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How to Have a Well-Lit Wedding with LeForce Entertainment

Everyone wants their big day to be lit but how about a well-lit wedding? Your venue might have its own lighting, but let’s be honest here – that harsh, white (or, heaven forbid, yellow) downcast doesn’t flatter anyone. Luckily, there are so many options when it comes to adding extra lighting to your event, and the pros at LeForce Entertainment know how to match your particular style to create the perfect vibe for a well-lit wedding. Take a look at some of the various professional lighting options they offer and read on to find the right match for your matrimony! Cheers!


Transform a clean slate room or enhance an elegant one with our uplighting. Use uplighting to enhance your color scheme for the evening and amp up the energy during dancing. Lighting can completely change the atmosphere of your event. A glow cast by professional uplighting instantly makes your event space breathtaking, sets the mood for a romantic evening and leaves an event feeling so modern and fun.

Photo // Tracey Autem Photography

String Lighting

Add ambiance to any setting – indoors or out – with picturesque string lights twinkling overhead. The beautiful glow of their filament bulbs creates a cozy atmosphere and provides soft illumination that photographers love. String lights transform any venue into a picturesque setting for a romantic wedding reception or a warm welcome to any social event. Add a chandelier or two for an even more elegant touch!

Photo // Megan Kay Photography

well-lit wedding


See your name in lights with their custom-designed spotlight monograms. This customized lighting effect will wow your guests and add a luxe, personal touch to any wedding décor. LeForce Entertainment will craft a custom initialed or full-name monogram in a style that suits your existing reception theme. Monograms can be displayed on a wall, dance floor, exterior, ceiling, or almost anywhere!

Photo // Laning Photography


Are you in love with your cake or want to show off the floral design that graces every table? Highlight your favorite wedding details with lighting pinspots – like little spotlights for the most stylish points of your soiree. Don’t miss the chance to showcase these important design elements!

well-lit wedding

Marquee Letters

Want to make a statement? Their bold marquee letters do just that! Adding a fun, modern flair to your big day and casting a glow out onto your dance floor, you’ll be sure to create memories to last a lifetime.

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No matter which wedding vibe you’re seeking, LeForce Entertainment proudly offers tastefully and professionally executed services for your big day. Connect with them directly here.

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