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Stanley Korshak is Bringing Brides the Yaniv Persy Experience

Friday, April 5th, 2024

Stanley Korshak Bridal Salon has no shortage of top-notch wedding dresses. With over 10 designers available year-round and numerous visiting collections throughout the year, the salon offers unique gowns from around the world.

Most recently, the shop hosted a pop-up with designer Yaniv Persy, and two members of the Wed Society team had the opportunity to speak with him. Keep reading to learn more about the designer’s back story, mission and inspiration.

Photos: Courtesy of Yaniv Persy


Yaniv Persy’s Beginnings


Although Yaniv Persy has always had a passion for fashion, it wasn’t until well into his career that he began designing bridal wear. After graduating from Shankar College in Israel, he went on to Paris a mere five days after commencement. “I won a competition in Paris for modern femininity and I was scouted to start my journey in Dior,” he says. 

After three years in the city of love, Persy moved on to Florence, Italy, where he worked for Roberto Cavalli and began dealing with more couture and evening dresses. There, the designer was exposed to new techniques and textiles, opening him up to new ideas. As he created new collections, Persy began submitting his designs to Mercedes-Benz fashion week.

“We started to sell in a lot of department stores,” he says. “My collections got really successful, and then the war came in Israel and it was a very challenging moment for the brand.” With the war at hand, Persy and his team couldn’t ship to buyers in a timely manner. It was at this time that the doorway to bridal opened for Persy and his team.

“One of the girls on Instagram that was following us was supposed to get an evening dress from us, and we were delayed because of the war,” he says. When the woman finally received her long-awaited gown, she was in awe. Immediately, she contacted Persy and his team and said she wanted the same dress in white for her wedding.

Bridal Beginnings

Though Persy was initially reluctant to design the dress, he was won by the process of creating the gown and the connection built between him and the bride. Afterwards, he began working on a capsule collection of five dresses, which went viral on Instagram. 

“I think the first gown that we posted reached 12,000 people. It was super viral and we got many comments and demands like for the dress,” he says. “Every day, we got five demands for the dress — it was crazy. From five pieces in the collection, three were bestsellers.”

Shortly after their initial success, Galia Lahav reached out with a collab in mind. Again, Persy was reluctant, but persistence won, and the two joined forces.

“I went with my first collection to New York bridal week, and it went super successful,” he says. “We got over 60 retailers. It was on the press everywhere: Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire. We hit the right trends and the tendencies for the collection. And since then, I’m very passionate about it.”


Up and Up

It’s been over 10 years since Yaniv Persy’s designs skyrocketed in popularity, and he and the team are still going strong. One of his most successful collections included clean, simple and elegant gowns during a time when extravagance was all the rage. Persy also designed a 1920s-inspired collection with plenty of fringe to go around.

Persy’s work was so impressive that Givenchy used his dress design, which Cate Blanchett wore on the red carpet. Another critical moment came after Richard Gere’s then fiance enlisted Persy and his team to design her wedding dress. 

“This was the turning point for the brand,” says Persy. “We were in almost 600 articles around the US, and it was all over the media — it was crazy. This boosted the brand significantly.”

Since then, Persy has continued doing what he does best: designing high-quality gowns and winning the favor of markets locally and internationally. “I want to do something where the construction inside is phenomenal and it will fit the body,” he says. “I want unique and luxurious fabrics.”

One of Persy’s favorite gowns from this season is a beautiful soft ball gown made of organza silk with mikado fabric underneath. The dress — named Marie — has a high neckline and is fit for both traditional and destination weddings. As someone who would describe himself as a “traditional person,” it’s fitting that one of Persy’s favorite gowns is a versatile mix of classy and informal.


Quality, Intention, Expertise

In an industry that is becoming increasingly reliant on technology and AI, Yaniv Persy is taking the road less traveled by handcrafting gowns with unique, luxurious fabrics. In a saturated market, what makes his gowns stand out from those that are factory-produced is, he believes, the emotion in a dress.

“I think what really differentiates a good designer is the ability to do a great construction that complements every size of women — not only slim figures — and accentuates a woman’s body in the best way,” he explains. “And then, obviously, the textile. The textile is something that, when you do handwork and you do it with passion, you can feel it.”

Although high fashion will always be an industry known for its glamor, handiwork is a must to ensure the integrity of a piece. Rather than relying on machinery, Persy still values a human touch in his work — something he learned in his time with Dior under the mentorship of Elisa Palomino.

“In Dior, there are no computers for the design team. We do everything manual, and that’s what brings emotion,” says Persy. “I think the world is going towards technology and AI. Everything is becoming automated, and I hate that. I’m an old soul, and I feel like there is no replacement for the touch of a human being.”

To this day, Persy prioritizes many hands in the making of a dress, whether sewing, stitching or beading. Acknowledging that shopping for your dream gown is emotional, Persy emphasizes his unwillingness to compromise on quality.

“I think that’s what makes it unique. There is no replacement for a designer or a real emotional product,” Persy says. “So when people ask me if I think the bridal industry will change and become like a mass market product, I say no because there is no replacement for the designers who have the passion to do something innovative and to bring a new trend.”


Yaniv Persy at Stanley Korshak in Dallas

Partnering with Stanley Korshak Bridal Salon, Yaniv Persy brought the full experience of his brand to Dallas. Since November 15, guests have had the opportunity to browse the brand’s crème de la crème. In the salon’s most recent pop-up, brides were able to interact with the designer himself!

Though Persy used to have four points of sale in Texas, he and the team recently reduced everything into one location: Stanley Korshak Bridal Salon in Dallas. “All the brides from around Texas come and shop and to be honest, it’s been really successful,” he says. “Since we started, the brides are really happy with the concept. They feel at home, they feel like they get something more personal.”

Along with showcasing their eternal, lavish, destination and couture lines, the team also boasts customizations. They even provided a sneak peak from their April collection during the pop-up! For Persy, however, the most exciting part has been helping brides find their dream gowns.

“It’s an experience for me, and I feel this brings the bride on another journey,” he says. “We do the sketches for them, which is really fun. And I think the whole process is very joyful. By the end, we feel like a big family. Even today we had mothers of brides whose daughters said yes to my dresses.”

Getting to interact with brides in person has been a privilege for Yaniv Persy. By creating in-person connections with the women trying on his gowns, the designer is giving brides an experience like no other. With four successful months under his belt, Persy hopes to keep building connections with the women saying “yes” to his gowns.

To learn more about Stanley Korshak Bridal Salon and all their exciting happenings, be sure to check out their vendor profile here!

A Look Inside Our Wed Society® | North Texas 2024 Issue Release!

Wednesday, March 27th, 2024

Releasing a book of weddings here at Wed Society is always memorable, but this event was extra celebratory as Wed Society® | North Texas celebrated its 15 year anniversary! Join us as we take a stroll through our brunch event, complete with mimosas, a coffee bar, delicious bites and jaw-dropping florals. None of it would be possible without all the wonderful people and vendors who have helped bring Wed Society® | North Texas to life!


2024 Book of Weddings Release Brunch

Nothing says festive like the grand luxury of the Ritz Carlton Dallas, Las Colinas. Adorned with floral arrangements by Blushington Blooms, linens from BBJ La Tavola, and balloons from Poppy and Posh, the space exuded charm and excitement. A glowing number 15 provided by Lonestar Glow Co. let everyone know this issue release was extra special.

Inspired by Valentine’s Day, the grand ballroom featured plenty of colorful pops throughout, such as the photo booth from Lavish Photo Booth LLC, featuring a floral wall of red and pink roses. There was no shortage of velvet either, with chairs, cushions and pillows from Perch Event Decor and POSH Couture Rentals scattered throughout the space. 

Atop plush seats, guests enjoyed savory bites, mimosas and coffee from Olive Coffee Cart while Zafiro Jewellers adorned visitors with permanent jewelry. Satin Pavement provided elegant signage, and thanks to entertainment from Marquise Pro, there wasn’t a dull moment to be had. Beautifully captured by Courtney Bosworth Photography, keep scrolling to see more of this fun and festive event!


Our Wed Society® | North Texas 2024 Book of Weddings Release brunch would not have been possible without the dedication of our rockstar team of vendors! Thank you to everyone who helped bring this event to life.

Ready to get your hands on our latest issue? Click here to buy it now!

Vows that Wow — Caroline & Carter

Monday, March 18th, 2024

Week after week, our team receives and showcases stunning weddings from across North Texas, all courtesy of the immensely talented wedding vendors and lovely couples who submit to us. Each month, our editorial team selects one spectacular wedding to highlight, one that stands above the rest for its uniqueness and beauty. 

This month, we’re showcasing Caroline and Carter’s whimsical garden party! Light pink, cream and pops of greenery mark these November nuptials.


How the Couple Met

As many modern love stories do, Caroline and Carter’s romance began on Hinge. Six months into her time on the app, Caroline was ready to call it quits. Upon opening up the app to delete her account, Caroline’s prince charming appeared.

“Carter was on Hinge for just a few days before we matched,” writes the bride. “We met up almost instantly and have been inseparable ever since!”

Though she had her moments of doubt, Caroline encourages others to keep at it and stay choosy.

“I was so picky that I even got a notification that there were no more men within my preferences,” she writes. “So be picky ladies, the right guy is out there. You just have to be patient!”

Caroline’s patience paid off. She and Carter married on November 4, 2023.


The Wedding Day

Caroline and Carter’s autumn wedding began with getting ready. The experts at Tease to Please Hair and Makeup beautified the bride and her maids. Caroline writes, “I loved getting ready with all my friends, it was like a big party! Everyone made me feel so special and loved.”

With help from her mom, Caroline slipped into her gown from Bridal Boutique before her and Carter’s first look. “I think it is super important for any bride and her fiance to just take a few minutes to themselves before the chaos ensues and just take it all in,” writes the bride. “Everyone says to always be present on the big day and that is so true!”

The couple said “I do” at The Gardenia Venue surrounded by natural light, white walls and beloved friends and family. After their ceremony, guests enjoyed drinks served up by HD Liquid Catering before dinner, speeches and plenty of dancing!

Thanks to Dana Jenson of Lovely Event Co., the day went smoothly, even after a morning mishap! “My seating chart had papers glued to it and all of the papers ended up flying off on the way to the venue,” writes Caroline. “Dana and Marissa spent a good chunk of the morning reprinting the papers and hot gluing all of them back on perfectly! They totally went above and beyond and I am still amazed with their selflessness.”


Caroline & Carter’s Favorite Moment

“I died when Carter and I got to see the venue space all decorated. The moment when you get to see all of your visions come to life is truly unforgettable!”

Savor Patisserie — Bringing a Bit of France to Texas

Wednesday, March 6th, 2024

What says ‘elegant’ more than France’s most popular cookie? Macarons are the perfect addition to your big day, whether as party favors, a dessert bar or even in place of a cake! If these delicate pastries are calling your name, Savor Patisserie is ready to meet your needs. Read on to learn more about the company and all they have to offer to add a French touch to your special day.

Photo: Courtesy of Savor Patisserie

Unique, Fun & Flavorful

With over 15 flavors to choose from and a variety of packaging options, founder and CEO of Savor Patisserie, Kelli Watts, is ready to meet any and all your needs.

Wedding Party Favors

Savor Patisserie offers boxes with two cookies each as party favors for your guests. This favor is fun and customizable, allowing you to choose which flavors you want in each box. You and your fiancé could pick a flavor each — whether your favorite or something that represents each individual. 

Another option would be to choose flavors that match your wedding colors! Or, stick with a classic wedding theme and select their champagne and tuxedo flavors. No matter which direction you take your macarons, they are sure to be a hit!

Photo: Courtesy of Savor Patisserie

Another unique take on wedding favors is Savor Patisserie’s all-new meringue favor boxes. These meringues are light, airy and melt in your mouth.. plus they are made with only egg whites, sugar, and flavor making them gluten free, dairy free, fat free and guilt free!

Dessert Bar

Providing guests with a little treat during cocktail hour or dancing has become commonplace in the wedding sphere. While some couples offer coffee or popcorn, macarons are another wonderful choice. They are small, handheld and leave your guests with little-to-no packaging to worry about throwing away.

As with wedding party favors, your dessert bar could be made up of the flavors of your choosing, adding a unique spin that has you and your future spouse written all over it.

Macaron Towers

The gals at Savor Patisserie would argue that macaron towers make for the perfect centerpiece to any event — including your wedding. Though unconventional, a macaron tower is a great substitute for a wedding cake. Whether you’re gluten free or simply prefer an easy, handheld dessert for your guests, these towers are both fun and beautiful.

Macaron towers are a great touch to all your pre-nuptial celebrations as well, such as an engagement party, a bridal/couples shower, a bachelorette party or your rehearsal dinner. Customizable in size, arrangement and flavors, the sky is the limit for these towers!

Photo: Courtesy of Savor Patisserie

Box Offerings

One of Savor Patisserie’s specialties is found in their box offerings. If you want a sweet way to say thank you to bridesmaids, parents, siblings or in-laws, consider sending them a box of these delectable cookies. 

While a general party favor-sized box would contain two macarons, Savor Patisserie offers boxes of five, 10, 15 or 20 macarons. A favorite is their Modern Bridesmaid Proposal Box, and at only $18/box it’s the perfect way to ask your besties to stand beside you on your wedding day!

Photo: Courtesy of Savor Patisserie

When you choose the Build-Your-Own box, the options are endless. Choose from Savor Patisserie’s 15 most popular flavors, which are available year-round:

  • Salted caramel
  • Pistachio 
  • Vanilla
  • Raspberry
  • Blueberry cheesecake
  • S’mores
  • Birthday cake
  • Champagne 
  • Strawberry shortcake
  • Coffee
  • Lavender
  • Lemon
  • Red velvet
  • Chocolate
  • Fruity pebbles

In addition to these customizable boxes, Savor also has a variety of themed packages to choose from, including a dairy free box, a Dallas Cowboys collection, seasonal flavors and more! 

An added bonus? All of Kelli’s macarons are naturally gluten free and less than 100 calories each!

Photo: Courtesy of Savor Patisserie

Baking Classes

If you’d like to learn how to make macarons as well as eat them, Savor Patisserie has just the class for you. Although the French cookies are notoriously difficult to make, Kelli teaches you all the basics in her Macaron Baking Classes. Keep reading to learn more about her public and private class options.


Kelli’s public class option is two hours long for $75.00. During the class, participants split into groups of two or four, being led through the baking process from start to finish. All equipment, ingredients and supplies are included in the price, and groups get to choose the color and flavor of their batch. 

Along with learning how to bake macarons, each participant will leave with a Savor tote bag, a recipe card, and a gift box of the macarons they made! Champagne, water and sparkling water are also provided during the course. 

Whether you go with friends, a date or by yourself, you’re sure to have a blast with Kelli and your fellow bakers!

Photo: Courtesy of Savor Patisserie


Similar to Savor’s public baking class, a private session will last about two hours, with the freedom to choose the color, flavor and decoration of your macarons. These baking classes are a perfect activity for your bachelorette party as the time and space will be more intimate and customized to you, and your bridal party will come away with some real baking prowess.

With more attention from the connoisseur herself, a class for up to five people costs $450, and a class for up to 10 costs $850. All supplies, ingredients and equipment are provided, and each participant leaves with the same goodies listed above plus a box of macarons to enjoy during the class break!

Photo: Courtesy of Savor Patisserie

Custom Macarons

Along with their staples, Savor Patisserie offers a variety of customization options. If you have a party or event coming up, consider these six ways to add a unique spin to this classic cookie!

If you’re working with a budget, Savor offers several ways to customize your cookies at no additional cost, including:

  • Custom coloring
  • Splatter
  • Sprinkles
  • Drizzle

Photo: Courtesy of Savor Patisserie

Got some extra dollars to spend? Consider these fun, beautiful and unique options to really make your macarons pop! They include:

  • Painting
  • Printing

Photo: Courtesy of Savor Patisserie

M Society Macaron Subscription

If you’re a self-declared macaron lover — or know someone who is — M Society was made for you. This macaron subscription delivers delicious cookies to your doorstep each month, allowing you to savor each bite from the comfort of your home.

Along with enjoying a sweet treat, M Society is a great way to try new flavors. Each box is filled with a variety of cookies from Savor’s seasonal collections. This means you’ll receive new, limited-edition macarons each time.

M Society offers two subscription options: a monthly membership and a seasonal membership. 

With both memberships, you’ll receive a carefully curated box of 10 limited-edition, seasonal flavors delivered straight to your doorstep. Expect a box each month when you purchase a monthly membership and a box at the beginning of the fall, winter, spring, and summer seasons with a seasonal membership.

Photo: Courtesy of Savor Patisserie


Life is sweeter with macarons. Next time you’re in need of a fun gift or crowd-pleasing tower, be sure to connect with Kelli and her team. To learn more about Savor Patisserie, check out their vendor profile here!

Hotel Vin — Where Every Moment Matters

Sunday, March 3rd, 2024

Hotel Vin is the epitome of elegance and charm. Located in the heart of Grapevine’s Historic Main Street District, it’s both bold and cozy. Along with its stellar location and posh interior, the hotel also offers outstanding service and upscale dining. Keep scrolling to discover all that this hotel has to offer!


Photo: Courtesy of Hotel Vin


The Best of Hotel Vin

Unique Style

As the only boutique hotel in Grapevine, Hotel Vin boasts an experience like none other. Host family and friends, say “I do” and enjoy a meal all in one lavish, upscale space. Additionally, Hotel Vin offers the best of both old and new: Though the hotel has a modern feel on the inside, its exterior gives a nod to history. Its many windows and brick style fit perfectly into Historic Downtown Grapevine.


Photo: Courtesy of Hotel Vin

Convenient Location

Not only does Hotel Vin fit Downtown Grapevine’s historic aesthetic but it’s located adjacent to Main Street itself. This prime locale means you and your guests have quick and easy access to some of Grapevine’s best shops, restaurants, and wineries — most within walking distance!

In addition to a plethora of leisure activities, the hotel is conveniently located near DFW airport — less than 10 minutes by car. If guests want to skip renting a car or using a rideshare app, they can take the Trinity Metro TEXRAIL, a train that will take them from Terminal B of the airport to the Grapevine Main Street Station. The train runs every 30 minutes, and with only one stop in between, riders can get to Grapevine in less than 40 minutes. 

With these quick and simple options, transportation to Hotel Vin is a breeze for out-of-town guests!


Photo: Courtesy of Harvest Hall

Harvest Hall

Alongside Historic Grapevine’s many restaurants is Harvest Hall, a European-style food hall connected to Hotel Vin with eight kitchens and two bars. The hall boasts a European style and features chef-driven restaurants with scratch-made global cuisines. With everything from Latin fusion to Mediterranean, there’s something for everyone!

Harvest Hall, with their diverse selection of food, is also versatile in its function. While the hall is perfect for grabbing lunch, it’s also a great spot to work or host a meeting during the day. After a busy day of work, the hall transforms into a venue for live music and entertainment. Throughout the year, the hall hosts various bands, comedy shows and DJs, karaoke, theater, food and drink pairings, and curated cultural activities are also a part of Harvest Hall’s schedule.


Photo: Courtesy of Harvest Hall

All Things Wedding

For the lowdown on all this Grapevine hotel has to offer, read on!

Bride + Groom Amenities

Hotel Vin has two luxurious spaces for the bride and groom to get ready with their separate parties. For the woman in white, the hotel’s Presidential Suite is spacious and practical. The room is complete with a wet bar to ice your champagne and large windows to let in plenty of natural light for getting ready.

For the groom, Hotel Vin’s Magnum speakeasy is available to reserve on the big day. The bar is stylish and comfortable, making it the perfect spot to suit up with your best men and enjoy a pre-ceremony toast.

In need of a getaway car? Hotel Vin’s got you covered. When the time comes to light the sparklers and make your grand exit, you and your spouse get to hop into the hotel’s 1973 Cadillac Eldorado, lovingly named VINessa. It’s a fun and fashionable way to end your special day!


Food, Glorious Food

Delight your inner foodie with Hotel Vin’s stellar onsite restaurant, Bacchus Kitchen + Bar. For your wedding, enjoy delicious, European-style dishes crafted by catering company Banquets by Bacchus. The culinary artists delight in creating personalized menus for each event, infusing each dish with flavor and finding its perfect wine pairing.

With personalized service at the heart of Banquets by Bacchus, each couple is invited to attend a customized menu tasting. Here, the experts help determine your ideal palate while also identifying his and hers signature wine selections.


Photo: Courtesy of Hotel Vin

Ceremony Space

The wedding professionals at Hotel Vin are dedicated to making your day as memorable as possible. With a unique venue for your ceremony, you and your guests alike will experience an unforgettable day. The hotel not only offers a beautiful space to say “I do,” but they promise exquisite menu options to complete your day.


Reception Options

Hotel Vin offers a variety of spaces for your wedding. From a classy ballroom to their open-air Rioja Terrace, the hotel has a space to fit your needs. Along with a gorgeous backdrop, the staff is committed to making your day run smoothly. Whether it’s figuring out seating arrangements, appetizers or sound equipment, you can count on them for a seamless and tranquil evening.


Photo: Courtesy of Hotel Vin

Onsite Accommodations

Hosting your wedding at Hotel Vin promises to be both beautiful and convenient for you and your guests. On the day of your wedding, take advantage of the Presidential Suite’s amenities, such as a spacious living area to get ready in and a wet bar fit for champagne toasts with your bridesmaids. 

The Presidential Suite also makes for the perfect honeymoon suite with a sophisticated design, gorgeous views and plenty of space. If you’re looking for something more intimate, the Executive Suite is another great option.

Hotel Vin is also a wonderful spot for your out-of-town guests. Along with proximity to the happy couple, they will also enjoy the hotel’s sleek interior, the swanky Bacchus Kitchen + Bar and a plethora of nearby daytime activities. With various room sizes to choose from, there’s something for everyone!

While considering yourself, friends and family, don’t forget about your precious pets! Hotel Vin is happy to accommodate up to two pets per room for $50.00 a day. This way, your beloved pup or kitty can take part in all the fun!


Photo: Courtesy of Hotel Vin

Outdoor Spaces

Enjoy warm and balmy Texas weather when you host an outdoor event. With multiple outdoor dining locations, you can host family and friends while enjoying fresh air and sunshine or a cool evening breeze.

Perfect for a rehearsal dinner, the hotel’s Rioja rooftop terrace features scenic views from the fourth floor. Along with serving Spanish-style tapas, cocktails and wine, Rioja hosts a DJ every Friday and Saturday. The rooftop also offers plenty of cushy seating and a fire pit so you and your guests can stay cozy all night long.

Hotel Vin’s WineYard is another great option for outdoor dining. The space provides a unique al fresco dining experience located alongside the historic Grapevine Vintage Railroad. Host your farewell brunch in this open space while enjoying a live musical performance! Even in the winter months, the WineYard is up and running with whimsical Winter Wonderland Bubbles!


Photo: Courtesy of Hotel Vin

Elopement Escape Package

If a big, white wedding is not for you, consider Hotel Vin’s Elopement Escape Package and experience the perfect blend of romance, convenience and adventure. The package includes the following:

  • A private ceremony in the hotel’s clock tower — adorned with flowers, of course,
  • A delectable wedding cake,
  • A romantic candlelight dinner in the Presidential Suite.

Come morning, you and your spouse get to embark on a seamless train-to-airport journey with two airline vouchers to complete your post-elopement getaway. Ensure a smooth process and bring your vision to life with the help of a dedicated wedding coordinator.


Photo: Courtesy of Hotel Vin

You’ve Got Questions, Hotel Vin Has Answers

What size weddings can Hotel Vin accommodate?

Hotel Vin offers a variety of event spaces. The largest space, Bordeaux Ballroom, can seat a maximum of 250 guests in banquet rounds with its coved ceilings and enchanting chandeliers.

Where is Grapevine, Texas?

The City of Grapevine, home to Hotel Vin, is situated in the Heart of the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex and nestled between the neighboring cities of Colleyville, Southlake, Irving, Coppell, Lewisville, Denton and Plano.

What are some activities my wedding guests can enjoy around the DFW area?

From creating your own custom souvenir at Vetro Glassblowing Studio & Fine Art Gallery to hitting a hole in-one-at Cowboys Golf Club, the first and only NFL-themed golf club in the world, the opportunities for fun are limitless. Contact our Hotel Vin team for more ideas.

How can I enjoy Grapevine’s Wineries and Vineyards?

There are several exceptional wineries just steps from Hotel Vin ready to offer you and your guests a sip of the good life. Check out our calendar or sign up for our newsletter to stay current on local events at Grapevine’s wineries and vineyards, as well as upcoming wine tours you don’t want to miss!

What other wedding-related activities can Hotel Vin accommodate?

Want an all-VIN-clusive experience? Ask us about hosting your bridal event, rehearsal dinner, or farewell brunch in one of our Bacchus Kitchen + Bar private dining rooms. We offer wine tasting and blending classes too!

If you plan on getting married in North Texas, consider Hotel Vin and all it has to offer. You can learn more about this stylish venue on their vendor profile here!

Vows that Wow — Mackenzie & Jeff

Thursday, February 15th, 2024

Week after week, our team receives and showcases stunning weddings from across North Texas, all courtesy of the immensely talented wedding vendors and lovely couples who submit to us. Each month, our editorial team selects one spectacular wedding to highlight, one that stands above the rest for its uniqueness and beauty. 

This month, we’re featuring a romantic garden wedding with blue hues, peach touches and classic florals. Mackenzie and Jeff’s evening wedding was nothing short of dreamy!


How the Couple Met

After graduating college, Mackenzie moved back to Dallas, where she quickly met Jeff through Hinge. The two connected over their mutual friends, going to college in Oklahoma, a love of travel and shared beliefs. 

Although the couple hit it off with ease, Jeff continued to woo Mackenzie. “Jeff would consistently plan and surprise me with romantic dates around DFW,” writest the bride. “He had a list of 101 date ideas he had saved on his phone and over our 2 years of dating we went on all of them. I was very impressed!”

A favorite date for the two lovebirds was a picnic at White Rock Lake. As they ate, the two watched the sunset and enjoyed a fireworks show after dark. From that point on, the lake became a special place for the couple and ultimately influenced their decision to wed at the Dallas Arboretum.

Before their dream wedding came to life, Jeff proposed to Mackenzie during sunrise on the Brooklyn Bridge. Nearly a year later, the two tied the knot surrounded by loved ones and lush botanicals.


The Wedding Day

The day began with the bride and her maids getting their hair and makeup done by Etoilly Artistry. Mackenzie went with a classic updo and soft glam to complete her bridal look. After getting ready with her best gals, she slipped into her gown from Stanley Korshak Bridal Salon.

Mackenzie and Jeff said “I do” at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. Their ceremony took place at the Lay Family Garden, followed by dinner and dancing at the Alex Camp House. “The elegant yet simple florals, beautiful garden table setups, small reception tent, romantic string lights, live saxophone and white dance floor all looked so beautiful for our reception,” writes the bride.

With a caffeine boost provided by Nightowl Coffee entertainment by Marquise Pro, guests had plenty of reason to give it their all on the dance floor!


Mackenzie & Jeff’s Favorite Detail

“Our guests were in awe as they watched the beautiful sunset over White Rock Lake during our reception. This was the sunset we had loved from one of our very first dates, and we got to watch that same sunset over the lake as husband and wife. It was a dream.”

Vows that Wow — Alexa & Gabe

Tuesday, January 16th, 2024

Week after week, our team receives and showcases stunning weddings from across North Texas, all courtesy of the immensely talented wedding vendors and lovely couples who submit to us. Each month, our editorial team selects one spectacular wedding to highlight, one that stands above the rest for its uniqueness and beauty. 

January’s Vows that Wow feature a timeless black and white wedding with elegance written all over. Keep scrolling to discover all of Alexa and Gabe’s classic details.


How the Couple Met

Alexa and Gabe first met in law school. The two were a part of a fellowship for Christian law students and quickly became acquainted. Though good friends, they lost touch along the way. Months later, however, the couple reconnected and began talking; “first, just every few days, but soon we were FaceTiming every night for hours,” writes the bride. 

Through law school, the two lovebirds dated long distance, with Gabe popping the question in 2022. A year later, the couple married on September 2, 2023. 


The Wedding Day

Before the big day arrived, Alexa said yes to her dream gown at Bridal Boutique. She paired her dress with complimentary accessories from the same shop, completing her effortless bridal look.

Alexa and Gabe celebrated their union with a reception at the Adolphus Hotel — a location oozing with chic, downtown charm. The Adolphus also provided catering and accommodations for the couple’s friends and family. Enhancing an already stunning space were flowers from Vella Nest Floral. Green and white arrangements gave each space a natural look that won’t be going out of style any time soon.

The day’s events were captured by The Lockharts, providing photos, both candid and posed, to commemorate the occasion. Alexa and Gabe’s special day wouldn’t have been possible without the expertise from Jessica Deltoro Weddings. As the bride writes, “we could not have done it without our incredible wedding planner. She made the wedding planning process seamless and helped us bring our vision to life!”


Alexa & Gabe’s Favorite Detail

“Our wedding day exceeded all expectations — from our wedding mass at St. Thomas Aquinas to the amazing reception at the Adolphus. Although there were so many great moments, we loved being able to celebrate with all of our family and friends!”

Blushington Blooms — DFW’s Most Luxurious Wedding Florals

Thursday, January 4th, 2024

Of all your wedding details, floral arrangements have the power to bring a space to life. The beauty they add is like none other. Inspired by this beauty and her enduring love for flowers, Sophie Cox launched Blushington Blooms. She and her lead designer, Mazzi, have serviced hundreds of weddings and events over the years, bringing experience and knowledge to the table.

If you’re still in need of florals for your big day, the team at Blushington Blooms would love to help bring your vision to life! Read on to learn more about their services, studio and their luxury flower subscription, Signature Stems.

Photo: Courtesy of Blushington Blooms


Bring Your Floral Vision to Life

Blushington Blooms is a DFW based floral and event design company specializing in luxury weddings and events. With offices in Dallas and Fort Worth, the team is available to clients all over the metroplex.

Blushington Blooms’ signature style is light and airy. In each arrangement, they prioritize various depths and unique textures to give your bouquets and centerpieces a one-of-a-kind look. Additionally, the team loves to experiment with new foliages, berries and blooms. No matter what ends up in your wedding florals, you can be sure they will be arranged with a timeless elegance in mind.

Photo: Courtesy of Blushington Blooms

Blushington Blooms’ team is made up of four women who are wholeheartedly dedicated to sharing the joy and beauty that comes with floral arrangements. Their passion for quality and heart for soon-to-be brides is part of what makes working with them so special.

In addition to their passion, Blushington Brides boasts a lovely studio where you and the ladies can discuss all things flowers before your special day.

Photo: Courtesy of Blushington Blooms


An Elegant Fort Worth Studio

Begin your floral journey in style at Blushington Blooms’ stunning Fort Worth design studio. Fit with plenty of natural light, mirrors and gold accents, the space exudes luxury. The studio is more than aesthetics, however. The mirrors throughout the space help the team ensure that their arrangements are stunning from every angle. Neutral tones and plenty of windows also provide extra clarity for examining flowers, making this studio the perfect spot to discuss all things floral with the Blushington experts!

Photo: Courtesy of Blushington Blooms

During your consultation, you’ll sip champagne and chat with the team about your dream wedding florals. By the end of the appointment, expect to leave with a quote and a curated mood board designed by the florists themselves to ensure your vision comes to life. 

Photo: Courtesy of Blushington Blooms


Seasonal Florals Delivered to Your Door

Who says you can only enjoy beautiful floral arrangements on your wedding day? If you’re looking to add a touch of Blushington magic to your home or office, look no further than Signature Stems. This subscription-based service promises a bouquet of seasonally inspired, high-end flowers delivered right to your door! 

Blushington’s intentionally curated combinations will liven up your space and provide seasonal decor all at once. Bouquets range in sizes and arrive at your doorstep each month. With proper care, you get to enjoy your arrangement for up to two weeks.

Photo: Courtesy of Blushington Blooms


For all things floral, be sure to visit Blushington Blooms at their Dallas or Fort Worth location and on social media. They’d love an opportunity to talk about bouquets, boutonnieres and everything in between. To learn more, take a peek at their vendor profile here!

D’Vine Grace Vineyard — A Tuscan Haven in North Texas

Friday, December 22nd, 2023

Who says you have to travel all the way to Italy to have a Tuscan wedding? If you dream of a sprawling vineyard, an ornate villa and a grand staircase, D’Vine Grace Vineyard has exactly what you’re looking for. Read on to learn more about all this venue has to offer!


A Tuscan-Inspired Design

D’Vine Grace Vineyard was inspired by Tuscany’s grand architecture and lush terrain. Coupled with Texan charm and hospitality, this venue makes for a luxurious escape in which to tie the knot. Leave reality behind and step into a world of tiled roofs and iron balconies. Complete with fine dining, cosmopolitan amenities and a luminous landscape, you’ll feel different from the moment you step on the property!

D'Vine Grace Vineyard

Photo: Karies Conyers Photo

Photo: Lizzie Christine Allen

Event Spaces

D’Vine Grace Vineyard has four venue spaces available for use on your big day. From a sweeping reception hall to a Grand Ballroom adorned with crystal chandeliers to a picturesque outdoor event lawn lawn featuring a Tuscan-style gazebo, each locale has something unique to offer. 

La Piazza D’Amore

Photo: Chua Lee Photography

Just as the piazza is the heart of an Italian village, so it is with D’Vine Grace Vineyard’s La Piazza D’Amore. Dance, dine and make beautiful memories under the twinkling lights of this stunning venue’s 7,000-square -oot piazza. The space blends the beauty and relaxed pace of Tuscan villages with a glamorous Texas ambiance. Whether hosting a sunset ceremony, twilit dancing or a moonlit dinner, the outdoor setting is sure to be filled with romance and warmth.

Some features of La Piazza D’Amore include:

  • 7,000 square feet of space with a beautiful Italian-style ampitheater
  • Capacity for 400 people seated or 1,000 people seated concert-style
  • Ornate Tuscan style wrought iron gate 
  • Custom bench seating 
  • String lighting and customizable uplighting
  • Two water features 
  • Lush landscaping and vine-covered walls
  • Professional outdoor sound system


Photo: Courtesy of D’Vine Grace Vineyard


Il Prato

Photo: Heirloom Rose Photography

Photo: Megan Kay Photography

D’Vine Grace Vineyard’s Il Prato — or lawn — is a beautiful outdoor area that is perfect for outdoor ceremonies, cocktail hour or a luxurious dining experience. With scenic views, a wraparound patio and a grand staircase, this spot is versatile, elegant and fun. 

Prominent features include:

  • Grand event lawn with a Tuscan-style Gazebo
  • Capacity for 250 Seated Reception Style & 400 Seated Ceremony Style
  • Customizable uplighting on the villa-style inspired wrap-around patios
  • Two beautiful wrought iron staircases
  • Year-round green area and beautiful surrounding vistas

Photo: Megan Kay Photography

The Grand Ballroom

Crystal chandeliers, a hardwood dance floor, an upstairs mezzanine, multiple bar and cocktail spaces — this opulent 3,000-square-foot reception hall comes with every elegant amenity you need for an unforgettable night. Dazzle your guests with this stunning space, which includes the following:

  • 3,000+ square feet, plus an upstairs mezzanine area 
  • Hardwood dance floor with custom floor plans 
  • Multiple built-in granite bars with separate bar & cocktail space 
  • 18 cocktail tables and 36 bar stools 
  • Linens & napkins included (black, ivory, white) 
  • 300 Ivory X back chairs with taupe cushions 
  • Thirty 60-inch round tables
  • Three farm tables included 
  • Cake, gift, guest book, & head tables 
  • Professional lighting package 
  • Indoor professional audio sound system 
  • Designated DJ booth with equipment 

Photo: Alba Rose Photography


Chapel D’Vina

Photo: Lorena Burns Photography

If you prefer a traditional chapel to say “I do” in, D’Vine Grace Vineyard provides a gorgeous location for you and your groom to do just that! Fit with wood-beamed ceilings, crystal chandeliers and a Juliet balcony, this chapel has charming written all over.

This chapel features the following:

  • 240 mahogany resin chairs with cushions
  • Professional indoor sound system 
  • Guest live feed view in bridal suite & bar 
  • Customizable uplighting 
  • Juliet balcony for photos & bouquet toss 
  • Granite table for unity ceremony 
  • Customizable uplighting 
  • Two honey onyx pillars

Photo: Courtesy of D’Vine Grace Vineyard


Onsite Catering & Bartending Provided by Serve & Savour Catering

Photo: Chua Lee Photography

In addition to their event spaces, D’Vine Grace Vineyard also offers catering and bartending services through their sister company, Serve & Savour Catering. Choose from a wide variety of plated meals, desserts, hors d’oeuvres, speciality drinks and more to give your guests a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Enjoy local and international flavors, curated by executive chef Luisa Duran, and fresh flavors from dishes prepared on-site. 

Boasting haute cuisine that tastes as good as it looks, the venue promises an artful and extravagant culinary experience. Fine dining paired with Italian-inspired grounds makes for southern hospitality like none other in North Texas.

Photo: Tony Valadez Photography

Photo: Huberty Hoy Photography

To learn more about D’Vine Grace Vineyard and all it has to offer, be sure to check out their vendor profile here!

Vows that Wow — Annie & David

Thursday, December 14th, 2023

Week after week, our team receives and showcases stunning weddings from across North Texas, all courtesy of the immensely talented wedding vendors and lovely couples who submit to us. Each month, our editorial team selects one spectacular wedding to highlight, one that stands above the rest for its uniqueness and beauty. 

If you dream of a white wedding with hints of pastel, Annie and David’s big day is one to bookmark. Timeless, classic and elegant, these nuptials will be in style for years to come. Read on for more from our December Vows that Wow couple!


How the Couple Met

Annie and David’s modern love story began with a dating app. Annie quickly found who she was looking for as David was her first match. After a successful first date at a comedy show and through all the craziness of COVID, the two lovebirds’ romance blossomed: from trips to Austin to their first Christmas together to a proposal in Rome. On October 1, 2023, the couple said “I do.”


The Wedding Day

Annie and David were married under The Bowden’s tall ceilings, enveloped in bright, natural light. The couple decorated the space with light pink, baby blue and white florals from Vella Nest Floral for a fresh look. The entire chapel exuded a timeless elegance along with the stunning reception room. Tall ceilings, white chandeliers and gold accents made for a classic and sophisticated space.

Jamie Park Photo shot the day’s events, capturing moments big and small. From getting ready to a joyous first look to reception dances, each photo tells a story of its own. The entire wedding came together under the planning and direction of Jessica Deltoro Weddings, who ensured the day ran smoothly.