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photo | Dyan Kethley Photography


Somehow, I was the only person in my life who had NO idea that Wells was proposing. After a little over a year of dating, Wells and I went to visit my Dad in New York. He was working there at the time and the rest of my family was already visiting. We were so excited to visit New York in December and really soak up the holidays! Most people would assume that their boyfriend would propose on a family vacation, but somehow this thought never crossed my mind! Wells said he wanted to get the full feeling of New York at Christmas time and suggested that he and I go ice skating in Central Park the morning after we arrived. We woke up pretty early, and Wells was dressed and ready to go. I thought he was acting a little eager, but I was thinking this was just the thrill of the season. We took the subway to Central Park, and Wells was acting a little funny but nothing that I thought too much about. Before we went “ice skating,” Wells wanted to go up to the scenic rock that overlooks the park. He ran up to the top of the rock, and I lagged behind a little. I protested because I was wearing new boots and was having a hard time getting up to the top (oops…) So, after Wells insisted I quit acting like a baby, I got to the top of the rock. I was snapping a photo of the scene as I felt his hand touch my shoulder. I turned around and he was down on one knee! I barely remember any of this moment. I couldn’t believe it! We asked some tourists to snap a pic of our happy moment! I spent the afternoon happy crying on a bench in Central Park, as Wells explained how excited he was that he was not mugged on the subway with an engagement ring in his pocket. We were married January 13th, and are LOVING our new life together!