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Wolfgang Puck Catering: Chef Spotlight

Serving under the guidance of Chef/Owner Wolfgang Puck, Chef Drew Swanson of Wolfgang Puck Catering brings innovation, experience and small town roots to the DFW culinary scene. For Chef Swanson, life began in the heartland of America beside the Mississippi River in the small town of Orion, Illinois, which his family still calls home. Small town Americana exposed him to the roots of a community and the collection of families that drive it. Miles away now, with life moving much faster, kitchen life isn’t so different. Family, community and team still drive the day’s work. Serving others and each other: this remains priority.

“How we fill our plate today has evolved. Where convenience influenced how we fed ourselves throughout recent decades, our guests’ interests have moved in the direction of what’s local, how does it nurture me and what’s the story behind it,” Chef Swanson says. As for tailoring his catering services to individual brides and grooms and their one-of-a-kind weddings? “Every couple is unique in their own special way. Some come with a well prepared game plan, and we concentrate on creating that for them and some couples like to pull from our brand’s creative resources. We are happy to provide both.”

Chef Swanson also believes food can be an experience: “I enjoy putting our chefs and food together in front of our guests. No reason for the chefs to hide in the back. How we serve our guests will always be equally important as the food on our plate. Creating experience through food in one motion will always provide a special moment.”

Photos // Joseph Mark Photography

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For more on Wolfgang Puck’s Catering services, be sure to check out their vendor profile, and see more of their fabulous work in our Fall/Winter 2018 issue!

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