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Planning with PRIDE | Couple Shares their LGBTQ+ Wedding Planning Experience

Here at Brides of North Texas, we celebrate all love in all ways. When two people join together and vow to a lifetime of unmatched commitment, belly laughter, mutual respect and arguing over which sitcom is better, The Office or Friends, there is just nothing that can stand in their way! June has always been a warm, fuzzy month for us, and not just because of the Texas heat – but because we get to celebrate PRIDE in all of its forms.

Indigo and Adrian Oliver tied the knot almost a year ago and continue being a light to other lovebirds navigating planning an LGBTQ+ wedding. Watch their video (or read the Q&A below) to hear their expert advice on ways to make your love stand in the spotlight it deserves.

Tell us your story!

Adrian: Indigo and I both grew in Oklahoma, I grew up in Mustang and she grew up in Norman. We met on a dating app for women and we’ve been pretty much inseparable ever since. We got married in September of 2020. We have four dogs and four chickens. We love to be outside, we love to make cocktails, cook dinner and hang out with our friends.

How important was it that you find wedding vendors to reflect LGBTQ+ values?

Adrian: As someone who loves to plan a party, loves to have a good time, and entertain friends and family, the wedding planning part was something I was extremely excited about and looking forward to from the minute Indigo proposed. 

Indigo: I think we were both excited to see what our vision of the day combined would look like. There was also a lot of nervousness though in terms of reaching out and finding vendors. I think what was intimidating was trying to gauge whether or not the vendors would be accepting and trying to be clear that we are two women that are getting married and it’s very important to us that the people involved in that day are 100 percent supportive and wanting that day to be the best day ever. In the end, we found the best vendors that are all so loving and so accepting. I think a big action step I would have for all vendors who are accepting would be to have inclusive language on their websites and contracts, because that’s something we were trying to look at. Most people still had “bride” and “groom” on their wording on everything, so it was hard to tell if they would be inclusive. That would be a small change that I think would make any same-sex couple or just member of the LGBT community that was looking for wedding vendors feel more accepting and open to reaching out. 

Q: What message would you give to same-sex couples planning a wedding?

Indigo: First off, congratulations! That’s so exciting! Our number one tip would just be to do what makes you comfortable. At the end of the day, your enjoyment and comfort is the most important thing. So figuring out what traditions fit you and maybe what you want to let go of. For example, we both proposed to one another, that was something that was important to us and obviously not traditional. Find the things that make you happy and incorporate those where you can. 

Adrian: That was something that was hard in the early days of planning, because you have all of these ideas of what’s supposed to happen at a wedding and a lot of those traditions don’t serve same-sex or nontraditional couples. I think once we wrapped our head around that, everything started to come come into place. We got the schedule we wanted, and anything that didn’t spark joy we threw out. We filled it in with the things that worked for us. Invite who you’re going to feel love and support from. Choose the vendors that you’re going to feel that love and support from, and just have the best day – it will be the best day of your life. 

Photos // Magnolia Adam’s Photography

Thank you to Indigo and Adrian for sharing their planning insights with us! HAPPY PRIDE!

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