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Before I Do

Lyndsey + Mark


photo | Kate Pease Photography


How We Met:

It was Valentine’s Day of 2014, Mark and Lyndsey were both Juniors at TCU, single, and planning to attend an Anti-Valentine’s Day party hosted by mutual friends. A party meant for single people to celebrate being single… joke’s on them! They locked eyes at the party, but it wasn’t until later that night Lyndsey had the liquid courage to walk up and introduce herself at a local TCU bar called Cellar (R.I.P). Fast forward to the end of the night, phone numbers were exchanged and a first date was set. The rest is history!

The Start of Us:

We had been spending a lot of time together, going on dates, and getting to know one another. It was April 30th, 2014, and Mark had asked Lyndsey out to dinner at Mi Cocina. What started off as a typical dinner ended with the first of Mark’s many romantic gestures. He took Lyndsey to the Fort Worth Water Gardens for the first time, a place that would become even more special with each passing year. At the bottom of the big fountain, he asked Lyndsey to “make it official” by becoming his girlfriend. To which Lyndsey nervously and awkwardly rambled on, eventually saying yes! Fast forward four years and their relationship continued to grow stronger. They survived first jobs, graduate school, long distance (looking at you Erie, PA) and continued to love one another whole-heartedly.

The Proposal:

On June, 2nd 2018, Mark pulled off the greatest surprise. Under the false pretense that he was taking Lyndsey to a romantic birthday dinner, they got all dressed up and headed to downtown Fort Worth. The Uber pulled up next to the Fort Worth Water Gardens. He took Lyndsey to the spot where he made it official all those years ago, got down on one knee, and asked her to marry him. This time Lyndsey said YES without hesitation! Mark celebrated as Lyndsey cried tears of joy (and shock), but the surprise didn’t end there! The two headed to Grace to have dinner. Upon arriving to the restaurant the hostess escorted Mark and Lyndsey to a private dining room. When the doors to the room opened both families were there to surprise Lyndsey! Having all her loved ones together to celebrate was the perfect ending to a magical proposal!