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What to Know When Hiring a Mobile Bar Cart

Trend alert! We’re partial to a good signature cocktail and we LOVE the way they can come from so many unique places, so naturally we gathered everything you need to know when hiring a mobile bar service like Cantina Caravan. With help from their mixologist pros, we got answers to all the pressing Qs that couples have about this trending wedding vendor service. “Whether you’re hosting a wedding, corporate gathering, or any celebration, Cantina Caravan brings a unique and memorable touch to your occasion. With our exceptional bar offerings and professional service, we turn every event into a remarkable experience.” Read on to hear how this festive featured vendor can add the “something special” your next event needs. Cheers!


mobile bar cart

Photo: Courtesy of Cantina Caravan


What is a mobile bar cart and what does it serve?

A mobile bar car is a decorated cart, bar or trailer that can be moved to any location; whether indoor or outdoor. Cantina Caravan offers everything from bartenders and servers, and beverage service, to a fully stocked bar, and signature cocktails and mocktails.


How much does it cost to hire a mobile bar?

The Cantina Caravan offers mutliple different packages and vintage trailer types. “Our fleet consists of a Shasta Camper named Cecilia, Pearl, our 73’ Volkswagen® Van, Jenny, who is our camper bar, a horse trailer named Dixie, and who could forget about Boozy Bike, our side bar. Put pizazz in your party and represent your personal style with a unique and creative way of serving beverages, merchandise, or finger foods.” Pricing information can be requested on their site, linked here!


Where can the bar cart be set up?

One of the most exciting aspects of mobile bar trailers is the freedom they bring. No longer confined to traditional event spaces, you can now celebrate in unconventional locations, such as parks, beaches, rooftops, or private residences. These trailers break the boundaries, allowing you to bring the party to your chosen destination, creating unforgettable memories wherever you go.


When is the best time to have the mobile bar cart available to guests? 

Anytime! Mobile bar trailers are revolutionizing the way we celebrate and bringing a whole new level of excitement to events of all kinds. With the versatility, style, and convenience, we offer an unforgettable experience for both hosts and guests. So, raise a glass and let the good times roll with Cantina Caravan, taking your celebrations to new heights!


What makes Cantina Caravan’s mobile bars unique to other bartending services?

“At Cantina Caravan, we celebrate the creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit of the mobile beverage industry, while providing  informative and entertaining content about traditional and non-traditional beverages.”

A huge thanks to the bartending professionals at Cantina Caravan who brought us the helpful planning information in this mobile bar service Q&A. Reach out to contact them via their vendor profile here to book your on-location bartending services today!

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