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14 Unique Catering Ideas for Your Wedding

Whether you’re a foodie or just want to delight your guests with something special, we have ten unique catering ideas for your wedding that you’re going to love. These fun creations from local caterers are both mouth-watering and eye-catching. Enjoy!


1. Bite-Sized Classics

Culinary Art Catering

These mouth-watering mini-burgers are a fan favorite from Culinary Art Catering. Served All-American style, this bite-sized fare is sure to both surprise and delight your guests!

Photo: Cristina Wisner Photographer


2. A Childhood Favorite


There is nothing like a childhood classic to warm the heart. Magdalena’s grew from a passion for food and is now serving delicious culinary art that drives its customer’s love for food to even higher levels. This pairing of mini grilled cheeses and tomato basil soup will satisfy the pickiest of palettes, leaving every guest wanting more!


3. Brunch it up!

brunch wedding

Gil’s Elegant Catering 

Nobody can say no to brunch, especially when it’s Gil’s Elegant Catering’s champagne shooters and mini peach crepes! No matter the time, brunch is always a great option to serve at a wedding. There are so many directions you can go in with choosing to serve this meal. Whether you decide on these delicious crepes or something more savory like eggs benedict, they will be a popular dish all around.

Photo: Joseph Mark Photography


4. Feed The Soul

soulman's catering grilled cheese tomato soup

Soulman’s Catering

Homestyle-cooking is no longer a stranger to the wedding scene. Serving BBQ, mac-n-cheese, mashed potatoes and other comfort foods is totally acceptable, and this grilled cheese with brisket and tomato soup pairing from Soulman’s Catering is one of our faves to see!

Photo: Lightly Photography


5. A Fountain with a Twist

Red Maple Catering

Chocolate fountains are no stranger to the wedding scene, but we love putting a fun twist on a classic like this maple syrup fountain from Red Maple Catering! With mini pancakes, fruit, and more, this maple syrup fountain is perfect for the brunch-loving bride. Red Maple Catering doesn’t stop there, though. Their passion is creating playful dishes with bright colors, complex flavors, and the most artistic presentations from appetizers to full-course dinners, food spreads, desserts, and more.

Photo: Heather Buckley Photography


6. Your Own Coffee Bar

Nightowl Coffee Cart

What’s better than coffee? Your own custom coffee bar with custom drinks for you and your guests, like this one from Nightowl Coffee Cart! Not only do these guys offer barista and cart, they also create custom drinks and mocktails just for your wedding.

Photo: Laning Photography


7. Savory Spoonful



We know Mary Poppins was always swearing by a spoonful of sugar, but this unique idea has us wondering if savory spoonfuls are the way to go! Weddings have been seeing more and more modern takes on amuse-bouches, and we don’t mind it one bit. Make the appetizers easy for your guests to grab during cocktail hour by serving this spoonful of shrimp and grits by COHOST.

Photo: Kelsey Lanae Photography


8. Big Day Barbecue

Edison’s Dallas by Eddie Deen’s

Edison’s Dallas is a premier North Texas event center that doubles as a wedding venue and a full-service catering company! Not only will your wedding be full of modern and elegant touches, you’ll also have some of the most scrumptious eats around. Born out of one of North Texas’s most popular barbecue restaurants, Eddie Deen’s catering service can serve up almost anything for your big day – from home-style cooking to more elevated and sophisticated options and anything between. Having your wedding at Edison’s is truly a win-win because there’s nothing better than a stylish wedding with amazing food that guests will remember for a lifetime!

Photo: Bethany Erin Photography


9. Let’s Taco Bout it

Texas Catering

Not only are tacos universally liked by everyone, but making them miniature somehow makes them even more desirable. Take your guests’ taste buds on a journey with this unique and tasty catering idea by Texas Catering.

Photo: Madeline Shea Photo


10. A Meat-lover Special

The Dallas Culinary Company

If you are wanting to leave your guests speechless and full, you need to consider The Dallas Culinary Company‘s seared steak paired with a mouthwatering risotto. This catering team is known for bringing their creativity to the table when customizing menus for unforgettable weddings. With this only being one of their culinary creations, the unique catering boutique provides incredible services while also placing you and all your guests in a food coma!


11. A Twist on a Classic

Knife and Faulk

Everybody loves a classic, but what really gets your guests talking are the little twists your catering can put on classics to make them even better. As if tiramisu isn’t already incredible, Knife and Faulk’s lemon tiramisu is to die for! This catering team believes there is an art to combining fresh ingredients and exceptional service so that the culinary experience on your wedding day is not only amazingly delicious but creates memories for you and your guests for years to come. We don’t know about you, but that is someone we would want to work with to make our wedding day even better!


12. A Full-Table Spread

YaYaYum Boards

YaYaYum Boards is located in the heart of Downtown Grapevine, TX right off of the infamous wine-centric street known as Main Street. Providing beautiful boards and table spreads for your next party, wedding, or event, YaYaYum Boards goes above and beyond with their foodie creativity! From cheese to chocolate to everything in between, YaYaYum Boards does it all! Your taste AND visual aesthetics will not be left disappointed.


13. An Elevated Eating Experience

Catered Roots

Catered Roots is a family of two sisters and their significant others all sharing a passion to create a memorable moment of time with just some really AWESOME food. They take pride in their work with attention to detail providing quality service and catering. Their elevated catering leaves you lacking nothing, satisfying your every foodie need for any event. Catered Roots doesn’t just provide food- they provide an elevated eating experience.


14. Shrimp Cocktail Shooters

Taste by Chef Kevin

Taste by Chef Kevin is a renowned catering company based in Texas, specializing in creating exceptional dining experiences. With a team of highly skilled chefs and an eye for detail, Taste by Chef Kevin offers a wide range of menu options to suit different tastes and preferences. Their commitment to using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients is evident in every dish they create, making them a popular choice for weddings, corporate events, and private parties. Whether it’s a plated dinner, buffet-style meal, or hors d’oeuvres, Taste by Chef Kevin is sure to impress with their delicious cuisine and impeccable service.


Want to browse even more culinary-grade Dallas wedding caterers? Check out the very best of North Texas has to offer via our Dallas/Fort Worth wedding catering directory. Cheers!