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5 Wedding Entertainment Vendors for a Nuptial Night You’ll Never Forget

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Choosing the right wedding entertainment vendors for your reception can seem impossible when there are so many options! From live bands and string quartets to on-site artists and mobile photo booths, there is something for every wedding style and crowd. We have compiled five of our fabulous favorites in North Texas wedding entertainment! Read on to find the perfect vendor for you.

North Texas Wedding Entertainment Vendors

Royal Dukes BandIf you have something a little more exciting in mind for your event than a tired, cheesy wedding band, then the Royal Dukes Band is for you! The Royal Dukes not only plays a wide variety of styles tailored to your tastes, but they play them like no other band in town. They will personally ensure that your dance floor is jumping all night! They pride themselves on knowing just what to play and when to play it. It isn’t enough just to fill your dance floor – they want you to love the music! Every song from the start of the day until you drive away together as a married couple can be tailored especially for you. Or if you prefer, just leave it all up to them.

Photo // Brooke Taelor

dj jason esquire dallas

DJ Jason Esquire – Unique. Memorable. Complements your personality. That’s how you want your wedding to be, and you likely want these same attributes in the DJ you’re hiring. DJ Jason Esquire is different, fun and your special day will be just that, too.

Photo // Bradford Martens Photography

leforce dj

LeForce Entertainment – When you choosing entertainment for your reception, it’s imperative to not only think about music and dancing, but also about lighting, draping, sound and more. Creating an unforgettable reception is more involved than you may realize, but fear not! LeForce Entertainment can be your one-stop-shop for all things reception, and their unique approach ensures the utmost professionalism so your entire experience is fun and stress-free. From the entrance to the grand exit, LeForce can transform your night.

Marquis Pro wedding saxophone

Marquis Pro Marquise Jones has been a professional sax player for over 17 years. Serving the DFW area’s parties and events professionally for seven years now, he offers services like live saxophone, DJ and a three- or six-piece band, so you can choose what vibe feels most right for your big day!

Photo // Alexandra T Photography

Capture Co Photo booth

Capture Co. Photo Booth – Capture Co. Photo Booth is a modern, one-of-a-kind photo booth experience for any kind of event. They offer an entertaining way to engage and share unforgettable moments with the people that matter most. Whether you want high-quality prints, instant text and email sharing, or you want to make gifs or boomerangs with their premium backdrops and props, Capture Co. will enhance your guest experience through their super fun photo booths!

Still looking for more perfect entertainment vendors to keep your wedding guests dancing all night long? Check out our full list of North Texas wedding entertainment vendors here! Happy planning!

How to Throw an Unforgettable Virtual Bachelorette Party

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Virtual bachelorette parties are definitely unlike any party we’ve been to before, but we’re so loving them! While going virtual is not exactly ideal, these virtual bachelorette party ideas are guaranteed to make the bride-to-be in your life still feel loved and celebrated no matter how far apart you may be. Online doesn’t have to be boring – and you definitely don’t all have to be in one place to have fun. For the maid of honor who may be struggling on how to altar your plans to fit into quarantine, read below for all the inspiration you could need!

virtual bachelorette party

Photo // Abbie Mae Photography

1. Send Out Invitations

What’s a party without the invitations? Whether you’re wanting to go down the traditional path of physical invitations or the more modern of evites, sending out invitations is an important first step when planning a virtual bachelorette party! Put a little extra attention into the planning of your invitations, and make sure it is more than a simple calendar invite. You want your bride-to-be to feel super special and celebrated in all the details! Include all the brides closest friends when sending out invites – even those who did not make it into the bridal party, but who the bride still wants to have there. Some things to consider including on the invitation are: the date and time the party will commence, the platform it will happen on plus a link to join, the theme (read below!), and what to expect the party to be like!

2. Choose a Theme

The theme of her bachelorette party is oh-so-important in showing the bride how much you love and care for her! Choosing the theme to be about something she loves is key to having a great time, whether you’re together or apart. This theme can go along with everything you do for the day! Movie-lover? Have a movie night and costume party. Loves a good spa day and mani-pedi? Throw an at-home spa day. Was her party supposed to be at the beach? Have a pool party and at-home happy hour. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to picking-and-choosing a theme!

3. Send Gifts to go with the Theme

No bachelorette party is complete without sending out cute party gifts to all the guests! Whatever your chosen theme may be, stick with it in everything – including the gifts you send. This can be cute bridal party shirts for everyone to wear on the day, personalized champagne glasses to drink out of, pool floaties to lounge in, house slippers and nail polish or a sentimental gift that connects them back to the bride in a special way. Make sure these are sent out and arrive to their destination before the party date!

4. Get Dressed Up!

You finally have an occasion to get out of your pajamas and put on makeup for – yay! While you can’t go anywhere, make yourself and the bride-to-be feel special by getting ready and dressed up for the party. Especially if the party has a theme, encourage all guests to get in on the action. It’s the little things that go a long way!

5. Order Your Fave Foods To-Go

Whether you’re throwing a brunch, lunch or dinner party, choosing the same restaurant (if possible) for everyone to order their own food from brings a cohesive element to the party that you would have had in-person! Make sure the restaurant is a favorite of the bride and a special detail that will add to the party atmosphere (because who doesn’t love some great party food?). Delivering DIY meal kits also doubles as a great party activity and a meal to eat along the way. Besides the main course, delivering cute personalized donuts, cupcakes or candy for dessert is always a great way to end any meal (sorry skinny jeans)!

6. Choose a Fun Activity for the Day

Host a Movie Night + Costume Party

Hosting a movie night is a great way for the bride to sit and (virtually) relax with all her closest friends! To make things more fun and interesting, have all the guests dress up as characters of the movie you will be watching!

Have a Cocktail Hour

Brunch parties are always a great opportunity to sit and sip on a mimosa with all your gal pals! Turn cocktail hour into a party game by having guests make their own drinks and presenting them to the party – the most creative wins! Guests can even swap recipes at the end of the night!

Create an At-Home Spa

This idea is perfect for the bride-to-be who loves to be pampered! Deliver to your guests nail polish, candles, slippers, face masks or anything else to complete the ultimate at-home spa day.

Host a Group Workout or Yoga Class

Helping the bride get wedding-body ready and having a sweat session doubles to create the ultimate virtual bachelorette party idea! There are SO many virtual opportunities for this idea lately, and it’s a simple way to get all guests moving during quarantine!

Get Creative: Have a Virtual Sip and Paint or Flower/Succulent Arrangement Class!

Bring a little creativity to the party by hosting a virtual sip and paint, or flower arrangement class! Collect all the needed supplies to send out to guests before the day (this is so so essential). Once the day arrives, have an artsy guest member lead the party or find an outside teacher to lead it for everyone!

At-Home Glamping

Have guests turn their living room into the ultimate camp out (glamping style, of course)! This can be done by building a blanket fort, setting up a tent, turning on a virtual campfire and making microwave s’mores!

Soak Up The Sun

With it being summer time, guests can relax and soak up the sun outdoors! While not everyone may have access to a pool, a good lawn chair and a bathing suit is all you need!

7. End with Stories and Well-Wishes for the Bride

Finish off the party by reminiscing on all the wonderful times you have had with the bride. Share your funniest stories, best memories and sentimental moments that show the bride why you love and care so much about her. Close everything out by wishing the bride well in her future marriage!

Now that you’re all set to throw a virtual bachelorette party, get our tips for hosting a virtual wedding shower!

The Nitty Gritty You Need to Know About Wedding Catering

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Wedding planning is stressful enough as it is without having to worry about making faux pas – whether that be in trend or in etiquette. We asked Wolfgang Puck Catering a few of the most pertinent, nitty gritty questions you need to know about the catering process in order to assure your big day goes as smoothly and tastefully as possible. Read on for our Q&A with the qualified caterer.

Wolfgang Puck Catering

At what point in the reception should apps and dinner be served?

At Wolfgang Puck Catering, we want each wedding to be about the couple. The wedding is a reflection of who they are as individuals therefore they should always do things in whatever order they want. Traditionally though, you would end the ceremony and do tray-passed/stationed hors d’oeurves for 45 minutes – 1 hour and then proceed into grand entrances and dinner. Guests are usually hungry by this point after getting ready, driving to the location, sitting through the ceremony, etc.

What rentals come with the food?

Every catering company and location is different. Most of the time the china/glass/silver is a rental unless it comes inclusive with your venue rental at the location you select.

Should couples host an open bar or buy an allotted amount of booze?

Once again this is up to the couple and what they are comfortable spending. As a guest, it is usually an expense to attend someone’s wedding. A bridal shower gift, wedding gift, travel, hotel, etc. I always think it is nice to provide your guests with a fantastic meal and open bar as a thank you for taking the time and spending their money to attend and celebrate your special day. However, there are fun ways to get creative with your bar options if they opt out of an open bar. For example, our cocktail carts where we can create multiple drinks themed around one spirit of the couple’s choice.

What vendors should we plan to feed, and when?

You should always feed your vendors. Any who are on-site for the event. Remember that those vendors arrived early to set-up and are staying late to load out. If it is a photographer or videographer they may not be “setting up” but they are with you early and are spending every minute with you on your big day and don’t have time to worry about bringing their own food. It is always nice to offer a vendor meal. I have found that if you can provide a “hot meal” for them it goes a long way. You want to fuel your vendors to continue to be energized on your big day!

What should a serving process look like for a wedding? Who takes charge of that – the couple, the planner or the caterer?

The catering company should always take the lead on service. They are the professional and know what will work best for their staff, in the location and for the guests they are serving. As the caterer, it is also important to always ensure the wedding planner understands your service plan so that they can assist you in educating the guests and answering guest questions. All vendors should work as a team on your big day and each be the expert in their own field.

What is the catering plan for children at the wedding?

Each event is different. Always provide them with a kids meal! If you have room at your venue for a “kids room,” it is always helpful with a trusted babysitter to keep an eye on them and keep them entertained. You can also provide activities for the kids. In the past, we have done a station that allows kids to decorate their own cupcakes or design their own pizza!

What questions should brides ask before booking a caterer?

1.) What is your server-to-guest ratio? 2.) Where do you source your ingredients? 3.) Have you catered an event at my wedding venue before? If not, would you be willing to do a site visit in advance with your operations manager and chef? 4.) How will the food be prepared? Hot box? Cooked on-site? 5.) Are you comfortable with customization/changes of the menu to fit our needs or dietary needs?

Is bar-service typically included?

Not necessarily “included” but most catering companies will have a liquor license to be able to provide you the alcohol. It is best to allow one company to take charge of food, beverage and service to ensure seamless execution and a cohesive look.

Thank you to the Wolfgang Puck Catering team for answering these need-to-know questions about wedding catering etiquette and trends! To connect with this caterer directly, visit their vendor profile here. Cheers!

Ready to Get Fit and De-Stress from Wedding Planning? This May Be For You

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Is getting healthy, fit or de-stressing on your wedding planning list? If so, we may have just the thing for you today! Isabelle Preston of Pure Barre Coppell is sharing her top recommendations on how to reach your goals and make it fun with help from Pure Barre.

Ready to Get Fit and De-Stress from Wedding Planning? Pure Barre Coppell May Be For You

Photo // Pure Barre, LLC.

Where should a bride start her wedding fitness plan?

Find a workout regimen that helps you de-stress and focus on yourself. The great thing about Pure Barre is that it is for every fitness level and body type! Clients typically see results within 10 classes.  The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be feeling wedding dress ready!

What type of workout is a barre class?

Pure Barre is a musically driven, total body workout focused on low-impact, high intensity movements designed to strengthen and tone muscles. Some benefits are: increased core strength, enhanced flexibility and balance and improved mind-body connection.

How can a bride make the most of her workouts between classes?

Fuel your body, stretch your muscles and get plenty of rest!

What goals and timeline would you suggest for brides getting started?

Pure Barre Coppell offers a 3 and 6 month bridal package to best suit each bride’s needs. Challenge yourself with all 3 of our class formats for effective cross-training!

Classic: small isometric movements, low impact

Empower: cardio, HIIT style, bigger, powerful movements

Reform: Core and resistance training, great for toning

What tips do you have for staying on track during a fitness plan?

Use the Pure Barre app to set a weekly goal, schedule classes and track your progress. Bring a friend – workouts are better with a buddy! Make yourself and your fitness a priority and have fun!

Thank you to Isabelle Preston of Pure Barre Coppell for sharing her awesome tips and ideas for getting wedding-dress ready! If you’re looking for expert help reaching your heal goals for your wedding, or life in general, you can contact Isabelle directly through their Brides of North Texas vendor page.

Tips and Tricks to Host the Best Virtual Wedding Shower

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Wedding showers don’t have to be thrown in person – and in fact, can be just as fun online! While this might not be the most conventional, we think virtual wedding showers can still be special and make the to-be-weds feel just as celebrated and loved. Look on the plus side: friends and family in different states or friends who can’t leave the house? Going virtual solves all these problems and allows everyone to be there no matter what! While in-person activities have been postponed to later dates, these online planning tips for having the best virtual wedding shower now will be just as great in the meantime! Happy (virtual) planning!

Tips and Tricks to Host the Best Virtual Wedding Shower

Photo // Dyan Elizabeth Photography

Tip 1: Send out invitations

Sending out invitations can be done either virtually or physically! Keeping the tradition of sending physical invitations is a great way to help the couple have a sense of “normalcy” in a time where their plans have been turned upside-down. Either way you choose, finding a local invitation designer to make the prettiest invitations is a great way to share all the information about the shower! Some things to consider including on the invitations: date and time, the platform on which the shower will happen and a link to join in the meeting, an explanation of how the shower will commence, a way to RSVP and any details about gifts, gift registries or attire!

Tip 2: Have a party theme

Who doesn’t love attending a party with a cute and fun theme? It is so easy to still make this happen for the couple! Having everyone wear the same color (preferably the couple’s wedding colors or favorite color in general) will bring a cohesive element to everything. Other ideas could be having a “Taco Tuesday” theme, a cocktail hour or sending out a virtual background for everyone to have when they call into the shower!

Tip 3: Decorate the shower space – and encourage all guests to, too!

When planning and sending out invitations, consider sending all guests some small pieces of decor for them to decorate the space they will be virtually calling in from! Another option is surprising the couple by full-on decorating their virtual space like you would have for their shower if it were happening normally. This is a great way to still make the couple feel special and celebrated in a small and easy way!

Tip 4: Deliver the same food and drinks to everyone

Keep the theme alive and well for the couple with everyone eating the same food! You can do this for any theme and almost any type of cuisine you want to have. Throwing a brunch shower? Have festive donuts, muffins or other breakfast food delivered to guests for you all to eat together virtually! For a “Taco Tuesday” theme, deliver a DIY taco bar for all guests to do together as an activity and to eat together (two in one – score!). Many of our local caterers and bakeries are offering this option right now – go check them out! Or send them the intended menu to nab their own apps and sweets.

Tip 5: Play shower games

Playing shower games is fun, easy and a great way for all guests to be involved with the couple! Some ideas for games could be couple’s trivia, where guests are asked a question about the couple and hold up an object when they know the answer. Another is the classic newlywed game, where guests ask the couple questions such as, “Who said I love you first,” and the couple raises the shoe of the person the answer is. A “walk down memory lane” game is also a sweet and sentimental game guests can play. Ask everyone to find one thing in their home that reminds them of the couple, then ask guests to share why they picked that item! If a game has a winner, make sure to keep track of who won each to send them a prize!

Tip 6: Open gifts

Finally, the couple can still open gifts they receive from their guests! Include on the invitation where you would like gifts to be sent and the date sent by, in order for them to arrive in time for the shower. The couple can open them on camera for all guests to watch and enjoy! If a guest has not sent in their present, give them the option to open it on the couple’s behalf virtually or send it in at a later date!

Tip 7: Have a social hour for guests to chat

Once all the formal shower festivities are over, let your guests stay on the call and chat! This helps the party feel more like a social event and like what you would do in-person. Guests from close and afar can reminisce and have a personal connection, even from far away! This is also a great way to gradually end the shower, instead of cutting it off as soon as the events are all over!

Optional: Throw a half in-person, half online shower!

This wedding shower idea is for the couple that has close family and friends that live locally! Set up a cute lounge area in the front yard for the couple to sit at while guests drive by and drop off gifts. Make sure there is a designated person on-site to go up to cars to grab the gifts and to sanitize them as they come in (safety first!). Once all expected guests have dropped off their gifts, head inside to start the virtual shower! This is the part for those family and friends that aren’t local but still want to celebrate. Go about planning the virtual shower with the tips mentioned above, and the couple is sure to have the best day EVER!

The COVID-19 pandemic truly sticks, but we can still celebrate! Check out our other resources for #coronabrides here.