended rope bridge. This is no ordinary treehouse. Enjoy a private plunge pool on your sundeck, gourmet farm to table dining, a world class spa or one of many outdoor activities.

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