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Get the First Sneak Peek from the Upcoming Issue!

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It’s our favorite time of the year… time to kick off our countdown to the cover! In just five days we will be releasing our Fall/Winter 2020 magazine along with the long-awaited new cover. To make the wait a little easier, we will be giving you a sneak peek into the new issue over the next five days. Fall in love with these five floral arrangements created by some of our favorite local florists, and of course, found in the upcoming issue. Cheers!

sneak peek alba dahlia wedding florist

Alba Dahlia Floral | Alexa Kay Events | The Styling Stewardess | 4 Eleven Fort Worth | Elizabeth Leese Bridal

tr floral wedding florist

TR Floral | Brik Special Events Venue | Chelsea Kaye Photography

tami winn events wedding florist

Tami Winn Events | Stephanie Brazzle Photography | Beyond | Grand Events Texas | Stage Works

something pretty floral wedding florist

Something Pretty Floral | Stanley Korshak Bridal Salon | The Olana | Ivory and Vine Event Co. | Maitee Miles

lizze bee's flower shoppe wedding florist

Lizzie Bee’s Flower Shoppe | a&bé bridal shop | Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden | Keestone Events | AR Photography

Can’t wait to get your hands on the new Fall/Winter issue?! Preorder your copy and have it delivered straight to your doorstep before it hits newsstands this month! AND in honor of our countdown to the cover, we’re offering FREE SHIPPING on orders of two or more mags.

How to Create a Wedding Hashtag

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Coming up with a creative wedding hashtag is one of the first fun things you get to do when you start wedding planning! From the moment you get engaged, planning out your hashtag can begin (and if we’re being honest, you’ve been brainstorming ideas long before they actually popped the question). Now you have the opportunity to let those great ideas out! Creating a wedding hashtag adds a fun element to your wedding day and allows you to consolidate all of your guest photos into one place. If you’re stuck on coming up with a completely unique, one-of-a-kind hashtag for your wedding, these tips below are sure to get your creative juices flowing!

wedding hashtag

Photo // Jen Symes Photography

Start by Looking at Real-Life Weddings for Inspiration

Have friends or relatives that just got married? Look at their socials for their wedding hashtag to get inspiration from! Google, Pinterest and Instagram will easily become your best friend when looking at real-life wedding hashtags. Searching through these gives you a good idea about where to start on your own hashtag and any recent ideas that have been used. You can definitely take inspiration from these and turn them into your own!

Gather a List of Relevant Details to Use

This is where the fun begins! Gathering a list of relevant details to use for your hashtag will let you start off with an almost endless pool of possibilities to draw your ideas out of. A complete list of details should include: you and your soon-to-be spouse’s full names, any nicknames for the both of you, your quirky couple mash-up name, the date of your wedding, your wedding venue’s name, the date and year you started dating or got engaged, the geographical location of your ceremony and theme or style of your wedding. From here you’re able to start brainstorming ideas and getting creative!

Use Your Names

Using you and your spouse’s names is an easy and unique way to set your wedding hashtag apart! Use both of your first names, both of your last names, the last name you will have as a couple after the wedding day or a combination of first and last names. Once you have chosen a name to use, look up words that may rhyme or common phrases that you can connect to it! Coordinating the first initial of the name you choose to use with the first word of the phrase is also a simple way to make it memorable. Simply choose a phrase that starts with the first letter of the name and go from there! Also, if you have a quirky couple mash-up name that you love, there’s no better time than in your wedding hashtag to break it out. You’ll now be thanking your besties for coming up with it!

Add Numbers to Set your Hashtag Apart

This is where the dates from your list come into play! If you’re struggling to come up with something that is super unique, use numbers to set your hashtag apart. This is a simple and creative element that no other hashtag is going to have! If you do not want to use the date of your wedding, the date you got engaged or the date you started dating, use any other number that has a significant meaning to your relationship. This could be a shared favorite sports player number, the number of children you have (if you have any), or the date of any other significant event for you as a couple!

Make it Punny!

Around here, we’re suckers for a good pun, and we know your guests will enjoy it, too! This is the perfect spot to insert any nicknames as a couple you may have. Don’t be afraid to make your hashtag funny or silly – honestly the goofier, the better. Ask your comedian friend for their advise on how to make your hashtag the perfect amount of punny!

Watch out for any Easy Misspellings

Make your hashtag easy for everyone to use and spell on your wedding day! Avoid using complicated words or making it too long, for simplicity sake. You want your hashtag to ideally be short, sweet, and to the point! When thinking of your hashtag, avoid putting words together that end and start with the same letter. For example, say your name ends with an A, and you are going to put the word “and” after it. Your guests might forget to insert two As together, and your hashtag might look awkward with two of the same letters being side-by-side. Switch around names or phrases to easily avoid this mistake!

Don’t Overthink it!

Overall, anything you create will be amazing and special! All your hashtag needs to do is represent you as a couple or have a special meaning. Let it come from the heart! Don’t overthink and stress yourself out about creating the “perfect” wedding hashtag. It’s also always a great thing to ask for help and get advise from others. Don’t go at this task alone!

Review your Final Hashtag Before it Goes into Print

Congratulations! By now you should have your perfect, one-of-a-kind, custom hashtag. Review your hashtag to make sure it easily readable in hashtag form, makes sense and will be easy to spell. Also check to see if it could be easily duplicated by another couple in the future. Once you’ve checked off all those boxes, you’re good to go!

Spread the Word

Now you can add your wedding hashtag to everything! Here are a few places your hashtag would be a great addition to: your save the dates and invitations, your wedding website, any signage you want to have at your wedding and any social media posts you post along your wedding planning journey! Including it on all of these elements is a great way to let your guests become familiar with your hashtag and even use it before your big day. Remember to encourage your guests to use your hashtag with any of their wedding day posts!

Newly engaged? Get our tips and tricks to starting the planning process here!

DFW Wedding Venues with Scenic Outdoor Spaces

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Fairytales have a way of transporting you to a wondrous place where love is everywhere. When you look at Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Alice in Wonderland, etc., nature is a constant. There’s something about getting lost in the flowers and the trees that’s alluring and whimsical. Weddings are supposed to feel like a fairytale, and these North Texas wedding venues are made complete with scenic outdoor spaces that will truly make your personal outdoorsy-dream come to life.

DFW Wedding Venues with Scenic Outdoor Spaces

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden – If you’re a bride who likes options, this place has them. There are 18 ceremony spaces to choose from depending on whether you’re having a day or evening ceremony/reception. From elegant gazebos and budding flowers to meadows with a water view, the Dallas Arboretum’s private garden areas will leave you speechless.

Photo // AR Photography


Wildwood Inn – This European-inspired venue and all it’s French elements sets the scene for a lovely wedding you and your guests will always cherish. Walk down an aisle of rustic flagstone tile, and say “I do” underneath a beautifully unique pergola and dazzling patio lights. All the while, you’ll be surrounded by the lush greenery of the venue’s gardens, which serve as an effortless backdrop.


Aristide | Mansfield – Want to feel like you’ve hopped on a plane and landed in Tuscany? Well, this venue tends to have that effect. From the 18th-century stone to the hand-crafted decor, this venue is as charming as can be. Bountiful vines hug the estate, and plush trees and bushes are present with every turn of the head. There’s not much more you’d need to do to make this space extravagant.


Magnolia Grace Ranch – Good news! That woodsy wedding you’ve been fantasizing about is actually quite possible at Magnolia Grace Ranch. The ceremony space sits in the middle of soaring cedars and oaks and is accompanied by wooden seating for your guests. The venue’s modern, industrial farmhouse features homey bridal and groom suites as well as plenty of space to party it up during the reception. What more could you want?!


The Tribute Golf Club – This golf course has a simple, elegant ceremony space that’s calling your name. For starters, a stone walkway guides you down the aisle and under two gorgeous wooden pergolas. On either side of the path lays freshly cut grass and blossoming trees and shrubs, all pointing to you! The effortlessness of this place is so calming and serene – the ideal atmosphere you want on your wedding day.

dallas palms

Dallas Palms Wedding Venue – Dallas Palms can’t help but deliver a garden wedding of the highest quality. Brides have had some of the most romantic, fairytale-like weddings here with fountains trickling in the distance and lights hanging over your head and wrapping around the trees. To top it all off, you’re encompassed by stunning gardens! Basically, your ceremony and reception is sure to WOW.


Artspace111 – When it comes to ceremony backdrops, it’s hard to beat a grand tree covered in lights. Artspace111 provides brides and grooms with a place to have the most fantastical, dreamy wedding they can imagine. Featured throughout the space are abstract sculptures, party lights, an outdoor cocktail hour section, towering trees and brilliant landscaping. Any intimate wedding will thrive here.

Photo // Madeline Shea Photography

hidden creek

Hidden Creek – This venue allows your woodland wedding to flourish! A winding path leads you through the trees, down the aisle and straight to your partner-to-be waiting for you at the wooden wedding arch. The lights strung through the trees and wrapped around each one add the sprinkle of romance every wedding needs. Oh, and every couple will appreciate the green turf around the ceremony space preventing a dirty dress and sinking heels! Genius.

Photo // Amy Zumwalt Photography


Hotel Crescent Court – Another elegant garden-style wedding space is the private courtyard of Hotel Crescent Court. With lavish greenery and flowers always in bloom, all it needs is some chairs to be transformed into a prime ceremony spot! Should there be any weather interference, this venue also has the perfect backup – a garden room adjacent to the courtyard with walls and doors made of glass. Whatever happens, you are ensured a spectacular garden wedding!

the laurel wedding venue

The Laurel – With over 10,000 square feet of land, The Laurel has greenery for days. No shortage of outdoor ceremony space here! After the I do’s, the venue’s lawn is a great place to continue the outdoor celebration with a flagstone patio and cozy fireplace. It’ll be a relaxing getaway everyone will enjoy!

Photography // Meggie Taylor Photography


Wanting a wedding with less of an outdoor vibe? See our full venue list here!

Is a Micro Wedding Right for You? How to Host a Joyous Celebration on a Smaller Scale

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Whether you’re concerned about the pandemic encroaching on your wedding plans, or an intimate celebration with only your closest loved ones is right up your alley anyway, you may want to consider planning a micro wedding. Technically defined as an intimate wedding celebration with 50 guests or fewer, a micro wedding contains all or most of the aspects of a traditional wedding, just on a smaller, condensed scale. In contrast to a minimony (a super small ceremony with 10 guests or less), a micro wedding still includes the important wedding day events and details – just with a smaller guest list.

With the present state of things and with restrictions on larger gatherings extended indefinitely, micro weddings are becoming a popular option for many couples who simply don’t want to wait to marry their best friend, yet still want a good group of loved ones in attendance. The extra-enticing aspect of micro weddings? Convenience. 

Many venues are now offering all-inclusive micro wedding packages, with everything a couple could need to host a joyous celebration and begin their union with a beautiful day full of love. These packages include everything from florals to cake to an officiant, with minimal planning left to think about so the couple can truly focus on the most important thing: officially starting their lives together!

Photos // Bertha Torres Photography

micro wedding at hotel crescent court

micro wedding at hotel crescent court

micro wedding at hotel crescent court

Hotel Crescent Court in Uptown Dallas, for example, now offers a micro wedding package for modern couples that includes over a dozen aspects like wine service, a champagne reception, a cake, floral arrangements and even a wedding coordinator. As a collaborative effort with other North Texas bridal vendors, Hotel Crescent Court wants brides and grooms to be able to leave the details to their team of experts, enjoy an effortless wedding planning process amidst uncertain times and say I do to their sweetheart with ease. 

With gorgeous options offered in a neutral color palette, couples may sacrifice extensive customization but can reap the benefits of convenience and savings. In fact, Hotel Crescent Court’s micro wedding packages range from only $2750 to $4500 – with so many details included and a beautiful celebration without a bunch of fuss, going the micro wedding route can be a no-brainer!

For more information on hosting a micro wedding with Hotel Crescent Court’s Current Affairs, reach out through their Brides of North Texas vendor profile! See more of this incredible wedding inspiration from the hotel here.

What to Know Before You Hire a Wedding Videographer

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If you’re considering hiring a wedding videographer to document the biggest day of your life, you no doubt have a big decision ahead of you. Just like choosing a photographer can be quite a process, deciding who to have filming your entire day is important too! As another big-ticket item on the wedding budget and one whose presence will matter long after the day is done, choosing a wedding videographer is not a decision to take lightly – but we’re here to help! Read on for a few must-know tips to keep in mind before you hire someone.

couple getting into getaway car + what to know before hiring a weddng videographer

Photo: Hannah Hix, Photographer

1. Hiring a professional matters.

With so much technology available at our fingertips these days, it’s easy to think, “I’ll just have ___ (a friend or family member) take some video.” But wedding videography is so much more than that. A professional videographer has the equipment and the know-how to capture your day in a way that evokes the best emotions, looks beautiful and lasts a lifetime. Like photographers, they’re the experts in angles, lighting and locations and can truly tell a story through film. A simple camcorder video or phone video simply won’t compare. That said, you can expect to spend just as much, if not more, on a quality videographer as you would a top-notch photographer, so be sure that’s factored into your budget before you begin your search. Some photographers also specialize in videography, and vice-versa, so it is possible to get a package deal!

2. Review the basic wedding videography styles.

While of course these styles can vary, modern wedding films typically fall into one of three stylistic categories:

Candid: the documentary version of a professional wedding film. With more emphasis on raw, candid moments happening as they truly unfolded, without cinematic-style panning shots. Candid films do typically include natural audio and sometimes voiceovers and/or instrumental tunes.

Music video: built on cinematic shots spliced together with professional effects and music overlaid, this style usually won’t include much personal audio, like vows or speeches, but will show several different aspects of the day set to beautiful songs.

Cinematic: a combination of both! With both raw, candid shots that capture dialogue and natural noises, alongside visuals captured in an epic way that will make you feel as if you’re watching a movie trailer of your very own day.


Standard wedding film lengths:

Trailer or Teaser: 1-2 minutes highlighting the most exciting, memorable portions of your day, with very little dialogue. The perfect length for sharing on social media!

Highlight film: 3-6 minutes covering the biggest parts of the day and often just snippets of audio like vows, letter readings and speeches. The video below falls into this category!

Short film: 8-10 minutes long and allows for more complete coverage of the audio elements listed above.

Feature film: 12-15 minutes and longer – a feature film allows for the most storytelling – often including voiceovers to tell backstories, audio from parts of the day not covered in other formats and a more complete, inclusive option to re-live your day.

Long-form: this length will include less cinematic-style editing, but should cover the most important parts of the day, your ceremony and reception, just about in their entirety.

Of course, the lengthier the wedding video, the larger the budget required, generally speaking. With this in mind, you can look at various videographers’ work and have an idea of what your film will feel like, or if you’re not able to tell, ask them what type they specialize in. Many videographers will offer a pairing of a trailer-length film along with a longer format so you can have multiple options to share.

Video // Reverent Wedding Films

3. Cover your bases.

Once you’ve found a videographer you feel a connection with, it’s time to ask a few specific questions if you can’t readily find the answers. Look thoroughly through the contract and make sure expectations are clear about turnaround time (the industry standard for wedding videos is about six months, although some wedding films can take up to a year to finish). In what format(s) will they deliver your video, and is it a format that will allow as much longevity as possible? A DVD probably isn’t ideal for the long haul, but you may want another tangible option rather than only having your film available online.

Think about the important what-if questions like what will happen in the event of bad weather, of a reschedule, or if the videographer can’t make it for some reason?  If your wedding requires the videographer to travel, which costs are you responsible for? Does your videographer have insurance and a license to legally fly drones, if they’ll be using that type of equipment? Do they only use legally licensed music and songs in post-processing? Make sure all your bases are covered!

Just as you would give the same heads-up to your photographer, you’ll want to let your videographer know if there’s anyone or anything they should make sure to capture, while at the same time, trusting them to film your day beautifully without much direction from you (remember, it’s their job! They do this all the time.)

4. Get ready to be mic’d up.

If you’ve chosen a wedding videographer who will include voices and audio dialogue as part of your final film, they’ll likely need to use various audio equipment to clearly record things. You may have a small microphone and wire attached to you for part of the day, or be asked to hold a microphone at some points. The videographer may need a block of time on your wedding day to get certain shots that will add to the quality of your film – so just be prepared and trusting of their needs. It will all be worth it in the end!

Not hiring a videographer is a regret we hear ALL the time from brides. They wish they would have allocated more of their budget to having someone record their day in a way that photography alone cannot capture. If you’re on the fence, we highly suggest springing for a professional videographer to join your wedding vendor dream team! Check out these amazing DFW wedding videographers ready to capture your best day!

Looking for tips and recommendations for picking the perfect photographer for the big day, too? We’ve got you covered with this blog. Cheers!