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COFFEE. No longer a trend—a necessity.

Something borrowed, something BREWED?! There is nothing new about coffee carts making an appearance at weddings. We have seen this for a while now, but what’s new is that it is no longer considered a trend, but a NECESSITY. At this point in your wedding planning process, you have probably considered what type of refreshments you would like to supply your guests to sip on throughout the evening. Nightowl Coffee, Olive Coffee Cart. Moliendo Coffee Co, MVP Coffee Company and Café de Miele are here to tell you why you NEED coffee at your wedding, bridal shower or any event. As if it isn’t already hard enough to turn down a lavender latte on a typical day…try saying no when a craft coffee bar is set up right next to the dance floor. We asked our coffee cart vendors the same question: “why is coffee no longer a trend, but a necessity?” Read on to hear why a wedding coffee bar is a must-have for your upcoming wedding.


wedding coffee bar

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Is coffee expected at wedding receptions?

Short answer is yes. “No longer do brides settle for mediocre coffee with sugar packets and stir sticks. Craft coffee not only tastes better, but it creates a customizable experience for each person that comes through the baristas’ line. It is more than a memorable experience where you can’t get married without an espresso bar service,” Nightowl Coffee says.


Okay, but why choose a coffee bar over setting out a carafe?


It helps create the wedding “experience.”

As the specialty coffee industry grows, the status quo of a classic coffee urn is no longer enough. Coffee carts have become a unique way for wedding guests to explore specialty coffee in a way that may not be possible in a traditional coffee shop. It allows them to take the pressure off ordering the wrong thing and just have fun with the experience of trying something new.  It is the best of customer service combined with a wide variety of drink options available from creative specialty lattes to traditional espresso-based drinks. It is a treat that meets people where they are whether they drink coffee for the caffeine buzz or are truly a coffee aficionado.


It’s serves as another station for guest flow.

“Coffee is a necessity at a wedding because it provides another point of service for your guests!” Olive Coffee Cart makes a great point! Having a floor plan that allows your guests to mingle, dine and dance easily is a key factor when laying out your floor plan. Similarly, you want food, drink and experiential stations that reflect this intent as well. Stations break up larger lines and create moments for guests to move throughout your space and event.


It serves as an alternative for those who are not partaking in alcohol.

“The ability to have a crafted and made-to-order latte, cold brew, or hot cup is a GAME CHANGER! We have seen people who aren’t partaking in alcohol, or weddings that don’t provide a beverage service absolutely love coffee,” says Olive Coffee Cart. “It also goes great with the cake, keeps people on the dance floor, or helps to sober em’ up before their party bus home! We haven’t met a person who hasn’t enjoyed a cup at the end of the night!”


How much coffee is needed for a wedding?

The good thing about booking a wedding coffee cart is you don’t have to worry about ordering the right amount of coffee (or cups, sugar packets, stir sticks, etc)! Coffee carts like the one offered by Moliendo Coffee Co typically offer a bottomless espresso bar and unlimited supply of hot and iced drinks from reception to send-off.


When is the best time to serve coffee at your wedding?

Another tick in the pro column, coffee stations are available for the entire length of your wedding. That’s right—start to finish. Nightowl Coffee  offers an unlimited coffee bar experience from post-ceremony (cocktail-hour) to send-off. To top it off, they polish off every couple’s exit with “lattes in the limo.”


What are a few ways a couple can customize their coffee to make it reflect their relationship or event?

Coffee bars like Nightowl Coffee elevate the appearance and experience of standard coffee stations and match the aesthetic of every couple’s design style. Couples can add a custom bar or branded cups to the wedding package for an even more personalized touch. Others may have a standard cart display but offer signature lattes and/or custom menus to reflect your event or tastes.


For a seasonal touch, Nightowl Coffee can even customize flavors and products: “From honey lavender, mint julep, and apple pie in the spring to pumpkin spice, cinnamon pecan, and maple bourbon in fall, our seasonal rotation of house-made syrups give brides the ability to enjoy their favorite flavors in each season. Just don’t forget about those Texas summers, where cold brew and iced lattes always steal the show.”


Connect with Nightowl Coffee, Moliendo Coffee Co, and Olive Coffee Cart for your upcoming wedding or event on their Brides of North Texas profiles! Happy planning!

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