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Why Coffee Carts are the Coolest New Wedding Trend

It’s no surprise that coffee carts are one of our team’s favorite new wedding trends to pop up as of late – half of us are coffee addicts as is! So when Nightowl Coffee Cart showed up on the wedding and event scene in Dallas, it was a game changer for brunch and evening events alike. There’s nothing like kicking off a morning brunch wedding with a honey lavender latte before heading to the mimosa bar. And for the evening events, a cuppa chai is the perfect late night send off! Since the coffee shop obsession runs deep with our team (we’re looking at you Katie Cohen!), we made it a priority to connect with Nightowl Coffee Cart owner, Corbin Bahcall, to ask all the coffee bar questions. Spoiler: we were surprised to hear just how customizable his coffee services are, from the beverages menu to the cups and napkins, and even the design of the cart! As if we weren’t ready to book this fun station for just about every event we have coming up, we’re 100% sold now! Read on!

Photo // Nate & Grace Photography

What does the coffee cart wedding service experience look like with Nightowl Coffee Cart?

Nightowl Coffee is the cherry on top to your big day! Our wedding package includes unlimited espresso beverages from the moment you say “I do” all the way to send-off, where we cap off the best day of your life with “lattes in the limo.” With Nightowl Coffee, you’ll experience a coffee brand that doesn’t just serve pretty latte art and fancy schmancy custom drinks, but celebrates YOU by making you feel even more beautiful than you already are.

Why should a couple consider booking a coffee cart for an evening (non-brunch/morning) wedding?

What awesome couple doesn’t love coffee? Am I right? For both boozy and non-alcoholic weddings, Nightowl elevates the reception experience through great coffee and an energetic passion to celebrate our brides. As the drinking festivities come to a close, provide your guests with the perfect night cap. No alcohol? Even better…elevate your PTA luncheon beverage program (tea, lemonade and water) to a craft coffee bar with drinks like maple bourbon, honey lavender and cinnamon pecan lattes that will keep the party caffeinated and the dance floor rockin’.

What menu items do you offer?

A sample menu would include espressos, cappuccinos, vanilla lattes, maple bourbon lattes, honey lavender lattes, chais and americanos. We serve all drinks hot and iced and offer our brides the choice of three of our house-made syrups to build their own personalize latte menu. Other popular syrups include cinnamon pecan, mint mocha, pumpkin spice, gingerbread and many more.

How customizable can a couple get with drink selection?

If you can drink it, we can serve it. Common drink customizations or upgrades include drip coffee, cold brew, decaf, hot chocolate or teas.

How customizable is the look of your coffee cart?

If you can imagine it, we can create it. From custom cups and bar fronts (with monogram design or wedding branding) to floral installations and custom designed menus, our coffee bars are your canvas for perfect design.

Do you allow decor on or around your cart during the wedding?

We don’t “allow” it, we ENCOURAGE it! We strongly recommend connecting us with your florist for cohesive blooms and florals to be dedicated to the bar. In addition, we love when calligraphers or event designers add custom menus to to make the coffee bar pop even more than it already does.

What other events should couples think to book you for?

The coffee party doesn’t stop at your big day! What’s better than your employer covering the cost this go around and hosting a morning of free coffee in the office? In addition to corporate and office events, we love caffeinating wedding showers, baby showers, bachelorette parties, galas, Christmas parties, and pretty much any where else where people celebrate.

What’s your personal coffee beverage of choice?

We are all about that maple bourbon latte… hold the maple and latte. 😉

Connect with Nightowl Coffee Cart for your upcoming wedding or event on Corbin’s Brides of North Texas profile here! Happy planning!

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