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photo | Allen Tsai Photography


I knew Kyle was the one for me from about our second date. We had been dating for about 2 years and I was getting anxious to marry him. We had a “DTR” where he told me he was ready to take the next step, so I knew it was coming. I, however, felt like there were no free weekends in our busy lives and was starting to go crazy waiting. We had been out of town for the weekend and Kyle forced us to come back early because he “couldn’t find a place to stay”. I woke up thinking it would be a normal Sunday afternoon. My two college roommates and I had plans to go to brunch and catch up. My best friend came to pick me up and had this elaborate excuse about how I needed to be dressed up for this brunch and went straight to my closet to get a dress. She picked the outfit I had secretly been hoping I would wear when I was proposed to (which of course Kyle had told her to get- like sent her pictures of the models wearing the dress from the website to make sure she got the right one!) I thought nothing of it and off we went. Brunch was totally normal for me (although my best friends swear they were acting crazy). After brunch, we walked outside and I found my sister, cousin, and another friend waiting for me. At this point, I knew something was up. They drove me to the park where Kyle had first told me his intentions of marrying me and there he was, waiting in front of the most beautiful life size flower wreath that he had built. I walked for what felt like miles to him where he was anxiously waiting. We have kept a journal that we have passed back and fourth writing letters to each other during our relationship. He read the first letter he ever wrote me and then had me read to him the letter where I told him he was the one (which was when I absolutely lost it). Then he read the final letter of the journal that he had written. In it, he told me he loved me for the first time and got down on one knee. I said YES, of course! (Actually, I said yeah… and our closest family and friends will never let me live it down… they were all hiding out watching the whole thing!) We then went to a surprise party where he had invited about 50 of our closet friends to celebrate. It is a day I will cherish forever.