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Kick Start Those New Year Health and Fitness Goals


Whether you’re getting married in 2017 or just want to be the best version of you, we’ve got the scoop on the best health and fitness pros in the DFW area to help kick start those goals. With all the diet and exercise advice out there it can be hard to find what actually works, and these people definitely know their stuff! Read more about each of these experts and their specialties below:

Kara Stout, Bridal Nutrition + Wellness Coach
Kara Stout is a Certified Nutrition + Wellness Coach, Licensed Professional Counselor and holds her M.Ed. in counseling. She specializes in bridal wellness and is the founder of the Beautiful Brides, Beautiful Marriages coaching program. Kara guides busy brides in taking healthy steps to the aisle by teaching what foods and practices increase health, beauty and energy. The program maps out the exact steps for achieving an ideal healthy weight and keeping it off, teaches about nutrition and how to make healthy eating a permanent lifestyle, provides easy practices to implement for beautiful skin and hair and shares tips on how to manage time and stress more effectively. Beyond preparing for the big day, she also guides brides in laying the foundation for a healthy and happy marriage. Visit her site to find out more and enlist Kara’s expertise!

Honeymoon Body
Honeymoon Body is for brides who want to walk down the aisle feeling like a total bridal bombshell! They’ve got you covered with super slimming recipes and quick workouts that will cinch every inch so you are ready to rock your wedding dress (and a bikini on your honeymoon!). Visit their website and sign up for free to receive tons of great beauty, fitness and nutrition tips, recipes and motivation just for busy brides! Once you sign up you will immediately receive the Bridal Beauty Countdown To Glowing Skin with a week-by-week guide to get gorgeous and glowing by your wedding day!

Bells & Barbells
Whether you’re starting completely from scratch or a veteran looking to take your fitness to the next level, Bells and Barbells specializes in helping the fabulous bride-to-be get into the best shape of her life for her wedding! They just opened a brand new wedding fitness studio in the Knox/Henderson area and provide customized private training and nutrition programs for each of their clients. Let Bells and Barbells help you find out what works best for your body, how to make the most out of your gym time and learn how to reach and surpass your health and fitness goals safely and without injury. Check out their Instagram page for killer workout videos and tutorials! You can also inquire for more info at www.bellsandbarbells.com