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5 Ways to Help Keep Your Wedding Guests Safe

Friday, April 9th, 2021

With vaccines rolling out and mandates being lifted, life may seem like it’s on its way back to – dare we say – normal? However, if you’re hosting a wedding anytime soon, precautions are still very necessary to help keep your wedding guests safe. Just no sense in taking a chance! Read on for five smart ways to celebrate safely and make sure your guests enjoy themselves while keeping risk factors as low as possible.

Photos // Megan Kay Photography

1. Make Use of Outdoor + Open-Air Spaces

Taking your celebrations outside helps to keep air flow at a maximum and allows you to take advantage of tons of extra space for distancing. A win-win! If you haven’t considered a tented reception, we totally recommend looking into this option. From frame tents to structured tents to the whimsical sailcloth options, wedding tents have expanded in style, selection and more over the last decade. Tents allow your guests to have a constant source of fresh air and to spread out, even in the event of less-than-ideal weather.

If a tent isn’t an option, consider outdoor venues with usable lawn space to allow guests to move around safely.

2. Maintain Socially Distanced Seating Throughout the Day

This is where a seating chart becomes extra important. To help keep your wedding guests safe, you’ll want to carefully consider seating arrangements and make sure social distance is maintained throughout the day, from ceremony to cocktail hour to dinner and beyond. Work with your venue and your planner to make sure tables of people who aren’t from the same household are far enough apart, consider a few different lounge areas with seating spaced a smart distance apart and consider a VIP seating section for certain parts of the day for those guests who may be more high-risk.

ways to keep your wedding guests safe

3. Don’t Skimp on Germ Protection

Take a stand against infection risk by making sure you have plenty of individual hand sanitizers, masks and mini wipe packets conveniently available for guests in as many places as possible. Anti-bacterial stations placed strategically throughout your venue are always smart, as are individual items placed at each guest’s seat. Take the opportunity to add a punch of pizazz to these items by having them made custom to match the branded elements of your wedding! Whether you have a monogram or a distinct color scheme for your wedding, small items like these are perfect places to carry your wedding theme even further.

4. Serve Meals Safely

Cocktail hour and mealtime are two parts of your day where you’ll want to be extra mindful of your guests’ safety. Your bartenders and caterers should still be taking all necessary precautions to serve food and drinks safely. We definitely recommend individual dining options for cocktail hour, like personal snack boxes, individually wrapped hors d’oeuvres or if you do go with a buffet option, making sure sneeze screens are in place and that minimal servers make contact with the food before it’s passed on to each guest. Single-serve is the name of the game!

5. Consider On-Site Testing

If you want to go the extra mile and do the absolute most to ensure the safety of your family in friends in attendance, consider on-site testing. You could have designated temperature takers wearing gloves and masks, using a quick-scan digital thermometer to monitor guests’ temperatures as they enter, or you can even go as far as to offer on-site rapid Covid tests for your guests! RightNow Laboratory is a testing company based in Texas that provides rapid Covid tests for couples and their wedding guests, with two different options for results available in as little as ten minutes with an antigen test, or a molecular test version with results available in 30 minutes.

Bonus: Invest in a Planner’s Expertise

Planning a wedding is overwhelming no matter when you’re getting married, but add in the stress of a lasting pandemic and you have quite a few extra issues you’ll need to think through. A professional wedding planner is trained and experienced to consider all possible situations and come up with solutions that make the most sense for you, your guests and your budget. We can’t emphasize enough the importance of a planner’s expertise!

See our full Covid wedding guide here!

Planner Tami Winn Brings the Glitz, Glamour and Imagination

Monday, March 29th, 2021

A go-to planner to Fort Worth couples, Tami Winn Events has an extensive background in floral design, but that’s only the beginning. She’s evolved her business to offer a dynamic and complete set of services for modern brides and grooms who appreciate her signature luxe style. Glitz and glamour are part of her well-known look, but it’s her flair for the imagination and unique ideas that really set Tami and her business apart from the rest!

From proper etiquette to precise timing to perfect planning. From day one through the wedding day, Tami is there to lend a helping hand and a keen eye. Take a look at her work and get to know Tami Winn Events below!

A Favorite Styled Shoot

dfw wedding planner tami winndfw wedding planner tami winndfw wedding planner tami winndfw wedding planner tami winn

Photos // Tracy Autem Photography

“This is hands down my favorite styled shoot and one of the designs I am most proud of ever creating. The theme was Luxe Floral Fantasy, and that was easy to achieve with over-the-top florals! The best detail from this shoot is hard to pick. A few of my favorites would be the floral table linen, rose heads lining the charger plates and I even froze rose heads in ice cubes for a specialty cocktail!

“My personal style for events could be best described as timeless. I am drawn to an overall design that is classic in nature but also has fun elements throughout. I want a client to be able to look back on their wedding years from now and it still look current.

“I work hard to get to know each client and specifically look for their personality traits to create a one-of-a-kind wedding that is distinctly them. I push the envelope with ideas that are fun, imaginative and not something you see at every other wedding.”


Real Wedding Love

dfw wedding planner tami winndfw wedding planner tami winndfw wedding planner tami winndfw wedding planner tami winndfw wedding planner tami winn

Photos // Stephanie Brazzle

“The details from this wedding describe my personal style perfectly! The wedding is clean and classic, but has fun things like a glitter champagne wall. That is hands down my favorite detail from this wedding. Who doesn’t love some good champs, and even better when it’s sparkling in front of a 15’ gold glitter wall?! We also did boozy ice cream during their cocktail hour with liquid nitrogen, and guests thought that was very fun as well.”

When it comes to Tami’s tried and true advice for couples, she says this: “First and foremost, have fun! This experience should be one that you look back on years from now with fond memories and not as a time of stress and wedding nightmares. Look at the big picture – you are going to marry the love of your life. There may be hiccups along the way or you may not get every single item on your wish list, but don’t let that derail you from having the time of your life while being engaged.”

So true! Focusing on the big picture is always a good plan. And if your big picture involves a luxuriously styled, timeless event to celebrate your love with your love, Tami Winn Events may be the perfect choice of planner for you! Connect with Tami and her team directly via her vendor profile.

Celebrate Dallas Busts a Common Wedding Planning Myth

Wednesday, March 24th, 2021

When it comes to choosing a wedding planner – or even deciding whether or not to hire one – many brides have valid concerns about their budgets being blown, ideas not being heard and ending up with a wedding design they aren’t happy with. Caitlin and the team at Celebrate Dallas want to make absolutely sure this doesn’t happen. Caitlin wants her couples to be confident that working with a planner doesn’t have to involve giving up your wants and limits. It’s a true team effort and Celebrate Dallas wants their brides to feel heard and valued every step of the way.

Caitlin chatted with us about her team’s approach to the wedding planning process as she put together this beautiful terra cotta, navy and mauve scene at The Cliff House, photographed by Opal & Onyx. Take a look and get to know Celebrate Dallas below!

tips from dfw planner Celebrate Dallastips from dfw planner Celebrate Dallas

What has to happen first before beginning the design:

“First, we want to get to know you and all your you-ness. We want to hear your love story, see the ring and get a feel for how you want to celebrate. We’ll collaborate on a mood board that will capture your dream wedding day, getting down to the details and the special touches that will make your wedding uniquely yours. Lastly, we work on shoring up all of the big day’s logistics and put out any last-minute fires along the way. Then, we get you married!”

tips from dfw planner Celebrate Dallas

tips from dfw planner Celebrate Dallas

How they come up with their best ideas:

“We find inspiration absolutely everywhere! Scrolling on Instagram, walking through a botanical garden, even broadening our horizons with new and beautiful weddings from all over the world. But, above all, we’re inspired by the couples we work with. Every couple brings their own unique perspectives, traditions and great taste.”

tips from dfw planner Celebrate Dallastips from dfw planner Celebrate Dallastips from dfw planner Celebrate Dallastips from dfw planner Celebrate Dallas

What you can expect from the Celebrate Dallas team:

“When working with Celebrate Dallas, you should expect a fully collaborative process. We’re not here to steamroll over your ideas or push a look that you don’t love. The wedding planning process is a chance for us to bring your pretty Pinterest dreams to life in the most realistic way we can. We’re your wedding planning BFF every step of the way.”

tips from dfw planner Celebrate Dallas

Ready to connect with Celebrate Dallas? Visit Caitlin’s Brides of North Texas vendor profile!

From Simple to Memorable: Planning Insight from Rae Lawson

Monday, March 15th, 2021

For planner Randi Yarrell of Rae Lawson Events, her job is about transforming a day into something her couples will never forget, because it’s infused with the things that mean the most to them! First and foremost, that means fostering a sense of teamwork and helping her clients feel at ease. “I have the ability to create a calming presence and environment for any couple to feel comfortable ahead of their big day,” says Randi.

In terms of style, Randi’s edge comes in her unique experience that helps elevate typical wedding designs: Rae Lawson Events is experienced in floral design and has a knack for marrying current looks with timeless elements that will never go out of style. “I would describe my aesthetic as refined and timeless. I seek to give couples an experience that they will be able to look back on for years to come with joy. I tend to stick with classic styles, but what is more important is listening to what a couple is looking for. It is my job to interpret what they describe to me and translate it into a physical manifestation of their vision.”

Scroll down to see a dreamy styled shoot and lavish real wedding, both brought to life by Rae Lawson Events!

A Favorite Styled Shoot

rae lawson dfw wedding plannerrae lawson dfw wedding plannerrae lawson dfw wedding plannerrae lawson dfw wedding plannerrae lawson dfw wedding planner

Photos // Outland Weddings

This scene certainly takes what could be a boring neutral color palette and gives it movement, excitement and life! We love Randi’s use of layers of various textures. “For this boho styled shoot, my favorite detail is the floral. At Rae Lawson Events, we not only excel in wedding planning, but arranging and designing florals as well. The florals are why this shoot jumps out to me, not only as timeless and classic, but also unique. These types of details can transport you from a simple venue to a dream event that everyone will remember for years to come.”


Real Wedding Love

rae lawson dfw wedding plannerrae lawson dfw wedding plannerrae lawson dfw wedding plannerrae lawson dfw wedding planner

Photos // Lavishly Lux Studio

Is this real wedding design not to die for? “This really shows the variety of what we can do to meet the desires of a couple. Leslie and Toben’s lavish multicultural event gives us luxury, without being stuffy. This captivating color palette is so inviting that you can’t wait to hit that great dance floor!”

There’s something to be said for wedding design that makes it hard to tell which year the wedding took place. That translates to timeless design that stands the test of time! How does Rae Lawson Events accomplish this? “We tend not to focus on trends, but rather on creating a once-in-a-lifetime event based on the client’s vision. We aim to turn dreams into realities for the couples we work with. Our goal is to elevate this special day with creativity and resourcefulness.”

Ready to connect with Rae Lawson Events? Reach out via their vendor profile?

How to Help a Friend Getting Married: Wedding Tasks for the Bride’s BFFs

Thursday, March 11th, 2021

Your BFF just got engaged and the wedding planning has begun… Wondering how to help with all those wedding tasks, without making things more stressful for your friend? We’ve all said “Let me know if there’s anything I can do!” in an attempt to be helpful, but for a bride overwhelmed by the dozens, if not hundreds of wedding tasks on her plate as her special day approaches, actions speak louder than words. There are certain things any bride would be grateful for her friends to just take the reins!

As a general rule, certain tasks always defer to the maid of honor and/or matron of honor: wedding dress shopping, planning a bridal shower, planning the bachelorette party and general organizing of bridesmaid activities and tasks. If you don’t hold one of those titles, that doesn’t mean your help won’t be welcome! Just be cautious not to step on the MOH’s toes – offer your help to her as well, but trust her to handle the typical MOH duties.

If you’re eager to lend a helping hand, try jumping in to assist on some of the tasks below!

How to Help a Friend Getting Married: Wedding Tasks for the Bride's BFFs

Photo: Stephanie Brazzle Photography

Help Your Engaged Friend by Assisting with These Wedding Tasks

We’re breaking it down by timeline – things a bride will need help with months before, the week of, and the day of the wedding. Ready to pitch in? Let’s get down to business!

Months Before

Bridal shower planning | Check out these blogs for the cutest bridal shower ideas! Offer to jot down a list of who gave which presents to help make the thank you note process easier, and stay to help clean up. These simple gestures can go a long way!

Bachelorette party planning | Whether you choose to host a bach bash in-person or virtually, pitch in with the MOH and make sure ALL the plans are taken care of so the bride’s ONLY job is to show up and enjoy herself!

Come up with hashtag ideas | Every couple needs a hashtag to aggregate social media posts in one easy-to-find place. We can walk you through how to create a great wedding hashtag!

Dress shopping | Wait for an invitation from the bride to go wedding dress shopping – this isn’t something you’ll want to invite yourself along for, as some brides want only family or MOHs to attend. But you can still help the bride find dresses for other events, too! Send her options or offer to go shopping with her to find dresses for all the showers and parties along the way.

Collecting decor | Is your bride BFF a DIY queen? Maybe she’s on the hunt for mercury glass, brass candlesticks or other decor items to use at the reception. Offer to help track these items down and hang onto them until the big day!

Honeymoon ideas | Are you a travel aficionado? Perhaps you went on a romantic getaway recently you know she and her fiancé would absolutely love. Send her a few ideas for resorts with rave reviews, or better yet, send the ideas to her fiancé to help plant a seed, as it’s common for the fiancé to plan this getaway.

Week-Of Tasks

Airport pickup | Does the bride have family coming in from out of town? Offer to transport those folks to and from the airport. It’s a super helpful and kind gesture and a great way to get to know your friend’s loved ones!

Playlist prep | Let the bride know you’ll take care of DJ-ing at the getting ready suite. Make a playlist with all of her favorite jams, bring a portable speaker and make the morning-of extra memorable!

Make a cute slideshow | Are you the tech-savvy friend? Ask the couple’s friends and family to send in any cute (not embarrassing) photos they have of the happy couple and make a slideshow to display at a shower, bridal luncheon or wedding reception.

Plan the pampering | Offer to handle the pre-wedding nail appointment for all the bridesmaids (and make sure the bride isn’t paying for her own). One more thing she can check off her list!

Take care of her fur babies | If you can take on the commitment, offer to pet sit the couples’ pets during the wedding and/or during the honeymoon. They’ll rest easy knowing their pets are in good hands!

Day-Of Tasks

Brunch or lunch | Offer to pick up food for everyone to enjoy in the bridal suite. Don’t forget to grab enough for her family members, too, and definitely don’t forget the champagne!

Record the memories | It can be hard for the photographer to capture every single guest. Offer to snap Polaroids or even use a disposable camera to get fun photos of as many guests as possible (without getting in the photographer’s way, of course) – the bride will surely be glad she has those additional memories!

The little things | Ask the bride a few weeks before the big day if she needs someone to man the guest book or cut/pass out the cake.

End-of-the-night tasks | Especially if the couple opts not to have a day-of coordinator or planner, there are always tasks at the end of the night that must be completed without worries from the couple – things like gathering cards and gifts to take home, bringing the top layer of cake home if they want to save it, handing out tips to vendors and more. Chip in where you can!

No matter what, your engaged BFF simply needs your moral support every step of the way. Give her helpful ideas from time to time, but don’t overwhelm her. Send encouraging texts to let her know you’re thinking of her, book her a massage, bring her coffee or take her out to a dinner where you DON’T discuss any wedding tasks. Whether you’re near or far, your support will mean the world!

Remember, if your BFF is in need of vendor recommendations or inspiration for a one-of-a-kind bash, Brides of North Texas has all the inspo you could ever need. Cheers to wonderful friends!

Name a Better Duo: DFW Wedding Caterers Present Decadent Pairings

Wednesday, March 10th, 2021

Name some better duos – we’ll wait! When it comes to tried-and-true culinary pairings, it really doesn’t get any better than the dishes below, reimagined and brought to life by some of our favorite top DFW wedding caterers. PB&J, tomato soup & grilled cheese, shrimp & grits and more…just wait ’til you see how these talented caterers put their spin on these fun dishes, turning them into perfectly memorable bites for your wedding guests. What a fun day at The Empire Room in Dallas as these caterers showed off their work and Kelsey LaNae Photography captured all the dishes beautifully.

Remember, the meal you serve at your wedding doesn’t have to be bland or boring. The meal is an opportunity to connect with your guests and show off your personality in a fun, tangible way! Check out our Catering & Bartending Highlight on Instagram for more inspiration from these DFW wedding caterers.

decadent pairings from dfw wedding caterers

The Duo: Truffle & Honey

Whipped local ricotta spoons prepared by Beyond the Box Weddings | white truffle oil, organic Texas honey, lavender, pomegranate seeds, micro crostini and arugula sprouts

decadent pairings from dfw wedding caterers

The Duo: Elotes & Raspados

Mexican street food prepared by Macklin’s Catering Co. | coconut-crusted lobster tacos, street corn elote and mangonada margarita

The Duo: Lamb & Chimichurri

Chimi-chimi pops prepared by Gil’s Elegant Catering | slow-roasted Rockport rack of lamb with spring mint, roasted garlic, first press olive oil and barrel-aged vinegar

decadent pairings from dfw wedding caterers

The Duo: Beet & Goat Cheese

Beet & goat cheese bruschetta prepared by Culinary Art Catering | bruschetta layered with goat cheese and topped with micro greens and walnut

decadent pairings from dfw wedding caterers

The Duo: Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup

Mini grilled cheeses with tomato basil soup prepared by Magdalena’s | vegan and dairy-free tomato and coconut bisque with manchego grilled cheese

decadent pairings from dfw wedding caterers

The Duo: Cheese & Fruit

Grazing board prepared by Edison’s Dallas by Eddie Deen & Co. | assortment of gourmet crackers, dried apricots and dates, black olives, brie with honey drizzle, provolone, caprese on a pick with cherry tomato, herb mozzarella and basil, finished off with balsamic vinaigrette spritz along with assorted fresh vegetables, nuts, fresh fruit and Edison’s famous sweet pickles

decadent pairings from dfw wedding caterers

The Duo: Shrimp & Grits

Shrimp & grits bites prepared by Cohost + Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse | Texas gulf coast shrimp, bacon, portobello mushrooms, smoked tomatoes and scallions with cheesy tabasco grits

decadent pairings from dfw wedding caterers

The Duo: Waffles & Bacon

Cinnamon roll waffles & black pepper BBQ bacon prepared by Soulman’s Catering | cinnamon-infused mini waffles, drizzled with maple glaze, paired with savory black pepper barbeque bacon, basted with a duo of barbeque sauce and ranch, topped with fresh, cracked pepper

decadent pairings from dfw wedding caterers

The Duo: Steak & Potatoes

Steak & potato bites prepared by Vestals Catering | Salt and pepper-crusted beef tenderloin with creamy mashed potatoes, crispy onions, dijon aioli and chimichurri

decadent pairings from dfw wedding caterers

The Duo: Peanut Butter & Jelly

Peanut butter & jelly old-fashioned prepared by Modern Pour | Old fashioned with peanut butter infused whiskey and apricot simple syrup with a mini PB&J to garnish

decadent pairings from dfw wedding caterers

The Duo: Tacos & Margaritas

Prickly pear margarita & tequila lime lobster tacos prepared by Food Glorious Food | prickly pear patron margarita paired with lobster, tequila and lime mini tacos

Wondering what type of catering to serve at your wedding? Take our Taste Test here!

A Complete Guide to Wedding Veil Styles

Tuesday, March 9th, 2021

Ahh, the wedding veil – the proverbial icing on the cake! While some brides choose to forego this accessory, veils are making quite the jump in popularity, and we can see why. There are so many swoon-worthy wedding veil styles to complement any bride’s look!


What percentage of modern brides choose to wear a veil? Well, after Meghan Markle married Prince Harry, the number skyrocketed from about 1 in 2 brides to 3 in 4. There’s no doubt royal wedding looks have inspired veil wearers around the world and popularized the accessory in a whole new way. Brides going for a truly royal, classic or timeless look typically opt for longer veil styles, while brides who aren’t afraid to rock a unique or modern look might opt more for a shorter veil.


Why do brides wear a veil? It’s an accessory steeped in tradition, tracing back to ancient times, when brides wore a veil as a covering to signify innocence and purity, or as some viewed the veil, as a tool to ward off evil spirits on such a happy day. As centuries went on, brides wore veils more as a way to keep their faces hidden from the groom until the big reveal at the altar. Nowadays, brides still wear veils as a symbol of tradition and sometimes to hide their faces as an element of surprise, but mostly they’re just a beautiful way to honor the special occasion. Like your wedding gown, you’ll never really have an excuse to wear a veil again – so now is the time!


Ready to see all the wedding veil styles you could rock on your special day? Let’s get to it!


wedding veil styles


Short Wedding Veil Styles

Birdcage veil | Typically made in a signature netted fabric, a birdcage veil covers the top part of the face and is perfect for brides who love a vintage aesthetic.


Bouffant/bubble veil | Did someone say 60s glam? Poofed at the crown and cascading with volume to a shoulder length, the Bouffant veil, or bubble veil, screams mod and sass.


Flyaway veil | Short and sweet and perfectly simple, the flyaway veil is comprised of fewer layers (sometimes just one), adding an understated but gorgeous crown that really highlights your décolletage.


wedding veil styles


Mid-Length Wedding Veil Styles

Elbow-length veil | Hitting right around the elbows with just enough tulle to cover the shoulders, the elbow-length veil is a contemporary style that looks great embellished or not.


Fingertip veil | Fingertip veils may be the most popular length, hitting just below your rear and allowing you to grasp the ends delicately in your fingertips and offering a modest shoulder/arm covering if you choose.


Waltz veil | Designed to be longer but not long enough to get in the way while dancing, the waltz style veil doesn’t add as much volume, but will certainly flounce beautifully as you twirl around the dance floor.


wedding veil styles


Long Wedding Veil Styles

Chapel/floor-length veil | If your dress doesn’t have much of a train or you’re wanting to avoid the hassle of bustling, the chapel length veil skims the floor and can create the look of a train without the extra weight. This length is very popular with boho brides!


Cathedral veil | Extending longer than the train of your dress and typically embellished with lace on the edges for definition and weight to hold its shape as you walk, a cathedral-style veil brings the jaw-dropping d-r-a-m-a while still staying timeless as ever.


Royal veil | Fit for a true queen, royal-length veils are rare but incredible. This longest style of veil makes a major statement – maybe more so than the gown!


wedding veil styles


Wedding Veil Styles In Any Length

The styles shown above can be made in just about any length, or added to a veil in any length.


Juliet cap veil | Reminiscent of Shakespearean actresses playing, you guessed it, Juliet, this style covers the top of the head with gathered tulle on both sides, just above or right behind the ears. This style is an ultra-feminine way to incorporate Grandmillennial style into your bridal look.


Blusher veil | A blusher is a piece of tulle often in addition to another veil style, meant to conceal the bride’s face so the entirety of her look is revealed when the groom lifts the blusher over and behind her head as he welcomes her at the altar. Can you say romantic?


Mantilla veil | You’ve probably seen many a Mantilla-style veil over the years, with its signature scalloped lace framing the bride’s face and very popular in religious ceremonies. It’s a stunner!


Pro Tips For The Wedding Veil

How to store a veil | Store it carefully, either in the bag along with your wedding dress, or for extra protection against wrinkles and snagging, in a separate bag – folded as minimally as possible.


Trial run | Don’t forget: you’ll want to bring your veil with you to your hair and makeup trial run so your hairstylist can make a plan for incorporating the veil with your ‘do for the big day!


Doing a first look? | Consider not wearing your veil for the first look, and putting it on before you walk down the aisle. Adds an element of surprise and will certainly add a wow factor for your groom!


Ultimately, whether you decide to wear a short veil, long veil, face-covering veil or no veil at all is completely up to you. It’s a way to complement your gown and show off your personal style. Your local bridal boutiques can help you find the perfect veil to top off your beautiful bridal look!


Cover Photo: Megan Kay Photography

The Secrets of Creating Cohesive Wedding Day Looks with Artisan Rose Event Co.

Wednesday, February 24th, 2021

Taking mood boards and color palettes and turning them into cohesive wedding day looks is no easy task, but Artisan Rose Event Co. owner Tara and her team are sharing a few secrets on how they get from A to Z and bring such beautiful wedding day designs to life!

Tara and her team bring a unique perspective to the North Texas wedding planning scene – in fact, Tara’s background is in engineering and project management. Marrying those skills with her creative passions, she started Artisan Rose Event Co. to serve non-traditional couples with non-traditional weddings that express exactly who they are, with deeply personalized and intelligently designed plans every step of the way.

Scroll down to see how Artisan Rose brings all the puzzle pieces together to create cohesive wedding day looks for their couples, like this gorgeous black and gold scene photographed by Opal & Onyx at The Cliff House!

dfw wedding planner artisan rose events

On their planning process:

“We start off by outlining budget, timeline and basic style determinants. This allows us to build the framework and scope of the event before moving into more detailed discussions. We move methodically and strategically, so that by end of the planning process, we end up with a team of vendors who work harmoniously together, with us and with our designs.”

dfw wedding planner artisan rose eventsdfw wedding planner artisan rose eventsdfw wedding planner artisan rose events

The simple secret to creating cohesive wedding day looks:

“Creating cohesive wedding day looks really depends on a few simple ideas: use the color wheel, be aware of your lighting, choose complementary textures and layout the floor plan so that you are directing the guests’ attention effectively.”

dfw wedding planner artisan rose events

dfw wedding planner artisan rose eventsdfw wedding planner artisan rose events

What they hope for their couples:

“It is such an honor to be a part of our couples’ memories of one of the most momentous days of their lives. What we wish for most is that when it’s all said and done, they walk away remembering their experience with us being exciting, eye-opening, stress-free and maybe even a little bit fun!”

dfw wedding planner artisan rose events

dfw wedding planner artisan rose events

Do you feel a connection to Tara’s approach? Shoot the Artisan Rose Event Co. team a message via their vendor profile!

Make a Weekend Of It | Beautiful DFW Accommodations for You and Your Guests

Thursday, January 7th, 2021

Who says your wedding celebrations only have to last one night? We’re proponents of making a weekend out of it and including some time for rest and relaxation before and after the big day! Thanks to these beautiful DFW accommodations, you and your guests can stay in style. An added bonus? Many of these accommodation options also have gorgeous spaces for hosting your wedding, so you never even have to leave the property! Take a look below at some of DFW’s best hotel options offering rooms for your guests and luxurious getaways for you and your sweetheart. Cheers!


Hotel Drover

Beautiful DFW Accommodations - Hotel Drover

Photo: Lana Del Mar Photo

Hotel Drover, an Autograph Collection resort located in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards, offers nearly 40,000 square feet of one-of-a-kind indoor and outdoor space. The unparalleled location, combined with the rustic-luxe experience, creates a seamless expression of western charm and modern Texas ambiance.


HALL Arts Hotel

HALL Arts Hotel

Photo: Joseph Haubert

As the only hotel event space in the Dallas Arts District, HALL Arts Hotel is a destination for memorable weddings and celebrations. Infused into the artfully crafted environment, the events spaces are designed to engage with the dynamic street edge, becoming an extension of the neighborhood and expanding the Texas Sculpture Walk, urban gardens and performing arts venues.


Wildwood Inn

Photo: Courtney Cole Photo

Located on four wooded acres, Wildwood Inn provides the perfect setting for a romantic wedding. Their European-inspired boutique hotel has 14 luxurious guest rooms for you and your guests to stay and unwind. Full glass French doors and windows overlook lush gardens and gorgeous tall trees, while a large hand-carved fireplace warms the dining room. Wildwood offers indoor and outdoor ceremonies and receptions for up to 120 guests. Hold your ceremony in front of the beautiful fireplace, on their covered terrace, or follow the flagstone walkway to the elegant garden pergola.


The Worthington Renaissance Fort Worth

The Worthington Renaissance Fort Worth hotel accommodations

Photo: Courtesy of Worthington Renaissance Fort Worth Hotel

A historic fixture on the downtown landscape, The Worthington Renaissance Fort Worth Hotel offers contemporary comfort near celebrated attractions. Explore top sights from its downtown Fort Worth hotel, including the Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth Stockyards and Texas Christian University. Achieve more than you ever thought possible in 53,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor event space with expert planning services and custom catering.


Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek

Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek

Photo: Courtesy of Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek

Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek is steeped in Dallas history and has stunning DFW accommodations for guests. Over a century has passed since the original estate was first built off Turtle Creek Boulevard. Though much has changed in Dallas since its inception, the tradition of elegance and hospitality that first began in this historic home lives on today at the Mansion, the most celebrated hotel and restaurant in Texas.


Hilton Dallas / Plano Granite Park

Photo: Courtesy of Hilton Dallas/Plano Granite Park

From traditional weddings to those that like to shake up cliches, Hilton Dallas/Plano Granite Park is the perfect place to say “I do.” Vibrant and storied areas create picturesque backdrops while sunkissed natural light softens floor-to-ceiling window views of a wraparound outdoor terrace and waterside draped with weeping willows. From small and intimate to grand and lavish, they offer timeless style for you and your guests!


The Adolphus Hotel

The Adolphus Hotel

Photo: Courtesy of The Adolphus Hotel

Celebrate one of the most important moments of your life at The Adolphus, which has more than a hundred years of experience creating cherished memories. Turn your wedding dreams into real-life fairytales at a hotel designed after a grand English manor and Beaux Arts German Castle. Sophisticated venues—including the iconic Century Room and Grand Ballroom—are evocative, glamorous backdrops for your wedding ceremony and reception.


The Sinclair Hotel

DFW Accommodations - The Sinclair Hotel

Photo: Brandon Barre Photography

Just steps away from Sundance Square and the Fort Worth Convention Center, The Sinclair, Autograph Collection is an uncommon hotel infused with visionary style. Its downtown scene is an ongoing occasion with nightly live entertainment, sophisticated shopping and artful dining.


Hotel Crescent Court

Hotel Crescent Court

Photo: White Orchid Photography

When it comes to stunning DFW accommodations, we have to mention Hotel Crescent Court! For more than 35 years, Hotel Crescent Court has been an iconic wedding destination in Uptown Dallas. From its intimate Courtyard Garden to its elegant Crescent Club overlooking downtown Dallas, its venues are the perfect setting for your wedding weekend. Their exceptional service has won a place in the American Association of Certified Wedding Planners (ACCWP) Wedding Reception Venue Hall of Fame.


The Westin Galleria Dallas

The Westin Galleria Dallas

Photo: Courtesy of Westin Galleria Dallas

The re-imagined Westin Galleria Dallas delivers luxurious yet comfortable surroundings, ensuring your wedding will be a memorable one. With unmatched professional and personal attention, their wedding specialist is ready to make sure your expectations are exceeded. An intimate affair on the splash deck illuminated with your pillar candles or every friend and family member surrounding you and your new partner.


The Kimpton Pittman Hotel

beautiful DFW accommodations

Photo: Courtesy of Kimpton Pittman Hotel

In a city that doesn’t forget its roots, The Kimpton Pittman Hotel is stepping into the future with one foot in the past. Their building, designed by African-American architect William Sidney Pittman in 1916, showcases communal spaces that are dotted with artwork reflecting the neighborhood’s creative history. In the guest rooms, a minimalist palette and soft lighting mixes with geometric prints and bold pops of color that will make you feel right at home and in the lap of luxury at the same time.


Hilton Dallas Park Cities

beautiful DFW accommodations

Photo: Courtesy of Hilton Dallas Park Cities

With award-winning cuisine, five-star service and a team of experts here to make your event exactly what you had always wanted, Hilton Dallas Park Cities is ready to make sure your event is nothing short of spectacular and one that you will never forget.


Omni PGA Frisco Resort

beautiful DFW accommodations

Photo: Courtesy of Omni PGA Frisco Resort

Searching for DFW accommodations in the Frisco area? Choose between an exclusive private ranch house or a classic luxurious resort room at the Omni PGA Frisco Resort. Guests will be able to enjoy resort activities including a relaxing spa and sparkling resort pools for a day of wellness, 13 unique culinary experiences at our Frisco hotel restaurants and 36 holes of golf for an unforgettable getaway.


NYLO Las Colinas, Tapestry Collection by Hilton

beautiful DFW accommodations

Photo: Courtesy of NYLO Las Colinas

When it comes to beautiful DFW accommodations, you can experience the newest idea in chic hotel lodging at the innovative NYLO Las Colinas, Tapestry Collection by Hilton Hotel. Urban loft-style accommodations and an ultramodern vibe distinguish this boutique business and leisure hotel. NYLO Las Colinas, Tapestry Collection by Hilton Hotel is located in the prominent Las Colinas neighborhood of Irving, Texas, just 9 miles from Dallas Fort Worth International Airport.


The Westin Dallas Downtown

beautiful DFW accommodations

Photo: Courtesy of The Westin Dallas Downtown

Situated within the One Main Place building in downtown, The Westin Dallas Downtown provides a haven of wellness near some of the city’s most compelling sites. Sample fulfilling fare and fine wines at our coffee house, bars and restaurants, specializing in American and Cajun cuisine. Work well in more than 34,000 square feet of hotel event space, including three ballrooms and a glass-enclosed pavilion. Relax, recharge and tackle the day at our pet-friendly hotel in Dallas, TX.


La Palmilla Boutique Resort and Gardens

Photo: Courtesy of La Palmilla Boutique Resort and Gardens

Located near Glen Rose, villa cantina style meets traditional hotel and vacation homes. With its distinctive architectural charm, La Palmilla Boutique Resort and Gardens, offers impeccable service and modern amenities. This Spanish colonial oasis is the ideal destination for creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.


The Crescent Hotel | Fort Worth

Photo: Courtesy of The Crescent Hotel

The Crescent Hotel, located in the heart of Fort Worth, prides itself on luxury, hospitality and individuality. With proximity to Fort Worth’s Cultural District, delicious food and access to their Canyon Ranch Spa, guests are sure to be pampered. Boasting 14,000 square feet of event space, state-of-the-art technology, and mix of indoor and outdoor offerings, the Crescent Hotel promises a dreamy setting for the bride who wants modern style and sophistication.


The French Farmhouse Venue

Photo: Courtesy of the French Farmhouse Venue

Situated one hour north of Dallas and 30 minutes north of Denton, the French Farmhouse Venue is perfect for the bride who wants woodsy elegance and plenty of outdoor space. Featuring 56 acres of land, a three acre lake, and beautiful oak trees throughout, the venue offers space for a crowd of up to 250. Additionally, the venue includes a covered bridge and two antique cars — perfect for photos!


The Orchard

Photo: Courtesy of The Orchard

Nestled among towering trees, the Orchard provides an elegant and rustic backdrop for weddings. The venue is located on 100 acres with three beautiful ceremony sites, including an outdoor Pergola, a covered Plaza and an indoor Pecan Room. Additionally, the Orchard offers on-site lodging, featuring 15 cozy cabins, fire pits, an outdoor pool and a vast array of oak trees, providing a beautiful alternative to staying in a hotel.


Hotel Vin

Photo: My Life Ally

Embraced by the allure of sophistication and grace, Hotel Vin shines as a symbol of timeless sophistication, providing a stunning backdrop for your wedding weekend. Through its flawless service, luxurious ambiance, and unparalleled commitment to perfection, Hotel Vin isn’t simply a location—it’s an enchanting journey designed to transform your wedding into a cherished and remarkable celebration.


Hilton Dallas Lincoln Centre

Front Drive Entrance at Sunset

Photo: Courtesy of the Hilton Dallas Lincoln Centre

If you’re looking for a space that has it all, look no further than the Hilton Dallas Lincoln Centre! A stunning hotel located just off of I-635 and Dallas North Tollway, the property is ready to provide amenities, accommodations, and a venue for both your ceremony and reception!

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Don’t Forget These Day-Of Wedding Essentials + Finishing Touches

Tuesday, January 5th, 2021

More things to check off the to-do list? Yup. We know finalizing all the last-minute details before your wedding day arrives can be overwhelming, but worth all the effort to have everything lined up for the big day! Don’t forget to chat with your vendors and place your orders for these fun touches in plenty of time. These wedding essentials can add so much personality to help tell your story!

day-of wedding essentials

Calligraphy: Ladybird Paper Co. | Photo: Laning Photography

Programs + Order of Events Signage

Whether you choose to have individual programs printed, or a large order of events sign with all the details for guests to read as they enter, ceremony and reception programs are a wonderful way to share all sorts of details. Keep it simple with just the order of events, add pizazz with an illustration or make it fun with a thank you note or even fun facts about your bridal party!


day-of wedding essentials

Calligraphy: Ellis Page Calligraphy | Photo: Laning Photography

Place Cards

Place cards go hand-in-hand with your seating chart, denoting exactly where at the table each guest should sit and welcoming that person to their seat. A hand-calligraphed place card adds a touch of class!


day-of wedding essentials

Calligraphy: Hazelwood Paper Co. | Photo: Payge Stevens Photography

Escort Cards

What’s the difference between place cards and escort cards? While place cards are found on the tables, escort cards are another kind of seating chart where guests find their name and pick up their own place card from the wall (to then escort them to their table). We love both options!


day-of wedding essentials

Calligraphy: Lonestar Letter | Photo: Ryan Jordan Photography

Signature Drink Sign

Welcome guests to the bar and invite them to have a little fun by showing off your signature drinks in a fun visual way!


Other Day-Of Wedding Essentials and Finishing Touches

Signage and stationery (more than just the invitation – anything involving words on display!) are often-overlooked but oh-so-important wedding day essentials and contribute to the overall hospitality your guests feel as part of your big day. It’s the little things that make an impression! Overwhelmed by the options and not sure exactly what you’ll need? Reach out to a professional North Texas calligrapher to assist and make the details of your dreams come true. Cheers!