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Kyndal + Kyran

Photos // Emily Catherine Photography

Kyndal + Kyran

Vegas surprise!

What I thought was a 25th birthday trip to Vegas turned out to be a surprise proposal! Here’s how it happened…

We celebrated my birthday, on August 14th the night before at Mi Cocina with friends and family. When I returned home later that night, I Facetimed my mom before going to bed to tell her about the birthday dinner and how excited I was for Vegas the next day. While we were chatting I noticed how close the phone was to her face, but I didn’t think anything of it at the time. She and the rest of my family were actually preparing to go to Vegas and she didn’t want me to see all their suitcases in the background.

The next morning, I drove over to meet Kyran so that we could go to the airport. When I got to his house, Kyran was not there and said that he had to go “get his car fixed, because something was wrong with it.” I was freaking out because I thought we were going to miss our flight! I remember being SO ANXIOUS and worried just sitting there waiting for him so that we could call the Uber. What I didn’t know, is that his mom and sisters were all packing their bags to head to Vegas too! It’s so crazy to think that I had absolutely no clue.

When he got back, we called the Uber to come pick us up to take us to the airport, and Kyran’s mom waved goodbye and told us to have fun.

Off to Vegas we went! When we had gotten on the plane, Kyran noticed a man sitting next him that had the same backpack as him. Well, I didn’t know it then, but Kyran had the ring in his bag, and at that moment he realized that he better keep an eye on his bag so that he and the man sitting next him didn’t accidentally get their backpacks mixed up!

We arrived in Vegas and got to our hotel. We found out that our room wasn’t going to be ready for another three hours! There was an option to expedite the wait time and our room would be ready immediately by paying a certain amount. Kyran chose to pay because he didn’t want to accidentally run into both of our families somewhere in the lobby or casino where we would have been waiting.

After we dropped off our luggage in our hotel room, we went downstairs to eat because we were starving. Kyran’s phone kept blowing up with multiple text alerts, and he told me that it was “work” when in reality, he was communicating with the families to make sure we didn’t run into them.

After we finished eating, Kyran wanted to take a nap – can you blame him?! All the planning had wore him out! I couldn’t sleep because we were in Vegas! I wanted to get out on the strip and start having fun! So while he was napping, I booked two tickets to the Titanic exhibition experience. When he woke up, we got our bags and left for the strip!

We walked all the way down the strip and arrived at the Titanic exhibition, and I was excited to go in but it was about to be 7:30pm. Kyran told me that we had to wait and come back to do the Titanic exhibition tomorrow because he had reserved us tickets to watch the fountain show at the Bellagio Hotel at 8pm. At this point I was frustrated and confused because I knew that the fountain show happened every night so I was trying to talk him out of seeing it that night. Then he explained that the tickets were $65 each and we were going to watch the fountain show from some tall tower in the sky. I was upset that he “paid $130” to watch a fountain show, but I went with it after I argued him to death.

On our way back down the strip toward the Bellagio Hotel, we made a few stops for fun.

As we made our way toward the Bellagio, it was about 7:58pm and Kyran told me that we had to hurry so that the concierge could take us up to the tower to see the fountain show. When he told me this, I started running when we got a little closer, and then… I ran into both of my sisters. I stopped and stared at them for what must’ve been 45 long seconds. I was probably the MOST confused I had ever been in my life because I couldn’t process that the two girls that were standing in front of me were actually my sisters! My mind was racing with so many questions I couldn’t even process my emotions correctly. Was I happy? Confused? Mad? I didn’t know!

I kept walking and turned around to see my dad, my mom, Kyran’s mom, his sisters and his cousin. I was SO SURPRISED to see everyone. So many emotions!

I honestly think I was a little scared for a moment because I was just THAT SURPRISED AND SHOCKED. I saw my mom and instantly started crying! I don’t really know why exactly I was crying. I think I was just excited to see them.

As I’m standing there looking around, Kyran’s mom yells out, “Happy Birthday Kyndal!” So, I thought everyone was there for my birthday. I even thanked them for coming. Then I turned around and saw Kyran drop to one knee…

I was STUNNED! I always said that didn’t think I would cry when he proposed to me, but man, I UGLY cried! I was balling because I was not only so surprised but I was so excited and happy. I’ve never experienced a happier moment. I still think of this day in detail and how I felt. It was like a dream and still feels that way because I get to marry my Prince Charming!