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Pros to Working with a Personal Trainer

Dress CHECK, Cake CHECK, Venue CHECK, Flowers CHECK! What about the bride? Isn’t your health and happiness just as important? Brides come to Bells & Barbells Wedding Fitness because they are looking for real results and are ready to place importance on their health and fitness.  They are looking for something that is going to work and know that the best results are only achieved through quality personal training and coaching. There is no replacement for a customized workout plan designed with intention and based on you and your goals. Don’t believe me? Read on for the pros to working with a personal trainer over buying into your standard membership gym or class studios. 

(guest post by Katherine Bahlburg of Bells & Barbells Wedding Fitness

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Avoid Crowded Gyms and Being Exposed to Unwanted Germs

With our recent health scare, avoiding crowded gyms and group classes are key to keeping you safe and from picking up any unwanted germs! Our studio is all one-on-one training, and since we limit the number of trainers and clients that we have on the floor at any one time, you can be sure to not only feel safe and germ-free but you will have your privacy too! #teambride

A Lasting Investment

Making an investment into a personal training program is very much like making an investment in your future self. The benefits of this investment will not only take your self-confidence to a whole new level but you will avoid unwanted health issues or injuries later on in life. Imagine being able to have a healthy pregnancy and saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars on doctor’s visits over the years. 

Say Goodbye to Workout Frustration

Having a trainer write you a customized training program but also be there to guide and coach you through it, will far outweigh anything you can achieve from doing random workouts. A good trainer will know how to customize a workout plan and cater to you and your body’s needs. 

Get the Accountability You’ve Been Needing

It is easy to fall off the wagon when you do not have anyone to hold you accountable. For example, it is easy for a person to roll over and turn off the alarm clock if no one is waiting for them. With a personal trainer, you know you have someone counting on you to show up, which is a much better push to get up and get to the gym than a blaring alarm alone. Having a trainer and an entire team to support you as we do here at Bells and Barbells Studios, will make all difference in the world when it comes to accomplishing everything you set out to do.

Be Challenged

Personal trainers help their clients achieve fitness goals, but they also help them reevaluate how they view health and wellness. A quality trainer can help their clients realize fitness should be a priority in their life—not an item to check off their to-do list. For example, some people struggle with physical limitations that make them believe they cannot exercise. A personal trainer can create a workout routine suited to their fitness level as well as establish small goals to help set them up for success.

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