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Lab Grown Diamonds: Say Yes to Ethical Engagements

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022

We know diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but does it matter if they are lab grown? There are many things to take into consideration when buying an engagement ring, but this is a decision you might not know a lot about: lab-grown diamonds vs. natural diamonds. We spoke with Clean Origin to find out just what the difference is and most importantly, why someone would consider them for an engagement ring. Read on to learn all about lab-grown diamonds and how they are actually better for the environment.



What is the difference between lab-grown and natural diamonds?

The only difference between lab-grown and natural diamonds is their origin. Natural diamonds are mined from the earth while lab-grown diamonds are created in a lab. Lab-grown diamonds use technology that replicates the heat and pressure that natural diamonds experience deep within the earth.


How are lab-grown diamonds created?

There are two processes that can create lab-grown diamonds: High Pressure-High Temperature (HPHT) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD).  An HPHT diamond starts as a small diamond seed that’s placed into carbon. Then, the seed is exposed to 1.5 million pounds per square inch of pressure and 1500 degrees Celsius of heat. The pure carbon melts and starts to form a diamond around the starter seed.  Once cooled, a pure carbon diamond remains. CVD diamonds begin as a thin slice of diamond seed, often produced from an HPHT diamond. The diamond seed is placed into a sealed chamber and heated to 800 degrees Celsius. Then, the chamber is filled with a carbon-rich gas like methane. Using technology similar to that of microwaves or lasers, the gasses are ionized into plasma, creating pure carbon. That carbon bonds with the diamond seed and slowly crystallizes to form a lab-grown diamond.


What are the benefits of buying a lab-grown over a natural diamond?

Lab-grown diamonds are an ethical and environmentally responsible alternative to natural diamonds. According to a report from Frost and Sullivan, every carat of a natural diamond that is mined disrupts nearly 100 square feet of land and creates almost 6000 pounds of mineral waste. Mined diamonds also result in 1 injury per 1,000 workers annually while lab-grown diamonds result in zero. Lab-grown diamonds are also competitively priced; you can purchase a lab-grown diamond for 20-30% of the cost of its mined diamond counterpart.


How to Have a Sustainable Wedding


Can anyone tell the difference between lab-grown diamonds and natural?

No, lab-grown and natural diamonds appear exactly the same. They’re made using different processes, but each process produces the exact same result. Even trained professionals can’t tell the difference between a lab-grown and natural diamond with only the naked eye.


Does the value of lab-grown and natural diamonds differ?

Lab-grown diamonds are 20-30% less expensive than natural diamonds. This is because lab-grown diamonds have a shorter supply chain. With a lab-grown diamond, you can have the signature diamond sparkle at a competitive price.


What is the difference between lab-grown diamonds and diamond simulants?

Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds while diamond simulants only look like diamonds.  Diamond simulants can be any material that’s made to appear like a diamond to the naked eye.  A common diamond simulant is a cubic zirconia; it may look like a diamond, but has very different characteristics from the real thing.


Are lab-grown diamonds suitable for an engagement ring?

Lab-grown diamonds are perfect for engagement rings. Because lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds, they have the same strength and sparkle as traditional mined diamonds. The competitive pricing of lab-grown diamonds makes it possible to craft a stunning ring that’s within your budget. Lab-grown diamonds are an ethical option that gives you and your partner peace of mind through all of life’s special moments.


Sustainable and a lower price tag?! Count us in! Shop Clean Origin‘s selection of lab-grown diamond jewelry to get your own.

COFFEE. No longer a trend—a necessity.

Tuesday, July 19th, 2022

Something borrowed, something BREWED?! There is nothing new about coffee carts making an appearance at weddings. We have seen this for a while now, but what’s new is that it is no longer considered a trend, but a NECESSITY. At this point in your wedding planning process, you have probably considered what type of refreshments you would like to supply your guests to sip on throughout the evening. Nightowl Coffee, Olive Coffee Cart. Moliendo Coffee Co, MVP Coffee Company and Café de Miele are here to tell you why you NEED coffee at your wedding, bridal shower or any event. As if it isn’t already hard enough to turn down a lavender latte on a typical day…try saying no when a craft coffee bar is set up right next to the dance floor. We asked our coffee cart vendors the same question: “why is coffee no longer a trend, but a necessity?” Read on to hear why a wedding coffee bar is a must-have for your upcoming wedding.


wedding coffee bar

Photo // Lane Gray Photo


Is coffee expected at wedding receptions?

Short answer is yes. “No longer do brides settle for mediocre coffee with sugar packets and stir sticks. Craft coffee not only tastes better, but it creates a customizable experience for each person that comes through the baristas’ line. It is more than a memorable experience where you can’t get married without an espresso bar service,” Nightowl Coffee says.


Okay, but why choose a coffee bar over setting out a carafe?


It helps create the wedding “experience.”

As the specialty coffee industry grows, the status quo of a classic coffee urn is no longer enough. Coffee carts have become a unique way for wedding guests to explore specialty coffee in a way that may not be possible in a traditional coffee shop. It allows them to take the pressure off ordering the wrong thing and just have fun with the experience of trying something new.  It is the best of customer service combined with a wide variety of drink options available from creative specialty lattes to traditional espresso-based drinks. It is a treat that meets people where they are whether they drink coffee for the caffeine buzz or are truly a coffee aficionado.


It’s serves as another station for guest flow.

“Coffee is a necessity at a wedding because it provides another point of service for your guests!” Olive Coffee Cart makes a great point! Having a floor plan that allows your guests to mingle, dine and dance easily is a key factor when laying out your floor plan. Similarly, you want food, drink and experiential stations that reflect this intent as well. Stations break up larger lines and create moments for guests to move throughout your space and event.


It serves as an alternative for those who are not partaking in alcohol.

“The ability to have a crafted and made-to-order latte, cold brew, or hot cup is a GAME CHANGER! We have seen people who aren’t partaking in alcohol, or weddings that don’t provide a beverage service absolutely love coffee,” says Olive Coffee Cart. “It also goes great with the cake, keeps people on the dance floor, or helps to sober em’ up before their party bus home! We haven’t met a person who hasn’t enjoyed a cup at the end of the night!”


How much coffee is needed for a wedding?

The good thing about booking a wedding coffee cart is you don’t have to worry about ordering the right amount of coffee (or cups, sugar packets, stir sticks, etc)! Coffee carts like the one offered by Moliendo Coffee Co typically offer a bottomless espresso bar and unlimited supply of hot and iced drinks from reception to send-off.


When is the best time to serve coffee at your wedding?

Another tick in the pro column, coffee stations are available for the entire length of your wedding. That’s right—start to finish. Nightowl Coffee  offers an unlimited coffee bar experience from post-ceremony (cocktail-hour) to send-off. To top it off, they polish off every couple’s exit with “lattes in the limo.”


What are a few ways a couple can customize their coffee to make it reflect their relationship or event?

Coffee bars like Nightowl Coffee elevate the appearance and experience of standard coffee stations and match the aesthetic of every couple’s design style. Couples can add a custom bar or branded cups to the wedding package for an even more personalized touch. Others may have a standard cart display but offer signature lattes and/or custom menus to reflect your event or tastes.


For a seasonal touch, Nightowl Coffee can even customize flavors and products: “From honey lavender, mint julep, and apple pie in the spring to pumpkin spice, cinnamon pecan, and maple bourbon in fall, our seasonal rotation of house-made syrups give brides the ability to enjoy their favorite flavors in each season. Just don’t forget about those Texas summers, where cold brew and iced lattes always steal the show.”


Connect with Nightowl Coffee, Moliendo Coffee Co, and Olive Coffee Cart for your upcoming wedding or event on their Brides of North Texas profiles! Happy planning!

Discover the Best Downtown Fort Worth Wedding Venues

Thursday, March 31st, 2022

With all the incredible Fort Worth wedding venues, it can be hard to narrow down your options. So if you’re planning a downtown wedding, we have got you covered! Check out these unique downtown Fort Worth wedding venues that we know you’ll love.



Downtown Fort Worth Venues


Photo // Claire Pedregon Photography


Artspace 111 in Fort Worth

Artspace 111 is a premiere downtown wedding venue in Fort Worth because of its relaxing atmosphere from the gardens and the artful touches placed throughout the space. From showers to ceremonies, this uniquely inspired event space can do it all!


Wanting to see more from this venue before committing? This organic and ethereal wedding at Artspace 111 should do the trick!





Photo // Opal and Onyx Photography

BRIK Special Events Venue in Fort Worth

Even though its doors didn’t open until 2016, the BRIK Special Events Venue was made out of a 100-year-old textile mill in the heart of Fort Worth. Its two large indoor areas, an outdoor courtyard, and numerous Insta-worthy backdrops, such as their ivy wall and rooftop, make this downtown Fort Worth wedding venue a top contender!


Brides of North Texas chose to host one of their issue release parties at BRIK Special Events Venue. Explore the event and event space here.





Photo // Sara Boyd Photography

The Sinclair Hotel in Fort Worth

The Sinclair Hotel‘s spectacular rooftop views have our heads in the clouds! This sophisticated downtown Fort Worth wedding venue has been a recognizable icon since 1930. Your unique love story deserves to be matched by this iconic venue.


We loved this inspiration so much that we made it the cover of our FW21 issue! Fall in love with the venue and this jewel-toned rooftop elopement at the top of The Sinclair here.





The Social Space in Fort Worth

Photo // Kounsasfilms


The Social Space in Fort Worth

A blank canvas gives you so much room to work with when planning a wedding. That’s why The Social Space, located in the Near Southside, is such a popular choice of wedding venues in downtown Fort Worth. This industrial warehouse has over 12,000 square feet indoors plus a stunning outdoor courtyard to make this day your most memorable.


Click here to see all of the best views of downtown Fort Worth from this private rooftop moment at The Social Space.





Photo // Laken Mackenzie Photo


The Ostreum in Fort Worth

The Ostreum is an industrial wedding venue near downtown Fort Worth that is perfect for the bride creating that “moody” vibe at her wedding. The exposed brick and wooden beams in this empty warehouse will create a modern eclectic touch to any wedding held there.


Dive deeper into this venue by exploring this color block cocktail hour inspiration held at The Ostreum.






Venues Near Downtown Fort Worth


Colonial Country Club wedding Fort Worth

Photo // Stephanie Brazzle Photography


Colonial Country Club Near Downtown Fort Worth

The history and tradition of Colonial Country Club is a venue of choice near downtown Fort Worth for any of your wedding events. With numerous elegant rooms for you to choose from, each makes sure to showcase its world-renowned golf course, through windows or balconies.


The Colonial Country Club hosted our Pretty in Prep fashion editorial, bringing a modern sophisticated element to the shoot. Take a peek at how it turned out here.





Hotel Drover wedding

Photo // Opal and Onyx Photography

Hotel Drover Near Downtown Fort Worth

Located in the historic Fort Worth stockyards, Hotel Drover offers nearly 40,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space for any wedding. With its rustic-luxe design, this wedding venue just outside of downtown creates a seamless blend of western charm and modern Texas ambiance.


Our 2022 Looks of Love Contest Winners won a two-night staycation at Hotel Drover. Get a peek at the winning love story here.





downtown fort worth wedding venue

Photo // Becca Lea Photography


Fort Worth Zoo Near Downtown Fort Worth

A wedding at the Fort Worth Zoo is always something to roar about! Aside from being a one-of-a-kind location to host your wedding, the Fort Worth Zoo offers a range of unique venues for you and your partner to choose from.


If you have been dreaming of saying “I do” at the zoo, this modern tropic Forth Worth Zoo wedding will have you swooning!




For even more wedding venues in Fort Worth, explore our wedding venue directory or any of these fantastic articles showcasing other Fort Worth event spaces.


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Discover the Best Downtown Dallas Wedding Venues

Thursday, March 24th, 2022

With all the incredible Dallas wedding venues, it can be hard to narrow down your options. So if you’re planning a downtown wedding, we have got you covered! Check out these unique downtown Dallas wedding venues that we know you’ll love.


Downtown Dallas Venues


Photo // Shannon Skloss Photography


Nasher Sculpture Center

Nasher Sculpture Center offers the perfect blend of art, architecture and nature to host spectacular events. In the center of the city, the work of Picasso, Matisse, Giacometti, Calder, Ronin and many others adorn the garden and interior option to serve as a visual retreat to you and your guests.


Still not sure about this downtown wedding venue? This modern wedding with a boho twist at the Nasher Sculpture Center should do the trick.




Photo // Sophie Epton Photography


The Adolphus Hotel

Amidst more than a hundred years of experience creating cherished memories, The Adolphus Hotel is ready to turn your fairy-tale wedding from a dream into a reality. The glamorous downtown venue was designed after a Beaux-Arts German Castle, which in turn inspired its Grand Ballroom and Century Room.


We turned one of the best rom-coms of all time into a wedding inspiration at The Adolphus Hotel. Click here and frost yourself with all the goodness from this ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’ editorial.




Downtown Dallas wedding venues | The Westin Dallas Downtown

Photo // Pharris Photos & Films


The Westin Dallas Downtown

Situated within the One Main Place building in downtown, The Westin Dallas Downtown provides a haven of wellness near some of the city’s most compelling sites. Sample fulfilling fare and fine wines at our coffee house, bars and restaurants. Work well in more than 34,000 square feet of hotel event space, including three ballrooms and a glass-enclosed pavilion.Relax, recharge and tackle the day at our pet-friendly hotel in Dallas, Texas!


Take a look at our 2023 Brides of North Texas Spring/Summer Issue Release at The Westin Dallas Downtown here!




rooftop wedding venue in downtown Dallas

Photo // Moth + Moonlite


The Venue at 400 North Ervay

Looking for the ultimate rooftop venue in downtown Dallas? Built in 1930 and situated inside the historic US Post Office and Courthouse Building, The Venue at 400 North Ervay is rich in history and adorned with distinctive architectural details creating a unique and sophisticated setting not found anywhere else in Dallas. Boxwood Hospitality began managing this venue in 2022, so rest assured, you are in the best hands for your special day!


Check out this romantic urban rooftop wedding at The Venue at 400 North Ervay for a closer look at this downtown Dallas wedding venue.




Photo // Pharris Photos & Films


The Westin Galleria Dallas

Whether you are craving an intimate affair on the splash deck or all your friends and family members celebrating you and your partner, the Westin Galleria is the downtown venue for you. The reimagined, comfortable surrounding are sure to make your wedding day as memorable as ever.


Dive deeper into Juliet and Elvis’ wedding at the Westin Galleria by clicking here.




The Cliff House

Photo // Williams Creative Co.


The Cliff House

The Cliff House is a beautifully restored church located in the heart of the Bishop Arts District in Dallas. This downtown Dallas wedding venue welcomes a variety of events from ceremonies and receptions to rehearsal dinners and private parties. This beautiful venue adds that perfect vintage-meets-modern charm to any wedding celebration.


Take a peek at this adorably trendy boho wedding at The Cliff House here!






Venues Near Downtown Dallas


Photo // Anna Smith Photography


Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

The Dallas Arboretum has a number of unique, breathtaking gardens for you to walk down the aisle. There are 700+ weddings held at this blossoming Dallas venue yearly, and yours could be next.


Want to see if you can picture your wedding day in this space, indulge in this dreamy waterfront wedding at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden.




Photo // Stephanie Brazzle Photography


Hotel Crescent Court

For more than 35 years, Hotel Crescent Court has been an iconic location for weddings right outside of downtown Dallas. Their elegant ballroom and stunning courtyard not only make choosing this venue a no-brainer, but their number of rooms make it the perfect space to celebrate your wedding all weekend long.


Did we mention that this venue is Carrie Bradshaw approved? Check out this Sex and the City wedding inspiration held at Hotel Crescent Court.




Photo // Kimberly Harrell Photography


HALL Arts Hotel

Located at 1717 Leonard St, Dallas, TX 75201, this elevated hotel hosts memorable celebrations with a street edge like no other. In the Arts District near downtown Dallas, HALL Arts Hotel’s event spaces will add an artfully crafted dynamic to your wedding.


Pictures are worth a thousand words, so click through this Geometric wedding inspiration to get a better look at HALL Arts Hotel.




Photo // Sarah Kate Photography


Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek

Over a century has passed since the first estate was built of Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek. The tradition that Dallas has of elegance and hospitality lives on today through this wedding venue near downtown, which is why it is the most celebrated hotel and restaurant in Texas.


Looking for more from this event space? Click here to see a romantic wedding inspiration at Rosewood Mansion.




Photo // Stefani Welsch Photography


The Kimpton Pittman Hotel

Choosing the Kimpton Pittman Hotel is stepping into the future with one foot in the past. Built in 1916, the hotel found just outside of downtown Dallas blends a brick-clad exterior with modern LEED-certified interiors.


Our 2021 Looks of Love Contest Winners even took their stunning engagement photos at the Kimpton Pittman Hotel. Get a peek at the happy couple here.




downtown Dallas wedding venue - Trinity River Audubon Center

Photo // Opal & Onyx Photography


Trinity River Audubon Center

With a state-of-the-art 21,000 square foot center surrounded by wildflowers, forest and wetlands, four miles of ADA-accessible hiking trails, and 140 self-park parking spaces, Trinity River Audubon Center is a unique and welcoming destination for you and your guests. Several beautiful spaces are available to accommodate almost any special event. Couples looking for a one-of-a-kind venue, this one may be for you!


Check out this organic lavender wedding at Trinity River Audubon Center for wedding inspo!




Hilton Dallas Park Cities

Photo // Sami Kathryn Photography


Hilton Dallas Park Cities

With award-winning cuisine, five-star service, and a team of experts here to make your event exactly what you had always wanted, Hilton Dallas Park Cities is ready to make sure your event is nothing short of spectacular and one that you will never forget.


Looking for wedding inspiration for Hilton Dallas Park Cities? We adored this modern whimsical wedding!




For even more wedding venues in Dallas, explore our Dallas wedding venue directory or any of these fantastic articles showcasing other Dallas event spaces.


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Reminiscing on our SS22 Issue Release Brunch!

Friday, February 25th, 2022

You know we love any excuse to throw a brunch with our North Texas wedding community! So to say celebrating our Brides of North Texas Spring/Summer 2022 magazine release was highly anticipated would be an understatement! Hosted by Bingham House, this soiree was sprinkled throughout the venue’s house, courtyard and event hall creating a roomy and spacious experience. When entering the event hall, you were greeted by Satin Pavement’s beautiful geometric backdrop and the urge to get moving to DJ Adam Morgan’s tunes. While each guest wandered about the historic event space, they had an abundance of savory or sweet snacks and drinks to choose from provided by Vestals Catering. We know that sweet treats are popular, so Katrina Makes Cakes and Girl’s Who Twirl Cotton Candy catered to all the people that joined us who have an especially strong sweet tooth! A hot, frothy latte to warm us up was exactly what we all needed from Nightowl Coffee Cart on that chilly February day. While grazing on all the tasty nibbles, eyes were naturally drawn to the bright centerpieces by Blissful Wedding and Events laying atop Posh Couture Rentals’ perfectly matched watercolor linen table cloths. To tie the indoor and outdoor seating altogether, Loot Rentals adorned the courtyard with velvet accent chairs and jute rugs, making the fresh air irresistible! We were lucky enough to have Marissa Merritt Photography capture the party so we can all relive it once more!


Scroll to take a look at our brunch with the Brides along with all the jaw-dropping details, celebrating our Spring/Summer 2022 mag release!


Eager to get your own copy of the new Spring/Summer 2022 issue? Order online here!


15 Most Memorable Proposal Ideas in Dallas

Friday, January 28th, 2022

You’ve got the ring, now you’re just looking for a place to ask your partner that special question. With this new year comes new ideas, and we are so excited to run this listicle of Dallas proposal ideas by you! In a big city, it can be hard to find a location worthy enough to get down on one knee. But don’t worry, we are here to set your mind at ease. No matter where you choose to propose, it will be a memorable moment that neither of you will ever forget. Leave all the dirty work to us! Sit back and get comfortable while we go through 15 of the best places to propose in Dallas.



Dallas Proposal Ideas: Scenic Proposals

Rockledge Park in Grapevine, TX

rockledge park proposal dallas

Photo // Stacy Lan Photography

We are as surprised as you…but it’s true, this waterfront proposal spot is just outside of Dallas! Rockledge Park is a secluded area offering up the best views of Grapevine Lake and is sure to make you feel like you’re on the west coast. A great idea if you are looking for the effect of a getaway proposal, without actually getting away.


White Rock Lake in Dallas, TX

white rock lake places to propose

Photo // Cristy Angulo

White Rock Lake is one of the most popular places to propose in Dallas, and it is easy to see why! With open fields, towering trees, and a serene waterfront, you can’t go wrong with popping the question here. We don’t think there is a better place to hop on the trend of stunning park picnics to make the occasion even more sentimental!


Tandy Hills Nature Area in Fort Worth, TX

tandy hills fort worth

Photo // Brandon and Lindsay Lutz

How could anyone say no to a proposal with that view in the background?! Tandy Hills serves as the perfect combination of country + city. Its jaw-dropping fields and downtown Fort Worth peaking through in the clouds truly give you the best of both worlds!


Dallas Proposal Ideas: Garden and Park Proposals

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden in Dallas, TX

dallas arboretum proposal

Photo // Brianne Johnson Photography

Can we make a little commotion for this irresistible setting (and this is just one of the many)? The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden has multiple settings to choose from so your proposal can be exactly how you envisioned. Tree canopies, fountains, bridges, and decorative gardens are only the beginning when it comes to this proposal location.


Flippin Park in Highland Park, TX

flippen park dallas

Photo // Megan Kay Photography

Searching for an intimate Dallas proposal idea? This quaint, romantic park is located at the heart of Highland Park with the ability to make your proposal feel straight out of a movie. After a stroll in the park, you can get down on one knee in the ornamental gazebo. You and your new fiancé could even share a celebratory dance in the fountain!


Marie Gabrielle Restaurant and Gardens in Dallas, TX

marie gabrielle garden dallas

Photo // Cottonwood Road Photography

Another charming Dallas garden that has us swooning! Marie Gabrielle Restaurant and Gardens excels at creating a luxurious yet tranquil experience that is hard to pass up. This oasis of green will no doubt serve as one of the most elegant places to propose in Dallas.


Dallas Proposal Ideas: Indoor Proposals

The Butterfly House at Texas Discovery Garden in Dallas, TX

greenhouse proposal dallas

Photo // Texas Discovery Garden

A true hidden gem in the Dallas area! The Butterfly House at the Texas Discovery Garden is the perfect place to pop the question if you’re longing for a creative spin on a garden proposal. A glass-enclosed, two-story building of nothing but lush plants and butterflies: what is more romantic than that? If your partner loves all things house-plants and green, this may just be the place for you.


The Lumen Room in Dallas, TX

places to propose in dallas indoors

Photo // SR Photo + Film

If you’ve been searching for places to propose in Dallas that serve as a blank canvas, look no further! The Lumen Room is a studio with locations all over the DFW area where you can bring your masterpiece to life from scratch. Find which style suits your idea best and let your imagination take it away.


Reunion Tower’s GeO-Deck in Dallas, TX

reunion tower proposal dallas

Photo // Jenna Routh Photography

Even though the sky-high restaurant that sat at the top of Dallas’ Reunion Tower is now permanently closed, this prime location can still serve as one of the most breath-taking places to propose in Dallas. End your date night with the Reunion Tower’s “Love is in the Air” package and head up to the GeO-Deck for a 360-degree-view of the city while getting on one knee. Day or night, the view is unbeatable and will serve as a perfect backdrop.


Dallas Proposal Ideas: Downtown Proposals

Trinity Overlook Park in Dallas, TX

places to propose in downtown dallas

Photo // Lindsay Davenport Photography

This should be public knowledge by now but the skyline here in Dallas is unmatched, so why not include it in your proposal? Trinity Overlook Park has an incredible view of the city so you can incorporate it on your special day. Whether it is where you first met, fell in love, or is simply your home, anywhere with the city as your backdrop is always an irresistible place to propose in Dallas.


Sundance Square in Fort Worth, TX

places to propose in downtown fort worth

Photo // Callie Manion Photography

Our love shines bright for downtown Fort Worth, and Sundance Square brings a historical element that everyone can appreciate. The vintage aesthetic contrasting with the contemporary city feel makes for a no-brainer Fort Worth proposal idea.


Dallas Arts District in Dallas, TX

places to propose in downtown

Photo // Rebecca Tripp Photography

This Dallas proposal idea is for all the city dreamers out there! If city lights and skyscrapers are you and your partner’s love language, it’s no doubt that you should plan to propose in the middle of it all. The Dallas Arts District allows you to soak in everything the big city has to offer, a front contender of places to propose in Dallas.


Dallas Proposal Ideas: Rooftop Proposals

Canopy by Hilton in Dallas, TX

canopy by hilton rooftop proposal

Photo // Cristy Angulo Photography

Planning a rooftop proposal is a way to achieve an extravagant occasion while only requiring the steps of a minimalistic event. With that, one of the best rooftops and places to propose in Dallas is at the Canopy by Hilton in Uptown. Let your love and the city speak for themselves while proposing on their chic rooftop in the clouds.


The Sinclair in Fort Worth, TX

the sinclair rooftop

Photo // Elisabeth Anne Photography

This couple, picture, and proposal idea just had a mic-drop moment! Having been open for almost 100 years, The Sinclair Hotel in Fort Worth is as gorgeous as ever, and the rooftop views are bucket list-worthy. Taking your significant other to the top of the city during golden hour will exceed all expectations of setting a captivating and memorable mood for the evening.


The Statler in Dallas, TX

the statler rooftop bar proposal

Photo // Hannah Trotter Photography

This rooftop bar in the center of Dallas needs no introduction. The Statler has been stealing our hearts for quite some time now and we are here to let it steal yours too. With its airy and tropical decor, this rooftop Dallas proposal idea will make you feel like you have found yourself at a paradise resort while still infusing the urban culture.

For a more intimate affair, check out our COVID-friendly proposal ideas here.