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Mix and Match Bridesmaid Tips from Bella Bridesmaids

We absolutely love the endless possibilities when it comes to the mix and match bridesmaid dress trend, it’s so fun to see what brides come up with! With so many styles, colors, fabrics and patterns, the process of choosing the perfect dresses may seem a little daunting. To take out some of the guesswork we sat down with the owners of Bella Bridesmaids in Dallas to get the full scoop on mixing and matching your maids, and we included some of our favorite takes on the trend to inspire you! Enjoy!
What factors should brides consider when going the mix and match bridesmaid direction?
We often have clients that think if they allow their bridesmaids to simply select a dress of their choice within given parameters (i.e. wear a blush colored dress), then they will achieve a mix and match look. However, the quintessential mix and match look needs much more direction provided, usually by a professional stylist, in order to create a harmonious blend of styles, colors, textures, etc. 
The most important factor to consider when selecting any bridesmaid dresses is the wedding gown. Regardless of wether you are doing the same bridesmaid dress for every bridesmaid or trying to create a mix and match look, it is important to know what the bride will be wearing as you want to choose fabrics that are similar in formality, yet don’t compete with the wedding gown. For example, if the bride’s wedding gown is lace, I probably would avoid using lace for the bridesmaid dresses as the different lace patterns could fight each other and distract from the bride.  
Do you have any recommendations on fabrics that work best for creating a cohesive mix and match stylish look?
There are so many options when it comes to fabrics today. It used to be that bridesmaid dresses were always done in some type of structured fabric like taffeta or shantung. These days brides can mix a variety of fabrics to include chiffon, tulle, jersey, matte silk, charmeuse, lace and even beaded dresses. Designers are constantly finding new fabrications to add to the mix as well.  For example, Lynn Lugo introduced a shimmer jersey to her collection last year and Jenny Yoo has included a metallic tulle in her 2015 collection. 
What designers do you carry that offer dress styles that might work best for a bride looking to mix and match?
We currently carry over 25 designers at Bella Bridesmaids and most of the lines have options conducive with a mix and match look.  Joanna August, for example, offers a a variety of different neckline styles and complimentary colors all within the same fabrication.  Amsale and Monique Lhuillier not only offer many different neckline styles and colors all within the same fabrication but they also offer different fabrications in the same color to include chiffon, tulle and lace. In addition, Amsale has several printed chiffon styles that coordinate well with many of their solid colored fabrications. Adrianna Papell and Aidan Mattox offer beautiful beaded and chiffon styles and Adrianna Papell has even recently expanded their color options. Our Bella Stylists really like pulling styles from a variety of designers to create a unique, yet pleasing blend of texture, color and style for our customers. 
Thoughts on color schemes that work best for mix and match?
Subtle or neutral colors usually work best for mix and match. This doesn’t mean you have to choose pastel colors, it just means colors that aren’t overly bold or bright as you don’t want the difference in texture and styles to be completely overwhelmed by extremely strong color.  If you like bolder colors, consider an ombre look, in which you may have 1 or 2 dresses that are a more saturated color and then the other dresses would be more subtle tones of that shade similar to a paint card at Sherwin Williams. 
Is it safe to work in a pattern with the mix and match look?
Absolutely, it’s quite lovely to mix in a pattern as long as the tones of color in the pattern are complimentary to the other solid colors selected.
What are the benefits of going the mix and match route?
Offering your bridesmaids an assortment of styles, fabrications and/or color allows them to wear a dress that best flatters their figure and skin tone.  In addition, it  is a very current look that can add that extra element of interest.
Any pointers…do’s or dont’s brides should consider when going this direction with their bridesmaid fashion?
Consider the formality of each dress as you don’t want several dresses to look fancier than others, unless you are wanting to put the maid and/or matron of honor in something more special. Also, we would recommend keeping the bridesmaid’s flowers more simple as you want the emphasis to be on the unique and beautifully blended look you’ve created.
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