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Before I Do

Maci + DJ


photo | Brooke Taelor


It happened on our five year anniversary. DJ had always told me he would never propose on a holiday or special date – “it’d be too obvious.” He arranged for us to stay at my favorite hotel, the Belmont in Dallas, that weekend. We checked in on Saturday around 2:00pm and he said we’d have dinner downtown around 7:30pm, but before he’d like to get drinks and listen to the band in the hotel lobby. We got ourselves ready and decided to head to the bar. We got a drink and started to head to the patio. The door opened and there stood both of our families and close friends. I was in complete shock (it seriously felt like a dream!). He all of a sudden had a handful of roses and walked me to a sidewalk with the Dallas Skyline behind us where he popped the question. The funny thing is, he had to ask TWICE. The first answer I gave was “THIS IS SO CRAZY, I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING!” but the second answer was YES, YES, YES! He had a photographer on site and ready for a mini photo session with the family. Next, he took us all over to the restaurant next door called Smoke, and we all ate dinner, laughed and celebrated together. It was such a beautiful day and is definitely (so far) the best day of our lives.