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Kylee + Jake

Photos // Jacob Alves

Kylee + Jake

“What do you say we make this a lifetime, baby?”

A proposal six years in the making, and also the best day of my life (until the wedding of course!), Jake and I had a friendship for five years before we started dating. I, to no surprise, had a crush on him most of that time, and he had no idea. From the moment he started pursuing my heart, it was nothing but intentional.

The night of the proposal we were planning to attend Jake’s work Christmas party at Paradiso in Bishop Arts. When he showed up to my apartment to pick me up, I was planning to surprise him with the news of accepting a new job! So I had two glasses of champagne ready for us. At first, he was very confused, and as I eased the glass into his hand, I said “this is a special day because…. I accepted a job!” He laughed a little, took a sip with me, and nervously shuffled us out the door. Though it seemed off, I really didn’t think anything of it. On arrival to Bishop Arts District, Jake started looking for a parking spot. I suggested we go to the parking lot that we always park in because there were spots there. But he continued looking for a spot in this one small area, and I continued to ask why he wouldn’t park in the other lot  (haha!). Eventually we found a spot where he was looking. As we started walking to Paradiso, we took this pretty little alleyway with Christmas lights and blue chiffon fabrics hanging from above. Though I couldn’t tell you the conversation, I know I said, “Well this is your night, so I’ll let you have that one,” to which he responded “Well, funny you say that because this is about to be your night too!” He looked at me, started getting down on one knee, and I (of course) in shock, started burying my head in my hands. “What do you say we make this a lifetime, baby?” came from his lips, and I said YES (still crying). Then from across the street I heard cheering and yelling from our friends running over to us! We spent the next hour taking engagement photos with our photographer. Afterward, Jake said he wanted to take me to his parents’ for a small dinner with the family. When we got there, it was an entire engagement party with our friends and family! Though we never actually got to eat dinner, the entire night was such a surprise, and the best day of my life!