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Punchy Blooms and a Modern Altar Make This Shoot a Must-See!

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This inspiration shoot from Julep Events blends bright colors with boho details for an energetic summer scene that we just can’t get enough of. The Schoolhouse acted as a blank space for Haute Poppies‘ punchy blooms that adorned everything from the model’s brides hair to the hexagon altar backdrop from Warehouse Rose Events. Those same fresh florals were seen poised along the side of white wedding cake by Sugar Bee Sweets Bakery as if they were growing up around the dessert, and were even illustrated on the invitation suite by Brown Fox Creative. As for the bridal babe, she wore an elegant, lacy gown from Grace Loves Lace that was complemented with a bold and girlie beauty look with mega curls by WZ Beauty Studio. All the while, her model groom was dapper in a whimsical floral tie and citrus-hued boutonniere. Check out all of the refreshing details captured by Sami Kathryn Photography below!

Photos // Sami Kathryn Photography

From the planner, Ginny Greene of Julep Events: “I was inspired by the idea of doing something ‘minimalist boho’ — a simpler take on the bright, vibrant aesthetics that you typically associate with the boho wedding. As a vendor team, we knew we wanted flowers to play a huge role in the design, and the brighter the better! We wanted this shoot to be clean and simple, but also full of joy, fun and love — because that’s what the wedding day should be all about!”

How to Tackle Wedding Planning Stress During COVID-19

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We know wedding planning is stressful – that’s why we’re here! With the global crisis of COVID-19, we know planning a wedding has become 100x harder than before. That’s why we’ve gathered together some of the best ways to deal with wedding planning stress that are guaranteed to calm those nerves and clear your head! Nobody should be having to go through this added stress, much less alone! Remember, we’re all in this together (*cue High School Musical music*)!

ways to deal with wedding planning stress during covid-19

Photo: Jen Symes Photography

Be open and honest about what you need help with

Asking for help is hard – trust us, we get it. But, there’s absolutely no need to go at all this alone! Your wedding planner and vendor team are there to help you with ANYTHING you need. They understand the stress and anxiety you are going through, and will stop at nothing to make sure you are cared for in every way possible. Nothing is too big or small!

Trust your people

There is no better time than now to lean on your family, friends, bridesmaids and future spouse. They want to help you and know you need them now more than ever. Don’t be afraid to delegate simple tasks – such as keeping in contact with a vendor or asking them to check in with you daily. Again, don’t go at this alone! Your people are your best resource and biggest encouragers!

Set goals

Make a to-do list for every day and strive to finish it! Setting out to accomplish certain tasks every day will help eliminate procrastinating and reduce your stress. Anxiety is not planning your wedding, you are! Do not let your fear take away from having the day of your dreams. Aside from wedding planning goals, set healthy and positive goals! Going to bed early, making your bed every morning, and working out each day are a few of the hundreds of healthy and positive goals you can have!

Clear your head

Sometimes you need to step away from planning when it gets too overwhelming! There are tons of things you can do to clear your head or get yourself outside of the house. Some of our favorites include: taking a walk, playing with your pups, cleaning anything and everything, cooking dinner or trying out new recipes, or working out!


Take some scheduled time away from planning by relaxing by yourself or with your family (6-feet apart, of course). Watching a new show on Netflix, reading that book you have been meaning to get to or coloring in an adult coloring book (you’re never too old) are a few simple ways. Taking some time away doesn’t have to be hard or boring!

Treat yourself

Girls night of one! Who’s with me? Spend an evening doing all the things: face masks, soaking in a nice warm bath, doing your nails, eating that ooey gooey chocolate cake and having a nice cup of hot cocoa or glass of wine (your preferred choice)!

Have an in-house date

Social distancing is hard, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still go on dates! There really is SO much you can do right inside your own house. May we suggest building the biggest and comfiest pillow fort, watching movies, and eating homemade pizza and brownies you two made together? Brb while we go gather all our pillows and blankets for this one!

Hang out with your friends #socialdistancingstyle

Distancing from your bffs is so hard in this time, but thankfully technology is here to save the day! Virtual FaceTime hang outs are the new thing, and we 100% approve. Make the most of it by watching shows, baking cupcakes or playing board games. The possibilities are endless!


Sleep is soooo important when it comes to de-stressing! If there is one day you are feeling particularly stressed, take a nap, and your body will thank you later. Going to bed early and getting enough sleep will also help! Our parents always said sleep was important, and now we believe it. This is an oh-so crucial step!

Think big picture

Yes, you want your wedding day to be the most spectacular thing you have ever witnessed. But, you do not need to worry and stress yourself to death about it! Remember it is a special day where all of your friends and family will be gathered to support and celebrate YOU. How special is that? Wedding planning should bring you closer to your future spouse and help you remember that you get to spend the rest of your life with them after the ceremony. After all, a wedding is much more than just the day!

Embrace the imperfections

I think we can all agree that Hannah Montana said it best – nobody’s perfect. There will be flaws in your wedding day, and all you can do is embrace them, don’t deny them! This will be the only way you will be able to cope with if things go wrong (something might!). But don’t worry, you GOT this! We so believe in you!

Stay positive!

As hard as it may seem in today’s circumstances, it is possible to see the bright side of things! Things will work out in the end! You will have the day of your dreams! It will not be like this forever. Again, you got this and we believe in you! You are killing this wedding planning and COVID-19 is no match for you!

Check out these other COVID-19 related posts too: Postponing Your Wedding? You’ll Want to Read These Tips and A Guide to Wedding Planning from Home.

Finding Your Wedding Inspiration with Joche W. Events

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A bridal magazine (or website), an old photo, a vase, a word even — wedding inspiration can come from anywhere at anytime. For Joche Westmoreland of Joche W. Events, whenever the creative muse strikes, he’s ready to sketch it into life — even if that means using a napkin during dinner. From details and crisis control to conceptual design, a wedding planner has to have the perfect blend of logistical and creative genius. Joche and his team bring that practical experience with everything from culinary to lighting design and even accounting, so we have asked him to share a behind-the-scenes look at what bringing your dream wedding to life looks like.

Photos // Jen Symes Photography

Finding Your Wedding Inspiration with Joche W. Events

The Planning Process

“After meeting with a new client, we develop a conceptual design and budget for everything needed for their event. This can include floral as well as linen, rental pieces, staging dancefloors, china and flatware, etc. I also enjoy sketching a diagram of what the reception floor plan would look like so that they can visualize their event. After booking their date with us, we will begin creating their personalized design plan that includes inspirational images, sketches and photos. This is the document that literally takes their vision from paper to reality.

Our couples know that my team and I are available for questions and advice at any point in the planning process. I am proud to be a planner that has real-life work experience in culinary and pastry arts, interior, lighting and set design, graphic design, floral design and accounting. My journey has led me to learn so many things that I apply as an event planner and designer. My clients know that whatever I recommend has been well thought out and is truly the best for them in my opinion. I will also let a client know if I feel that a decision or recommendation that they have may not be the best for their event.”



Finding Inspiration

“I believe that muses are the fuel for the creative engine and they come to us when they are ready to be seen. I enjoy playing with different color palettes and am not afraid to experiment with different prototype designs in the studio. Some of my favorite designs have come out of dinner and margaritas with a group of friends just talking together. Then all of the sudden I need a beverage napkin and pen so I can start sketching.”



Meeting Expectations

“We setup our initial consultations with new or potential clients to be all about getting to know each other. Depending on what stage in the planning process they are in, we may discuss the style of wedding they would like, color palettes, entertainment options, favorite cuisines and budgeting questions they may have – just a little of everything.”


Advice for Couples

“Interview your potential planners. Hiring a wedding planner can be the best decision a couple may make when they have selected the right one. We excel in logistics and the ‘who-stands-where’ but our knowledge of crisis control and instinctual on-the-spot problem solving is what we have been told sets us apart. Fourteen years in the wedding industry has given us education that cannot be learned except through experience.”

Thank you to Joche Westmoreland of Joche W. Events for sharing a behind the scenes look at the wedding planning process. His Dallas/Fort Worth-based event design and consulting firm specializes in personalized event planning for one-of-a-kind parties that guests will never forget. Learn more about working with Joche by contacting him through his Brides of North Texas vendor profile.

Beauty 101: Tips from the Pros to Create Your Wedding Day Look

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It’s all about the look — from getting the bridal glow and face-framing ‘do to finding the world’s greatest shade of lipstick for your perfect pout! We’re getting all the insights from some of the best hair and makeup artists in the Dallas/Fort Worth area including their best pro tips and products they can’t do without.

(It’s all captured by some of the best wedding photogs out there, so keep scrolling for some serious wedding inspo here!)

Get the Glow

Artist: Styles by Vero | @stylesbyvero

Beauty 101: Tips from the Pros to Create Your Wedding Day Look

What is your one product must-have on a wedding day? It is hard to pick just one but If I have to choose from my kit I will totally keep one product to prepare the skin. A hyaluronic acid serum will lock the hydration on the bride skin and keep that glow for hours. 

What is your go-to beauty brand? Definitely Estee Lauder – Classic, elegant yet long lasting and waterproof. 

How to achieve a glam beauty look? I always start asking my client what she loves more about her face features: eyes, lips , cheeks. Then I design for her a glam beauty look using a statement pair of eyelashes or a bold lip color. The key: keep the client essence and have fun.

Any advice for a bride who is wanting to use a hair piece on her wedding day? Try to match the headpiece design with your wedding dress and jewelry. Before you select one, try to decide if you want your hair up or down.

Photo: Laning Photography


Lasting Lips

Artist: AshleyDrew Artistry | @ashleydrewartistry


What is your one product must-have on a wedding day? My must have product on a wedding day is lashes! No better way to make your eyes pop in all the photos then beautiful lashes. 

What is your go-to beauty brand? My go to beauty brand is Becca Cosmetics. I absolutely love there liquid highlighter in opal. It truly allows every bride to have a glow.

Matte vs. glossy lip color? Pros and cons! I love a glossy lip! My favorite is moonglow by Marc Jacobs beauty. By placing a little bit of glow in the center of the lip it gives the perfect pout, giving the illusion that your lips are fuller. Matte lipstick is gorgeous in photos but can feel drying at times. Add a little bit of Bite Beauty agave lip mask underneath to keep your lips nice and hydrated.

How to make your lip look last? My favorite tip to make your lips last longer is using a lip liner. Line your lip not just on the edges of your lips, fill them completely in. Dab a little translucent powder over your lips before you apply your lipstick. This will help them last all night!

Photo: Bertha Torres Photography


Pretty in Pink

Artist: Baleigh Kerr Hair & Makeup | @baleighkerrmakeup



What is your one product must-have on a wedding day? Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

What is your go-to beauty brand? MAC Cosmetics 

How to work pretty, soft pinks into your palette? A great way to work soft pinks into your makeup look is using a cream product. It can simply be swept over you eyes, cheeks and lips!

What is the perfect occasion for a classic updo? Any formal event is the perfect time for a classic updo!

Photo: Lorena Burns Photography


The Sleek Look

Artist: byLOMUNS| @beautybylomuns


What is your one product must-have on a wedding day? This is so hard to answer but I would definitely say Hourglass Ambient Lighting in Luminous Light. It helps create a natural glow that mimics skin and allows the skin to appear dewy without too much highlight.

What is your go-to beauty brand? My go to beauty brand is Morphe. I am ride or die for all their shadows and brushes! Even their lip glosses are beautiful.

How to achieve a sleek makeup look? A sleek makeup look can be achieved with dewy skin, light eyes and a bold lip! It is so important to make sure the skin looks like skin, and not cake-y, while still having the skin look like it is glowing from within. Add a good blush and sculpted contour, a sleek look can be achieved.

Picking the best shade of bold lip for your look? It all depends on the color scheme and the skin tone of the client. Red can be tricky because it can cause the teeth to appear more yellow than they are, so it’s also important to take that into consideration when choosing a bold lip. If choosing any bold lip, it’s so important that it has cool undertones to avoid that!

Photo: Nate & Grace Photography


Freshen Up

Artist: Tease to Please Hair & Makeup | @teasetopleasehairandmakeup


What is your one product must have on a wedding day? Big Sexy Hair Powder Play. It’s a texture powder that helps tease oh so perfectly. And false lashes.

What is your go-to beauty brand? Anything Kenra or Aquage

What style gown pairs best with a braid crown? A braid crown could go with any gown. I would say the normal would be a boho dress, but it could be super pretty with an elegant sleek satin white dress.

How to achieve a soft glam makeup look?  Start with depth in the crease (I usually use brown) and a soft shimmer on the lid. Add a crisp wing liner and false lashes. Do your normal thing with foundation, brows and mascara. Take a neutral pink lipliner and overline the lips just a bit. Fill with a color that’s one or two shades darker than your natural lip color. Use a blush that is in the same color family as your lipstick. Sweep some highlight on those cheek bones to give you that bridal glow!

Photo: Ben Q. Photography


Custom Beauty

Artist: WZ Beauty Studio | @wzbeautystudio



What is your one product must-have on a wedding day? A must have for your wedding day is a lip color for touch ups. For those moments to freshen up before walking the aisle, or after your I do, and before cutting the cake. Where you will be photographed closely by your photographer and guests. 

What is your go-to beauty brand? For those who know of me they will say I’m a MAC cosmetic guru. I do add-on products to my kit like my private line WZ Beauty and MUFE. They mix so well and create a stunning masterpiece.

Tell us about your beauty line. I’m passionate about beauty and making other women feel confident and beautiful. So, it was my dream to have a private makeup line that I could share with my clients and brides. It is amazing! It’s a vegan and cruelty free line, packed with Vitamins A, C and E to protect you from free radicals. Highly pigmented and creamy rich finish. Make an appointment for a 1:1 consult or lesson. We would love to treat you like a beauty queen! 

How do you get the skin prepped for makeup? I always hydrate the skin with either a toner, serum or oil infused drops and massage into the skin. And don’t forget a must have for my brides – cooling eye pads to reduce puffiness and dark circles. Also, after consulting with my bride we determine what is the desired finish and look to make sure it is camera ready.

Photos: Sami Kathryn Photography


Get the Look

Artist: Jennifer Trotter – Lip Service Makeup | @lipservicemakeup


What’s your makeup pro tip? Bronze and gold shadows light up green eyes, cheeks get definition with a peachy pink cream blush, and the whole look comes together with a custom blended bold burgundy/wine lip.

Describe this hairstyle. A redhead with a bold fringe gets a simple half-up style to show off gorgeous waves. 

What’s your one product must-have for a wedding day? Tarte – shape tape concealer, flawless full coverage.

How do you get the skin prepped for makeup? Sonia Roselli Sexapeel instant exfoliator, Waterbalm Skin Prep, Dr. Jart V7 Priming Moisturizer and Joeur Lip Conditioner.

Photo: Nevile Wedding Stories


Lash 101

Artist: Grand Slam Glam | @grandslamglam



What is your one product must-have on a wedding day? A good primer and finishing spray is key! This helps the makeup endure the entire day and gives you a flawless finish from start to finish. 

What is your go-to beauty brand? We are always trying new products, but right now we are loving Two Faced and their melted lip collection. 

Lash 101 – how do you get the voluminous lash effect? We include false lashes in every service. We love a good Demi-whispie lash to draw the eye out and create a doe eyed effect. We finish it off with adding mascara and a fine liquid eyeliner line. 

Tell us about how to achieve the perfect highlight? Step 1 is choosing a highlighter – we prefer a powder highlighter that is applied as the last step in the makeup process. Step 2 is application method – we like to use a fan brush which provides the lightest coverage and looks dewy but still natural. For more shimmer payoff you can use a  stippling brush or a beauty blender sponge. Step 3 is application – the goal of highlighting is to bring out the high points of the face. This means we want to use highlighter on the brown bones, nose bridge, cheekbones and Cupid’s bow. Use a brush to sweep your highlighter in a windshield-wiper motion over the designated areas. Be sure to avoid the T-zone if you are prone to oiliness in that area.

Photo: The Lockharts


Warm Tone Look

Artist: JM Glamour | @jmglamour



What is your one product must-have on a wedding day? I would have to say setting spray to ensure the makeup holds all day through sweat, tears and dancing! 

What is your go-to beauty brand? Oh jeez! I just love so many brands! If I have to pick, it would be Makeup Forever! Each of their products are great quality and work so well on all skin types!

When are warm tone beauty looks a must? I personally always love a good warm tone beauty look! It’s sexy and sultry! However, it’s definitely a must on women with warmer, yellow undertone skin!

When is a pulled back hair look ideal? When a bride is worried about their hair falling flat or thin, or even falling in their face throughout the night, I recommend setting the hair and pulling it back. It is an easier and more secure way to hold the volume and to avoid sweating hair from dancing all night. I also love the hair pulled back with a high neck or a gorgeous back dress!

Photo: Catie Ann Photography


Make a Statement

Artist: Etoilly Artistry | @etoillyartistry



What is your one product must-have on a wedding day? For makeup, we CANNOT do makeup (okay, we can because we are professionals) without Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer! This primer smooths skin, minimizes pores and sets the perfect base for our airbrush foundation application. GAME CHANGER. For hair, our tried and true finishing spray is Kenra Volume Hairspray 25. The best hairspray for all hair types and styles!

What is your go-to beauty brand? This changes often, but our signature brand for almost every makeup look is Charlotte Tilbury. Her lipsticks, blushes, skin care products, bronzers… you name it, we buy it from CT!

How to make a statement with your wedding day beauty look? An easy way to turn heads is to make subtle changes to your bridal style throughout the event! If you are wearing your hair in a low, tousled bun, take your hair down at the reception and rock your worn waves! If you’re starting out your event with a bridal, nude lip, switch to a bolder hue for the dance floor.

What type of makeup look pairs well with a bold hair style? If you are wanting your hair style to be the talk of the party, we love pairing this look with a natural, glowing makeup look with a nude lip, bold lash, and light contour! Don’t be afraid of the highlighter, ladies!

Photos: Rachel Elaine Photography


Add Some Shimmer

Artist: The Styling Stewardess | @the_styling_stewardess



What is your one product must-have on a wedding day? NARS American Woman – it’s the perfect color!

What is your go-to beauty brand? Redken for hair, Laura Mercier for makeup.

What to consider when planning your updo? The neckline and back of the dress! You don’t want to cover any big details of the dress or take away from the design.

Shimmer vs. matte eye looks – pros and cons! A little shimmer is great for brides and bridesmaids. It adds a nice bridal glow (too much and it can look too junior or too costume-y). Matte is great for moms. It gives a more natural look and is more age appropriate.

Photo: Avery Earl Photography

beauty products and tips

  1. Too Faced Melted Lip Collection – Grand Slam Glam
  2. Becca Cosmetics Liquid Highlighter in Opal – Ashley Drew Artistry
  3. Mac Cosmetics Prep + Prime – WZ Beauty Studio
  4. Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray – Baleigh Kerr Hair & Makeup
  5. Makeup Forever Artist Pencil in Free Burgundy – JM Glamour
  6. Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer – Etoilly Artistry
  7. Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Illuminating Powder – Styles by Vero
  8. Hourglass Ambient Lighting in Luminous Light – byLOMUNS
  9. Big Sexy Hair Powder Play – Tease to Please Hair & Makeup
  10. Tarte Shape Tape Concealer – Jennifer Trotter
  11. Nars American Woman Powermatte Lip Pigment – The Styling Stewardess

A Guide to Wedding Planning From Home

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Social distancing is real but you still have to plan a wedding. Brides from all over have been asking us what to do about planning their big day during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our team put our heads together and came up with the best ways to attend vendor appointments, handle cancellations and reduce planning stress. Read on for our advice!

A Guide to Wedding Planning From Home

How Do I Taste Test

You’re probably wondering, how am I supposed try my wedding cake options? Take time to drive up to your bakery’s storefront and curbside taste-test the many options from the comfort of your vehicle. This move reduces the risk of contracting the virus while increasing the likelihood of enjoying too much food!

How Will My Bridesmaids Help Me Pick Out Their Gowns

We all love FaceTime, especially group FaceTime. Connect with your bridesmaid boutique about video chatting with them plus your bridesmaids during your appointment time. This is a great time for you and all of your girlfriends to have fun, shop and catch up.

I Have Everything Picked Out Except My Flowers

Take more time to utilize video chatting and discuss your bloom ideas with your florist. Once you have a plan, drive over to their showroom and see the flowers curbside. This is the time to make sure that the flowers are the exact colors that you had in mind!

My Wedding Gown Appointment is Cancelled

I’m sorry ladies but this is the only one that will have to be postponed. Have no fear! Spend time researching your favorite gowns, analyzing what your body type will look best in, contacting local gown boutiques about what they have in stock and visualizing yourself on your big day.

My Wedding Date Changed and Now My Vendor Can’t Make It

When your vendor can’t make it to your new wedding date, there are a few options to consider. Vendors hate having to cancel on their clients because it’s how they make their living, but unanticipated circumstances can happen. Connect with them about refunds and spend time looking over the cancellation clause in your vendor contract. Upon cancellation, your original vendor will most likely refer you to a similar vendor who can do the job just as well. You may decide to drop the category of service that they provide, which is fine too! Remember that this wedding is for you and your partner – do what makes you happy. Who knows, you might even discover a new vendor option that you like just as well, or better! All things happen for a reason girl!

I’m Stressed Out and Need Help

This is the time to keep your wedding planner on speed dial! They will ease your mind, do most of the work for you and make sure that your big day goes smoothly. The team at Brides of North Texas is always here to help and our magazines are a great source for information and inspiration as well.

We’re also sharing tips for postponing your wedding and how to support your friends who have had to postpone their weddings. Read on for more advice! You’ve got this!